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A Little Delightful

Old Master Guo and the others had just come out of the central room when they heard Li Xiaorans voice coming from the third room.

“Father, Ill apply some herbs on you. They can stop the bleeding!”

Hearing this, Old Master Guo said something.

“Old Master Li must have lost his mind!”

The elders who followed him out also had expressions of deep agreement.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that among the three sons of the Li family, the only one they could rely on was Li Shun and his family.

Unfortunately, Old Master Li was oblivious.

Not only did he want to marry off Li Shuns family, but he also hurt his sons feelings.

In the future, the Li family would be riddled with trouble. Hopefully, at that time, Old Master Li would regret it!

When Zhao Xiu received the news and returned with a large basin of clothes and blankets, the wound on Li Shuns forehead had already been bandaged.

“Husband, are you alright Why dont we go to town to see a doctor” Zhao Xiu rushed in and asked worriedly.

Li Shun waved his hand and smiled at his wife. “Xiuer, dont worry. Its just a superficial wound! Xiaoran has already stopped the bleeding with herbs. Ill be fine after a few days!”

“Youre still laughing You scared me to death! I just washed my things and heard about your injury on the way. I was so scared! Why do you think our family hasnt been doing well recently Why dont we go to the temple to pray to the gods when were free Maybe this bad luck will pass!” Zhao Xiu thought of something and said with a flustered expression.

“Dont worry, the bad luck has already passed! Lets pack our things first! Luo Cheng is coming to pick us up today! Previously, Ive already looked for Father and Mother and the people from our third branch separated from them! Father and Mother said that since I was the one who suggested splitting the family assets, theyll give us the things in our house and a bag of sprouting wheat seeds! Anyway, well be married off as dowry in the future, so the family wont give us any money!”

Hearing Li Shuns words, Zhao Xiu looked up at him in shock.

Even Li Xiaoqing didnt expect her grandpa and grandma to be so heartless.

Li Xiaoran also had a clearer understanding of their ruthlessness.

“I agreed, but I didnt ask for the sprouting wheat seeds in that area. When I went to invite the village chief previously, I told the village chief and a few men in advance that no matter what my father gives us later, other than our clothes and daily necessities, I will give everything else to our parents. It can be considered a form of filial piety from me as a son! Its just that I never expected things to end up like this!” Li Shun smiled and said.

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she looked enlightened.

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No wonder when shed come out of bed and seen her father earlier, shed thought he seemed a little off. So that was what had happened.

She really didnt expect that a person who was usually meek would become smart once his heart was broken.

No wonder his father was injured. He had tricked Grandpa and Grandma and exposed all their schemes to others.

Li Xiaoqing and Zhao Xiu also widened their eyes and looked at Li Shun as if they didnt recognize him.

Perhaps he was embarrassed by his wife and daughters gazes, Li Shun cleared his throat.

“I didnt actually want this to happen!”

For some reason, seeing the innocent expression on their fathers face, the three of them couldnt help but laugh.

Actually, over the years, even though the family had worked tirelessly, they had still accumulated a lot of anger.

In the past, he didnt say anything because he thought that they were family.

However, after so many things happened, everyone felt happy when they heard that Li Shun had tricked the Li family.

Even Li Shun was more happy than sad.

After thinking it through yesterday, he already understood that his parents probably didnt have any parental affection for him.

As expected, the test proved him right.

Perhaps because he had vented all his sadness yesterday, but he wasnt so sad today.

When Luo Cheng arrived, he happened to hear Li Xiaoran and her family laughing.

For some reason, Luo Cheng felt a sense of relief amidst the laughter.

He walked in and immediately saw the village chief, Old Master Guo, and a few other elders waiting in the courtyard. Luo Cheng walked in and bowed to them.

“Please come over and bear witness for me, Village Chief and all the elders! This is the marriage contract I drafted. Please take a look first!” Luo Cheng said as he took out a few documents from his sleeve.

Old Master Guo and the other elders didnt hesitate to take the document and read it carefully.

The elders were literate, so they nodded after reading it.

What was written on it was consistent with the news they had heard yesterday. It could be seen that Luo Cheng was also a reliable person and hadnt tampered with these documents.

When the Li family heard the commotion outside, they also walked out.

Li Wei walked at the back. His expression was a little ugly.

Previously, when his third brother suggested splitting up the family, he didnt expect his parents to only want to split his third brothers family.

After the village chief and the others went out, he also suggested leaving the family, but his father rejected him.

If that was how the family split up, what was the difference

The point was, if they didnt leave, wouldnt what hed planned earlier be ruined

He didnt want to be like his third brother, who was bullied by his oldest brothers family all day.

Sr. Li had already calmed down, so his expression was cold when he saw Luo Cheng.

“Sr. Li, Ive already come as promised! Ive also brought the tiger bone you wanted, but before giving it to you, lets sign the marriage contract first!” Luo Cheng said without looking at the others.

Sr. Li didnt expect Luo Cheng to be so direct. He was stunned for a moment before answering, “Sure!”

“Alright, Sr. Li, take a look at this marriage contract!” Luo Cheng took a document and handed it over.

However, Sr. Li was illiterate, so he could only look at others.

Old Master Guo sighed and came out. Then he glanced at the onlookers outside.

Suddenly, a figure entered Old Master Guos eyes. He raised his hand and shouted, “Liang Jiabao, come over and read the contents of these marriage contracts to Sr. Li!”




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