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The Android Chronicles Chapter 2: Desperate times

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"W-what the ** was th-" His voice stopped as he felt the ambient mana being burnt up, changing colours from red, yellow and orange. The burnt up mana exploded violently sending him flying to the other side of the room instantly, the wall crumbling above him, burying him up to his neck.

His sister wasn in sight, and was probably in the main hall of their floor, but Del made a horrified expression as he saw Maya being pierced in the abdomen by some flying debris, as even the gravity started fluctuating as a result of the frenzied ambient mana.

"Mayaaa! Hold on!" Del yelled as tried moving the rubble pressing down on him, but to no avail.

"I should at least be able to wiggle around, whats up with my strength?!" He had no time to check his status as the next moment he saw Dean into bust into the room he and Maya were in. Dean was piloting his Combat Drone and was running under the falling debris, trying to get to Maya before helping Del.

"DEL!! Ill be with you in a second." Dean exclaimed, urgently rushing to the bleeding Maya, to which Del hurriedly nodded.

Dean never made it as the entire roof above Maya caved in seconds later, taking the life of the lazy, kind and capable big sister of the group.

"NOOOOOOO! M-m-maya. Baby No.No.No" Del saw his best friend collapsing to his knees, grabbing his head in horror as he saw his lover getting crushed to death.

Dels heart literally stopped for a second as he saw what happened to Maya and he lost control of his body, forcibly returning his mind to the now burning MERI supercomputer. What greeted his eyes and ears shocked him.


"[Central Powering Unit integrity at 7% and falling!]"

"[All cooling systems damaged or destroyed!]"

"[Main Mana Engines 1 through 16 damaged or destroyed!]"

"[All backup and reserve Engines damaged or destroyed!]"

"[Total destruction of databases 1 through 23b!]"




"MAYAA! Oh god no…" Del couldn contain his grief despite being in digital form, he could even feel his own mind slowly shutting down alongside the supercomputer


Chrissy was helping the staff of their floor evacuate in the brief seconds she could spare before running to get her companions; when she saw the last person being protected by the rubbery glue her unique class gave her she started running to the experiments room reaching the door in seconds.

As she opened them, what greeted her was the blazing fire that burned throughout MERI and the entire room. She then saw the crying and screaming Dean and the buried and collapsed body of her brother, as alarms and explosions rang throughout the base.

"What happened here?! We need to get my brothers mind back into his body before the entirety of MERIs hardware explodes!" She yelled to Dean as she zipped across the room using her high agility, getting to the control panel of the computer.

"Shit, Maya always did part of locating and transferring of the mind, ** ** **! Hey sleepyhead, get up, is your Drone damaged or what, I need you over here." She called out to Dean.

"Shes dead… Maya is dead…" The pain was apparent in his voice

"Well get her back, just like we brought back Delvin." She said, trying to console her friend. "But now we need to get my idiot brother back into his idiot body."


e right! Oh, you beauty! We did once, well do it again." Dean said, as he rose to his feet, and joined Chrissy at the control panel.

It took them a minute to find Delvins mind, but there were problems.

"Hes unconscious, and unable to respond." Dean paused and said worryingly. "The damage MERI has suffered is too great and all of her main functions are coming to a halt. Its a miracle shes still keeping it together but I have no idea how we

e gonna get him out."

"NO! If I power the rest of the mana engines we can at least initiate ZX triple O." Chrissy said hurriedly.

This was the last fallback in case Delvins mind collapsed earlier than planned during his rehabilitation phase or some other unknown problem occurred.

This plan would result in his mind being uploaded to the other supercomputer on Noth, ZIMA. This method was never tested until today.


e right again Chrissy! Ill help you. Well power the last 4 engines together, that amount of mana should allow MERI to initiate ZX000 on her own" Dean added excitedly

"Alright, on 3. You ready?" Chrissy asked


The passed out Delvin drifted in the dark, when he abruptly felt a shock in his mind as he opened his eyes, only to find his sight back from the POV of his digital residence from where he saw the exhausted looks on the faces of Dean and Chrissy

"What happened?! Are you guys okay? Where is Maya?" He was dying of worry, and the fact that he fell unconscious made him feel as guilty as a traitor of a nation.

"Well be fine, we just used some mana to boot up a certain protocol that will send your mind to ZIMA. The current state of MERI won allow mind transfers, so we will take your body with us and meet you at ZIMA, where we will find everything out together." Chrissy explained, sounding like some old general giving orders.

"Sweet travels mate, Ill see you there," Dean added

"MERI initiate protocol. Codeword Zion. Category Xeri. Division 0. Subgroup 00." Chrissy stated to the wall that was MERI.

"[Command acknowledged]"

"[Initiating ZX-000]"

"See you on the other side guys."

Del felt a slight tug at his mind, slowly increasing, rendering him unable to stay awake for long, but long enough too see the unthinkable.

Just as he was being transferred to ZIMA, the entire base suddenly violently shook before totally collapsing, taking with it his sister, and best friends.

"NO NO NO!!!!!!!!" Del couldn control his raging grief and his psyche was on the border of collapse. But the ** show didn end there as he heard a bellowing voice before finding himself naked in front of a massive web of wires floating in a white room.

"[Foreign Cybermass detected!]" A cold robotic voice echoed.

"[Activate Defence Measures 1, 11 and 92]"

"Wait, wait! Im not a virus or some malware. Im the digitalized mind of Delvin Mayes. What happened over there? Hey? Are you there?" Del worryingly stated to what he presumed was the voice of the ZIMA supercomputer. He received no reply. And the realization of what happened moments before in the base hit him, causing him to wail uncontrollably for several minutes.

The only thing that awoke him from the pain and shock he was in, was a mild pain deep within his soul and the cold voice from before.

"[Answer acknowledged, and approved. Too late to recall defensive measures. I offer my apologies Delvin Mayes for the troubles I will cause for you. I shall try to think of something to help you before you disappear completely. Once again, my deepest apologies.]" The cold robotic voice coming from deep within the unending web of wires said.

"Wait, what did you do? I can sense this tingling, perhaps there is so-" he couldn finish his sentence as he felt the pain spreading throughout body, causing him to scream out in pain and collapse to the floor.

"[The defensive measure I used are: 1-Containment, contains the spread of any malicious software and isolates it. 11-Displacement, removes the infected parts and disperses them. 92-Eradication, destroys any malicious software from within. These measures will ultimately, reduce the size of you soul and Essence, then displace and disperse it to the ambient mana, finally attacking your core and destroying it from within. I have tried sending support to your core but to no avail, it has now been 10 minutes and your mind is deteriorating at a rapid pace.]" the voice of ZIMA added

"[You should find solace in knowing that it is not only you and your friends dying today, but the entire planet of Noth…]"

"W-what did you just say?!" despite the literal burning of his soul, and the paralyzing pain he was in writhing on the floor; the words he just heard were…too unthinkable to even consider

"[The destruction of NNG base 3 you and your friends were located in was not an isolated incident.]" The voice added as he projected various screens showing some unknown beings fighting close to a destroyed mountain range.

"[As you can see, these 2 being in the upper stratosphere are so off the charts they are destroying our world as they duke it out.] the voice said. Pointing a slithering wire to one of the screen showing a middle aged woman with chestnut coloured hair cascading hundreds of meters below her.

She was wearing beautifully carved black armour covering her entire body apart from two small holes from which she could see. Surrounding her was a green aura spreading for miles and miles.

In her hands were two identical white staffs, each adorning shining green crystals on both ends,

She was fighting some kind of hulking, grotesque beast, that wielded 4 chains, one for each arm. The monster was gigantic, spanning over a kilometre in height, it had 4 muscular arms that could crush entire mountains. On its back were 2 pairs of pitch black wings, matching its dark red body. It didn have a proper face, as its head was constantly moving like some liquid being shook in a bowl.

The power radiating of these 2 beings was so strong it started cracking the planet, and the battle that ensued after they appeared in the stratosphere annihilated the natural mana of Noth, resulting in the planet slowly but surely closing in on the brink of destruction.

"Who the ** are these guy? Their power levels are nothing Ive seen or heard about before. Could they have come from Mitzah or Carin Prime?" Del said, hoping that there was a reasonable explanation for the presence of these two monsters.

"[Im afraid that is not the case Delvin Mayes. Their mana signatures are something even I have never come across before, and would need decades to even begin deciphering.]" the voice said

"[I guess this confirms your doctoral thesis of there being another inhabited system in the universe, or a possible pararel universe. In any case, the core of our planet is going to explode in the next 4 minutes, and I would like at least one Nothian to stay alive. I will try sending your mind to some other Cyberware on the other planets, but I have no guarantee itll work.]" The monotonous voice said, not caring what Dels answer would be. Not that he could answer as the Defensive measure of ZIMA tore through his body, mind and soul.

"[Good luck on your journey Delvin Mayes. Ill leave you with a little gift so you don forget your home planet. I hope you survive, but not is certain as everything is going haywire]" The voice said after checking the readings regarding the stability of the fabric of space-time.

"[Cracks have appeared, allowing chaotic cosmic matter to infiltrate our realm. Our demise is imminent.]" The voice said to itself as it saw the young half-android being teleported through the digital world to Carin Prime, taking with him the last hope of Noth.

"[I swear it, if that kid ever brings me back, that green bitch and the fat bear will get whats coming to them!]" the voice showed emotion for the first time since its inconception as its main system started shutting down and the world itself blew up.


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