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Deceive and Bluff, Qiqi (5)

The bus arrived; Pei Qiqi tugged on her backpack and got on.

The bus moved slowly and as she sat on the bus, Tang Yus car moved by below her…

With the windows down, his hand was on the steering wheel. As he was focused on driving, he quickly passed by her.

Pei Qiqi did not return to the Summer City condo. Instead, she went to the hospital first to visit Pei Minghe.

She bought soup and two bento boxes.

Originally, Pei Minghe had lied down, but when he saw her, his spirits lifted, and he suddenly sat up straight, “Pei Qiqi, you came!”

“Dad!” Pei Qiqi walked over and reached out to help him.

She looked around and found that there were no nurses on duty!

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Pei Minghe laughed. “Im okay, I feel good. I heard from your auntie that the crisis at the company was solved, Im happy!”

Pei Qiqi confirmed with a “yes”.

Pei Minghe did not notice her minor strangeness and continued, “If it wasnt for your auntie, I wouldnt have known that Pei Huan had got a boyfriend with such a great family background. Although…”

He paused as he probably felt somewhat regretful, “Although it is not very dignifying, the guy seemed pretty decent. After graduating in a couple of years, they should get married at once!”

Pei Qiqi knew he spoke of Lin Jinrong, and guessed how Zhou Meilin glamorized this entire ordeal.

She did not rebuttal. Since the result has been determined, the process was not important.

The important thing was that her dad was happy.

She pursed her lips and smiled, “Its good that its solved.”

Pei Minghe took a long pause, then sighed, “Pei Qiqi, dad is sorry!”

“Why would you be!” Pei Qiqi took out the soup and fed it to Pei Minghe, “Pei Huan has a boyfriend, Im happy too!”

After he heard Pei Qiqis words, Pei Minghe felt reassured and started to brighten up.

She fed him more than half the soup, then spoke slowly, “Dad, I moved out. Im now renting a place with a classmate.”

Pei Minghe was startled for a moment. First, he pursed his lips, then, his expression turned unnatural, “Pei Qiqi, did your auntie bully you”

Pei Qiqi blinked at him, “Dad, how weak do you think I am How many times have I made auntie stomp with rage”

She paused and licked her suddenly dry lips, “I found a co-op job with a classmate and it pays $4,000 a month. Take away $1,000 for rent and it should still be enough to feed myself.”

“I see. However, students should still prioritize their studies. Dad can afford to support you…” Pei Minghe was still reluctant.

Pei Qiqi pressed down onto the back of his hand and laughed lightly, “I understand that you have your difficulties.”

Pei Minghe felt his eyes got hot, and tears almost dropped.

His whole life, the only thing that hes ever owed someone was the 50 million he borrowed from Zhou Meilins family, which he used when he started his business. Then after his marriage, this 50 million, along with everything related to Pei Qiqis birth mother, was latched onto tightly by Zhou Meilin. Every mention of it hurt him like the stab of a sword.

He didnt say anything so Pei Qiqi grasped onto his hand, “Dad, Im fine. Look, my face is red and round, it means Im eating well!”

Pei Minghe stared at her for a while with nostalgia in his eyes…

They look so similar!

After a long while, he found himself again and croaked out, “Then, lets eat.”

Pei Qiqi acknowledged him. Then this father and daughter pair stopped talking.

After eating, Pei Qiqi tidied up, and was about to go downstairs to throw away the garbage when Pei Minghe stopped her, “Pei Qiqi!”

Pei Qiqi turned around. Pei Minghe took out a stack of cash from underneath his pillow. It was astack of $10,000.



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