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The Android Chronicles Chapter 4: Fish out of water

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When Delvin was completely absorbed by the portal he was still awake and was half expecting to just appear on the other side.

"But it looks like the universe had different plans." He said as he found himself in a peculiar situation.

Delvin was currently back in his body which was located in a protective see through capsule, that was rapidly propelling through the cosmos at an astonishing velocity.

The unpleasant journey took many hours and Delvin cursed the voice that sent him here. I mean just imagine how many times one throws up while travelling at such crazy speeds

Finally, the capsule seemed to have stopped in a random solar system and settled above a green and blue planet that was currently filled with fires, smoke and explosions. The landmasses of the planet were moving at a rate visible to the naked eye! Del

Welcoming the change of pace, Del scrutinized his new home. "Looks like this is my starter zone huh? Filled with fire, ruin and death, just like Noth on the eve of its destruction."

The capsule started speeding up again and shortly entered the atmosphere of the planet.

"First Awakening was it? My ass. Fancy name for the **ing end of days." Del cussed himself for picking such a portal, surely not all of the fifty portals housed such **ty starting locations.

Seeing the surface coming closer and closer he braced for impact by curling into the fetal position and covering his head as much as possible.




High above the ruins of the country known as Italy, a bright and fast golden light was descending as fast as lightning before finally crashing in a massive forest somewhere in Central Europe.

If one were to look at the crash sight of the golden light, one would find a golden cocoon that was slightly cracked, and he/she would hear loud complaining.

"That **er couldn at least install some airbags" The owner of the voice inside the cocoon was Del. He was currently trying to break his way out of the capsule before something got to him first.

"I must have broken a record for most time vomited in a span of a couple of hours." He thought to himself remembering the harrowing journey he had.

A few minutes later and he was finally out of the capsule, ready to take on whatever challenge this world has too offer him.

"Anything to bring them back!" He thought as he remembered his goal.

Del quickly left the disappearing capsule and hurriedly left the crash site.

A few minutes of running and Del found a small cave hidden in a hill and sat himself down to look at his System. The same system that seemed to be in a bugged out state ever since he collapsed in the underground base back in Noth.


Name: Delvin Mayes (???)

Race: Half-Human (Android)

Title: Unyielding

Trait(s): Android body(3rd Order*), [[Comprehensive Analysis(5th Order*),Immovable Mind(???)]]

Level: 0

Class: -/-

Subclass: -/-

Health: 34/34

Mana: 30/30

Stamina: 43/43

Stats: STR: 7 ( 5)

AGI: 7 ( 5)

VIT: 4

CON: 7

INT: 6

WIS: 8

PER: 10 ( 5)

LCK: 10

CHM: 10

To say he got **ed in the asshole would be an understatement. All of his stats were gutted, and his traits were locked for some reason. The ratings next to his traits warranted further inquiry but Del wanted to check his other tabs to get a clear glimpse of the situation.

He first went into his Skill page hoping to see the same results he would have gotten on Noth but was quickly disgruntled seeing the results.


Passive: Language Mastery (7th Order*), Noth Fighting Mastery (2nd Order),

Active: N/A

Auxiliary: Neo (UNIQUE*)

The list was interesting, but the total and absolute lack of skills frightened him, what happened to all of his skills? Where were his magical spells?

He could check his condition in the Condition page, but he first wanted to read his skills.



7th Order passive skill (Rank 3)

Cost: N/A

A gift left behind by a fan you met on your travels. Given only to the true scholars and academics of the linguistic world. Holders of this skills are few and far between, appearing rarely but achieving great renown whenever they make an appearance.

Effect: Understand any vocal or non vocal form of communication from all beings at or below the 7th Order after being exposed to it for varying degrees of time, depending on given form of communication.


"T-that **er has the ability to manipulate System itself?! Now thats more like it, finally someone worthy of challenging this daddy!" Del turned his shock into a short motivational boost and decided not to dwell on it for too long.



2nd Order passive skill (Rank 2)

Cost: 1-43 Stamina

The knowledge ingrained in the veterans of the world known as Noth isn easily gained. Those with the mastery of these techniques are experts in battle, being able to adapt and respond to any enemy; ferociously and mercilessly.

Effect: Increases STR,AGI,PER by 5.Passively boosts all damage given by 15%. Reaction speed increased by 10%. Basic mastery over all basic weaponry and the user can master any weapon below the Magic rank easily.


UNIQUE auxiliary skill

Cost: N/A

The first skill of its kind, give to those who have connected with a non organic being on a fundamental level. You as the pioneer of this new field are sure to become a unique existence among the myriad cosmos.

Effect: The presence of the supercomputer MERI enhances your ability to think, plan and execute your ideas. Your emotions are fully yours to control and you keep a cool head in all situations.


Reading the final skill froze Del for a moment as he realized he wasn the only survivor from Noth, he still had a piece of MERI in his core, a critical component vital to his current survival.

"I forgot they integrated a bit of her into my core, seems like I won be totally alone for this journey." He said excitedly before fully taking in his entire skill section.

The mention of Orders was repeated in his skills as well as his traits making Del believe this had something to do with the division of power in this world, but this theory needed further examination.

"It would appear this Language Mastery is truly the milk of the gods, I should thank the loud **er when I hear him next time; also Noth Fighting seems particularly useful." Del wondered and realized he had at least some potential for success.

"It would be wise to first gather some strength before finding some locals and questioning them about everything, first things first I need to check the rest of my tabs." He wanted to make himself comfortable, so after taking some nearby leaves and branches he made himself a temporary bedding.



Negative: Destroyed Mana Core, Damaged Soul, Mana Fever, Hunger, Thirst, Small Bleeding, Small Tissue damage, Small Concussion

Positive: N/A


"Heh" A small chuckle escaped his mouth as he realized the worst kind of ass**ing was always the second one. And he got **ed twice today

"DESTRYOED MANA CORE?!" The implication these words had were as serious as death itself.


Your physical mana core was left in your original body, and the generous and beautiful man behind the voice you recently spoke to decided it was unfair to just leave you without one so I quickly fashioned one just for you. XX from your biggest fan. P.S. your soul will need to be built upon anew but your mind is still strong so it shouldn be a terrible problem.

Effect: Reach level 50 to begin repairing your mana core.


He didn know whether to laugh or cry. It was true his true mana core was in the body of the count on Noth, but then what was his current body, who the hell made this one?

"[I made it alongside your body when I broke you out of your egg.]" A loud voice echoed in Delvins mind

"Y-You!" He recognised it immediately.

"[I told you I would stop by from time to time, I just wanted to see if you survived the landing. Regarding your core and body, I reshaped them the best I could judged on your memories, sorry for reading them without your permission btw.]" The voice commented.

"Well I hope you don plan on calling me every day, regarding the memories, Ill just put it on your tab. I won even mention how you messed with my System and reshaped my very being based on your whims." His lips curled into a small and brief smile when he remembered the guy he wanted to get even with.

"[Dully noted. Youll find your core slowly fixing itself as time passes, and your soul will get stronger as you gather achievements on this new planet. Your skills make you an excellent candidate to get strong quickly in the start and capitalize on that advantage. You have to hurry this world is only in its third day of Awakening, but if you sit on your butt all day you will fall behind.]" With these words the voice left. The next time we would hear from the voice would hopefully be in a couple of months.

"Not even saying goodbye, that asshole." Del muttered under his chin fearing the voice might still hear him.

Stopping for a moment and processing the words the voice said he realized what the path in front of him was going to be. An uncharted, dangerous and deadly path that rewards only the boldest and most calculated.

"Based on the levels on mana Im feeling, this planet is only being introduced to it; the deep voice guy said I should get a move on and get busy, but first I need to analize my screen thoroughly." Del said focusing on the other variable in his conditions tab.


Effect: As a being with a fundamentally different Mana core than this universe, your body will take some time to adjust properly. Until then you will suffer a reduction in all mana related capabilities.


"Huh, looks like this really is another universe huh." He stopped to ponder on the mysteries of life for a second before focusing on the final mysterious debuff.


Your soul has been through repeated trauma in a short time span and as a result is weakened and in a passive state. Your Essence is dormant and is not properly fueling the creation of mana.


Looks like getting **ed in the ass is usually a three time thing, Delvin understood that now.

He resigned himself to expect the worst in the next tabs, but what he saw was nothing out of the ordinary.

The Class and Title tabs were blackened, and couldn be interacted with, Del hoped reaching level 10, just like on Noth, would allow him to unlock a class but he had no guarantees so far.

His Trait Tab showed only his still unchecked Android body trait which he resolved to inspect after finishing his check-up.

The Character tab displayed his items, and he saw his projection in front of him, with various empty slots as he was currently naked. He saw he could equip 4 rings, 2 earrings and bracelets and a necklace alongside the usual suspects of Helmet, Torso, Arms, Gloves, Legs and Feet.

The Inventory of the system functioned much in the same way as always, giving him a 10x10x10m space to store various items.

The Map showed him a holographic display of his surroundings, but since he had no clue where he was it was currently greyed out.

The Faction tab was also greyed out, as he didn belong to, nor did he create any factions.

"Lets see what this body is all about shall we?" He said to himself alone.


3rd Order

A being neither man nor machine. Its true nature varying from being to being, owners of this title are calculated and systematic. Their physical strength usually enhanced with cybernetic enhancements giving rise to deadly weapons of war.

Effect: Need for sustenance decreased by 50%. Your body recovers fasters and is more durable. Adaptability to terrain increased alongside resistance to mental and emotional attacks.

"Not bad, not bad. Daddy can work with this, Ill get to back to that **er in no time" Del motivated himself after analyzing his system and slowly stepped out of the cave into the forest in search of resources, information and, hopefully, sentient life forms.

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