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He is The President of Sheng Yuan (1)

“Pei Qiqi, dont play any tricks.” Zhou Meilin looked at her suspiciously. She could not feel at ease after what happened yesterday.

Pei Qiqi placed her purse in her hand and coldly snickered, “My ID is inside.”

Zhou Meilin glared at her and then immediately turned friendlier, “Pei Qiqi, hurry up. I will chat with Mr. Zhong a little bit first.”

Her voice then lowered, “Tonight, no matter what Mr. Zhong demands, do not decline. Do you hear me If there is still no money being injected into your fathers company, we are done for!”

“I understand!” Pei Qiqi closed her eyes for a while before she headed to the washroom.

Just to make sure, Zhou Meilin checked her purse. Pei Qiqis identification document really was in there.

She immediately smiled and headed towards Mr. Zhongs table.

The moment Pei Qiqi left Zhou Meilins line of sight, she took off her high heels at an insane speed and dashed to the other side of the hotel while barefoot.

Her heart raced…

Because she only had one shot.

In the morning, she had noticed that people observed her from around the manor and there was no way for her to escape. This was why she had no choice but to come here with Zhou Meilin.

She thought that if what happened last night was exposed, Zhou Meilin would give up on the thought of selling her. She didnt expect her to be so… ruthless.

Pei Qiqi ran like her life was on the line. Her white and delicate feet ached from the friction; something even stabbed into her flesh…

She didnt have the time to care for it.

Based on memory, she found the suite from last night…

She leaned by the door and breathed in and out violently.

Though she has planned all this out, at this moment, she hesitated.

Is that person still here

If he was, then once this door opened, she could not afford to have any regrets.

Her finger slowly lifted and she knocked on the thick door while she shuddered… the sound of it was quiet, very quiet.

After she knocked once, she didnt knock a second time. Because that one time had consumed all of her courage.

As if a century had passed, the door opened from the inside…

The person who opened the door was Tang Yu.

He wore a white dress shirt and long black pants. It was simple but extremely breathtaking on him. He stood there casually, but he looked like a tourist attraction.

His expression revealed his shock, but at the same time, it seemed like he understood what was going on.

Suddenly, Pei Qiqi felt very pitiful.

Her small feet positioned right next to each other and fidgeted gently...

The black dress stuck to her body tightly like two curvy lines. Her hair was as black as ink and her skin was like jade. Her eyes were as colorful as a painting. His gaze traced down her body and saw her clean small feet.

Even her tiny feet were vividly beautiful. Every single one of her round toe was as cute as enoki mushroom.

Her unsettled behavior also struck him.

Tang Yu checked her out for a while. Then, he opened the door a bit wider. His voice was a little cold, “Come in.”

His voice made it clear that he allowed no rejection.

The moment Pei Qiqi stepped in, the blood from beneath her feet left a layer of faint red on the pure white carpet.

Before the door closed, a shrill voice arose from behind, “Pei Qiqi!”

Pei Qiqi turned around and found Zhou Meilin and Mr. Zhong a few meters away.

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Zhou Meilin scanned over Tang Yu and then said in a threatening tone, “Sir, thats my daughter. Shes been misbehaving, and I need to take her home to educate her better!”

Before Pei Qiqi could answer, she had been pulled to the side.

The man beside her spoke out faintly with a voice that was elegant and lovely to the ear, “She did misbehave.”

Zhou Meilin sighed in relief and thought this would be easy to deal with.

Just then, Mr. Zhong, who stood on the side, began to quiver as he croaked out, “Mr. Tang, I apologize for disturbing you!”

Mr. Tang

Which Mr. Tang



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