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The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home Chapter 30 - A Viral Post

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Chapter 30: A Viral Post

Translator: Tuiwen Editor: Tuiwen

“No, I didnt!” Xu Jie denied vehemently, but his eyes flickered when they landed on Yao Ran. “Dont listen to her, my goddess, shes talking nonsense. No matter what anyone says, you will always be the campus belle in my heart. No one can ever replace you!”

Yao Ran had a blank expression as she took the phone fromChen Lu. It soon turned into something unsightly, however.

The thing that Xu Jiehad been looking at so intently was a post.

The title read: “Yao Ran is in danger of being stripped of the campus belle title. A transfer student has come to challenge her position, and she currently looks like the clear winner.”

It included a series of photos taken from different angles. They covered everything, too — side profile, full-frontal, views from the top and bottom.

There was a shot from practically every direction imaginable.

A few of them seemed to have been purposely taken at the subjects disadvantage, but she appeared no less beautiful in any of them.

None of the pictures needed further editing — they were perfect just the way they were, and anyone could easily download and keep them as a phone screensaver.

The post had already garnered more than a thousand comments and even more likes. Most of the netizens asserted the discussion that the campus belle would be changing this year, and a good number of students even pledged their votes when the time for the polls came.

Yao Ran flipped through the images with her thumb, even as her hand tightened around the phone.

“Can you believe this, Ranran Someone just took a few random pictures of your bumpkin sister, and now these idiots are pushing for her to be this years campus belle!”

“Campus belle Ha! What a joke. Shes nothing more than a small-town girl from a poor village. Shes not even qualified to be on the same stage as our Ranran.”

“Exactly! So dont worry too much, okay, Ranran That country bumpkin is no match for you. These blind fools dont know about her true colors yet, thats why theyre so eager to support her. Once they find out that shes nothing more than a delinquent with disgusting habits, Im sure they wont even want to look at her anymore.”

One of the girls whipped out her phone.

“Ill log into the school forum right now and expose that wench for what she truly is! Lets see what everybody says then.”

“No, please dont,” Yao Ransaid quickly, her eyes flashing. “She didnt cross any line. It isnt right to just attack her publicly when she hasnt even done anything.”

“Youre much too kind, Ranran! Shes already tricked your parents into adopting her, and now shes scheming to steal the limelight from you. Why do you have to be considerate to someone so vicious”

Yao Ran made a show of getting a little misty-eyed. “But,” she said softly, her lips trembling, “shes still my sister.”

“And what kind of sister is she to you” Chen Luhuffed. “Ranran, youre the only daughter of a prestigious family, while shes just a tramp from the mountains. She should consider it a great honor to even just share the same roof with you! Dont worry about this matter anymore. Leave it to us.”

“Right, well handle it. Shes pretty gutsy to presume she could snatch the title of campus belle from you. Is she even worthy of the title!”

Yao Ran lowered her lashes to hide the triumph that she felt. She pursed her lips and refrained from saying anything else.

Her gaze drifted back to the post displayed on the phone screen. Her expression turned glacial once more.

She gritted her teeth and barely kept herself from sneering in resentment.

The photo she had stopped at was one of Yao Tangsleeping soundly on her desk.

Half of her face was buried in her arms, but no one could deny her beauty from what little they could see. She looked so peaceful, like an angel taking a much-needed respite. Perhaps it was because her eyes were closed. Otherwise, her wild arrogance would have shown, and likening her to an angel would be the furthest thing in peoples minds.

Boys had flocked to the post, spamming the comment section with their absurd and unreasonable remarks.

They were all claiming that their hearts had been stolen by the transfer student, while trying to compete on who admired her the most at the same time. They kept saying how they envied the students from Class 12, too, for having the good fortune of being classmates with their one and only goddess.


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