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That Innocent Gaze (5)

Tang Yu didnt speak again. Instead, he gracefully and quickly ate the sandwich in his hand. “Stop eating then and well buy something on the way!”

Pei Qiqi was surprised. She thought for her to be around him, other than having to serve him, they wouldnt really have any interactions…

Yet he ate breakfast with her and was taking care of her mood and taste. All of this had far surpassed her expectation.

Just then, someone knocked on the door and Tang Yu went to get it. Outside stood four people looking like store attendants. They were pushing a bunch of clothes on a cart….

Tang Yu pushed the door open slightly and allowed them to enter. Pei Qiqi stood right where she was.

He turned his head to look at her, “Go pick out an outfit to wear.”

Seeing how she was in a daze, he picked out a dress and put it in her hand. Then, he checked out the time, “You have another 20 minutes before class starts!”

Pei Qiqi looked at the four smiling servers and pursed her lips.

“Do you need me to change you” Tang Yu raised an eyebrow and asked lightly.

Pei Qiqi hurried to the washroom right away with the dress. The servers then brought all the clothes to the change room…

Tang Yu stood outside and waited patiently. The way he treated her had surpassed his original intention.

He was never a man who obsessed over girls bodies. He actually didnt like them very much.

Pei Qiqi was the only woman he could “touch”.

He had never been a promiscuous man. When he was doing those things to her, he wasnt just purely unleashing himself. At the very least, there was some emotion between them that was considered safe.

However, this emotion wasnt love.

He wasnt interested in discovering more women he was interested in touching. He also wasnt interested in engaging physically with one woman after another. Pei Qiqi was beautiful and her personality was gentle. He was satisfied!

Plus, that girls personality was interesting.

The servers acted faster than Pei Qiqi and left very quickly. Pei Qiqi came out wearing a light pink dress and looked pure.

Tang Yu stared at her for a while, “Lets go!”

Pei Qiqi followed behind, leaving three to four meters of distance between them. When they reached the parking lot, he indicated for her to get on.

She contemplated and then opened the door to the back. Tang Yu got on as well. As he buckled up and said, “Nobody has ever chosen to sit in the back!”

She was the first one!

Pei Qiqis head hung so low it was almost at her chest. She whispered, “People would see me!”

“So what if people see” Tang Yu said and turned on the car.

Pei Qiqi didnt dare to try and understand what he meant.

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To Tang Yu, to be photographed with Pei Qiqi was no problem.

He had no girlfriend and he wasnt married. To be with a woman similar in age was not strange.

The car merged into the streets and arrived at her school about 20 minutes later…

He looked around and frowned, “When are you off I will ask my driver to pick you up!”

“Theres no need. I will take the bus!” She placed her hand on the handle and declined without thinking.

Luckily, he didnt persist and let her go.

He had an important meeting that morning at 9:00 am…

He looked at his watch. It was already 8:55 am – he was late.

Even he himself couldnt understand why he would drive her to school. Perhaps it was because he made her cry that night. That display of emotion made his heart soft.

After all, it was her first time.



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