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Find a Way to Resolve It

Li Xiaoran stared at the woman in front of her and searched her memories. She immediately realized that the person in front of her was her eldest cousin, Li Yan.

It was the person that Luo Cheng had specified to marry.

Seeing Li Xiaoran looking at her in a daze, Li Yan felt very happy.

Recalling her experience in her previous life, Li Yan was filled with jealousy towards Li Xiaoran.

Why was she living such a miserable life After she married the hunter, he betrayed her at the critical moment.

It wasnt easy for her to be saved, but the other party only used her as a pawn to get close to Li Xiaoran, who had already become the wife of an official.

Many years later, she was in a sorry state, but she saw the blissful Li Xiaoran. At that moment, she felt resentful.

At that moment, Li Yan took out a knife and rushed over to stab Li Xiaoran. Then, she was stabbed by the guard beside Li Xiaoran and died!

At that moment, Li Yan was actually very happy!

What she couldnt have, no one else could have either, even if that person was her cousin!

Li Xiaoran had just been revived and when she heard Li Yans words, an idea had already appeared in her mind.

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She wanted her wealth and glory

Could it be that Li Yan was also someone who had been reborn

This was the only way to explain the strange situation in front of her.

If she could transmigrate, why couldnt she be reborn

Thinking of this, Li Xiaoran felt at ease.

She didnt know what the fate of the original owner of this body was like, but now that she was here, perhaps everything would be different.

What glory and wealth If Li Yan wanted it, she could take it!

However, seeing the madness in Li Yans eyes, Li Xiaoran became vigilant.

It seemed that the other party wasnt just threatening her.

If she really became the other partys obstacle, her entire family would probably be implicated by her.

Thinking of this, Li Xiaoran made a decision.

She couldnt stay in the Li family anymore. Marrying was also a way out.

However, she couldnt agree so easily. After all, that hunter called Luo Cheng had specifically asked Li Yan to marry him.

Recalling what the Hosts parents had said previously, Li Xiaoran felt that she should do something for the Hosts family.

But before that, she had something important to do.

She had to meet that Orion Luo Cheng.

Her father was right about something. One shouldnt judge a book by its covers.

She had to see Luo Cheng with her own eyes and see what kind of person he was.

“Cousin, why did you come in Dont you think youve provoked my sister enough If my sister dies from your provocation, our entire family will drag you down with us!” At this moment, a girly voice sounded.

The person who came in was none other than the Hosts sister, Li Xiaoqing.

Hearing the commotion in the house, Li Xiaoqing, who had just returned from cutting the grass, was a little worried, so she rushed in.

“How could that be Im just worried about her, so I came to see if shes feeling better. Since youre so afraid that Ill agitate your sister, Ill leave, okay” Li Yan pretended to be very aggrieved and no longer had the arrogance from before. She stood up and left.

When Li Xiaoran saw this scene, her eyes flashed with contemplation.

“Sister, are you alright! Dont be angry or sad. If you dont want to marry him, you dont have to marry him! Why should our family suffer and Eldest Uncles family have all the good things That butcher specifically said that he wants Li Yan to marry over. If she doesnt marry over, thatll be unfilial. Grandpa is waiting to get a tiger bone to make medicine. Lets see what Eldest Uncles family will do this time!” Li Xiaoqing walked over and grabbed her sisters hand as she said indignantly.

Li Xiaoran looked at her agitated sister and smiled.

Actually, it wasnt bad to transmigrate! At least, it wasnt bad to have such a caring sister.

“Sister, you actually smiled!” Li Xiaoqing was shocked when she saw the smile on Li Xiaorans face.

In her memory, her sister had always been frowning. It was rare to see her smile.

“Sister, you should smile more. Look, you look so pretty when you smile!” Li Xiaoqing was inspired by Li Xiaorans smile and couldnt help but say.

“Okay, Ill smile more in the future!” Li Xiaoran agreed happily.

Li Xiaoqing looked at Li Xiaoran and felt that the sister in front of her was a little different from how her sister previously was like.

Seeing Li Xiaoran staring at her in a daze, Li Xiaoran realized something and explained.

“Ive figured out many things after almost dying, so naturally, its a little different! Girl, dont think too much about it!” With that, Li Xiaoran flicked Li Xiaoqings head.

Seeing this familiar action, Li Xiaoran immediately smiled.

Thats right. Her sister had experienced so many things, so it was normal for her to suddenly become enlightened. Why did she think that her sister had changed into a different person

“Sister, you should be like this! I like you even more when youre like this!” Li Xiaoqing said happily.

When Li Xiaoran heard her sisters words, she smiled and then remembered something.

“Xiao Qing, do you have anything to do this afternoon”

“In the afternoon Theres no more pine hair at home. I have to go to the pine forest in the mountains to get some!” Li Xiaoqing thought for a moment and replied.

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she felt that this was a good opportunity!

Since they were going to the mountains, they might encounter the hunter called Luo Cheng.

“Then Ill go with you this afternoon!” Li Xiaoran said.

At noon, Li Xiaoran only ate a bowl of something that looked like paste. She didnt know what it was made of, but her throat hurt.


However, looking at the concerned gazes of her parents and sister, Li Xiaoran could only endure the discomfort and swallow the paste.



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