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So the family sat down and ate together.

Since they werent very familiar with Luo Cheng and this was the first time they were sitting together for a meal, it was very quiet.

It had to be said that Zhao Xiu was very good at making meatloaf. She even seemed to have surpassed her mother.

Li Xiaoran and Li Xiaoqing ate a few in one go. Even Luo Cheng ate one after another.

In addition, the plate of chives boxes made by Li Xiaoran was also welcomed.

Luo Cheng didnt really like to eat chives before, but after Li Xiaoran took a bite and opened the chives box, the fragrance of chives and eggs came out, making him feel tempted. He picked one up and ate it.

Sure enough, the taste was good, so Luo Cheng ate most of the shepherds purse.

Soon, there was nothing left on the table.

“Todays breakfast is very delicious! In the future, make more breakfast like this! I have a big appetite, and I want all kinds of meat and vegetables, so Ill have to trouble you to make more in the future!” After Luo Cheng finished eating, he thought of his mother-in-laws fearful expression, so he said this.

When Zhao Xiu heard this, she suddenly looked up at Luo Cheng.

Luo Cheng noticed the look in his mother-in-laws eyes, so he turned to look at her and said slowly, “Theres no need to be afraid of wasting food. People need to eat meat and vegetables to improve their health! Therefore, if you lack any food at home, feel free to tell me! No matter what you do, having a good body is the most important thing. To me, eating a good meal is a very important thing!”

Zhao Xiu seemed to understand what her son-in-law meant. The uneasiness in her heart was soothed by his words, and her eyes were filled with relief and gratitude.

Li Xiaoran watched this scene quietly from the side, unable to hide the mirth in her eyes.

Luo Cheng was actually using his own way to ease the uneasiness in her mothers heart. This meant that he was actually a very warm-hearted person.

Li Shun didnt seem surprised by Luo Chengs behavior, because when he was injured previously, he had felt that Luo Cheng brought him a sense of security.

Therefore, at this moment, he wasnt unaccustomed to Luo Cheng at all. Instead, he looked satisfied.

After settling his mother-in-laws uneasiness, Luo Cheng stood up and said, “Ill have to trouble Father-in-law and Mother-in-law to wash the dishes. Ill bring Xiaoran to tidy up her room!”

Zhao Xiu thought that Luo Cheng was good in every way, so she naturally didnt object.

Li Shun wouldnt stop him. After all, his daughter was already married to Luo Cheng. He was also happy that Luo Cheng was willing to help his daughter tidy up her room.

Just like that, Luo Cheng brought Li Xiaoran out and went to the main room.

Li Xiaoran entered the main room and was immediately stunned by the decorations in the room.

If not for Luo Cheng walking in front of her in rough clothes, she would have thought that she had broken into a rich familys home.

The decorations were well-arranged and elegant. Everything looked simple, but there was a certain style to it.

“This is where I live. I dont like others touching my things, so dont move anything in here. Youll live in this room, and I live in this room next to it. You cant enter my room without my permission!” Luo Cheng said as he pushed open the door of a room with Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran didnt expect there to be another world in this main room.

In addition to the outer main hall, there were two rooms and a childrens room.

What surprised Li Xiaoran even more was that Luo Cheng didnt let her stay with him.

At this moment, Li Xiaoran was actually relieved.

To be honest, Luo Cheng was also a stranger to her.

Although she had previously thought that he was a good person, she was still a little resistant to being his wife.

It wasnt bad now. They lived separately. It was quite nice!

Hearing the sigh of relief behind him, Luo Cheng suddenly felt like laughing.

Did she think he would share a bed with her after she moved in

She probably thought so! That was why she was so relieved to hear that they were living separately.

“Dont worry, although I married you, I will still respect you!”

As he spoke, Luo Cheng thought of something and his expression darkened.

After turning around, Luo Cheng stared at Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran was a little confused. She naturally sensed the change in Luo Chengs emotions, so she didnt understand.

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He was clearly acting considerate just now. Why did his expression suddenly change It was as if he was covered in thorns.

“But theres something youd better remember! Li Xiaoran, I cant tolerate any betrayal. Since youre married to me, were husband and wife. As long as you treat me sincerely, Ill protect you!”

When Li Xiaoran heard Luo Chengs words, she didnt avoid his gaze but looked directly at Luo Cheng.

“Of course. I, Li Xiaoran, am not a treacherous person with no bottom line. Since I made an agreement with you back then, I will naturally do it. In this life, as long as you dont divorce me, I wont abandon you!”

Luo Cheng stared at Li Xiaoran for a long time, as if trying to distinguish how sincere Li Xiaoran was when she said these words.

Li Xiaoran wasnt afraid that Luo Cheng was staring at her and she stood there calmly.

There was a long pause, then Luo Chengs voice sounded.

“Okay, remember what you said!”

With that, Luo Cheng turned and left.

When Li Xiaoran saw Luo Cheng leave, she didnt chase after him. Instead, she carefully sized up the room she was staying in.

The room was simply furnished with a bed, a desk, a round table, and a large cupboard for clothes.

Other than that, there wasnt much.

Perhaps it was because no one had lived in it for a long time that the room was filled with dust, so if she wanted to live in it, she had to clean it up.

There was another window near the desk against the wall.

Li Xiaoran walked over curiously and pushed open the window to see the fruit forest not far away. Yellow was running back with a wild rabbit in its mouth.

Perhaps it noticed the commotion here and saw Li Xiaoran appear in front of the window, but Big Yellow actually changed its direction and ran towards Li Xiaoran.


After placing the hare on the ground and pressing it down with one paw, Big Yellow barked at Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran sensed Big Yellows emotions and couldnt help but laugh.

“Big Yellow, I really didnt expect you to be a glutinous dog! How did you know that this rabbit was going to be roasted and eaten”

“Woof!” Big Yellow barked again when it heard Li Xiaorans words. Then, it raised its head proudly, as if to say that it wasnt an ordinary dog.



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