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Big Yellows Savior

After Li Xiaoran settled down, she went to get her bag and checked on her parents and sister.

What surprised Li Xiaoran was that her parents and sister had already adapted to life here.

Li Shun and Zhao Xiu werent idle. At this moment, they had found some hoes and were busy digging in the vegetable field in the backyard.

Li Xiaoqing was actually playing with a few dogs at this moment. Only Big Yellow was lying at the side and watching with disdain.

Seeing Big Yellow, Li Xiaoran remembered the agreement between her and Big Yellow, so she walked over.

“Big Yellow, did you capture any rabbits”

When Big Yellow saw Li Xiaoran coming out, it immediately stood up and called out to her softly.

When Li Xiaoqing heard her sisters voice, she stopped playing with the dogs and ran over.

“Sister, Big Yellow just brought back a rabbit. Its still alive. Mother saw that the rabbit was a female rabbit and had a child in its stomach, so she discussed it with Big Yellow and left that rabbit behind to feed it!”

Li Xiaoran didnt expect so many things to happen in such a short time. Looking at Big Yellows expectant expression, Li Xiaoran smiled.

“So Big Yellow plans to eat a few more roasted rabbits in the future”

Big Yellow rubbed its head against Li Xiaorans hand and wagged its tail while looking very happy.

“Sis, how did you know Thats what Mom agreed to with Big Yellow!” Li Xiaoqing asked in surprise.

“I guessed it!” Li Xiaoran smiled and said, “By the way, wheres my bag The room Im staying in has been tidied up. I have to put my clothes in!”

When Li Xiaoqing heard Li Xiaorans words, she suddenly thought of something and leaned over. She lowered her voice and asked, “Sister, are you going to marry Brother-in-law just like that Are you going to live together”

When Li Xiaoran heard her sisters words, she smiled and shook her head.

“Luo Cheng said he would respect me. Previously, he brought me over to help me tidy up the room I live in!”

Li Xiaoran had no intention of hiding the good news that the two of them lived separately.

Since everyone lived under the same roof, they would naturally find out after some time. Therefore, there was no need to hide it at this moment.

Li Xiaoqing wasnt a child. She was already beginning to understand some things.

Hearing her sisters words, Li Xiaoqing was stunned. She asked with uncertainty, “You wont live with him”

Li Xiaoran looked at Li Xiaoqing and smiled.

“I live in the room next to his!”

When Li Xiaoqing heard her sisters words, she didnt know how to describe what she felt.

To be honest, she felt resistance towards Luo Cheng at first.

Her sister should marry someone who truly loved her.

It was just that family matters werent up to them to decide.

Therefore, when she saw her grandpa and grandma forcing her sister to marry Luo Cheng, Li Xiaoqing really hated him.

However, after what had happened in the past two days, Li Xiaoqing felt that it wasnt bad to have a brother-in-law like Luo Cheng.

Therefore, when she heard that her sister and Luo Cheng were sleeping separately, Li Xiaoqing was worried for her sister.

Li Xiaoran naturally understood Li Xiaoqings feelings.

She reached out and touched Li Xiaoqings head.

“Little girl, youre still so young! Why are you so worried all the time! Just be happy and play with your little friend. Havent you heard of the saying that everything will work out when the time comes As long as our family works together, our lives will get better and better in the future!”

Li Xiaoqing thought for a moment, then nodded.

“Sister, youre right. I was greedy!”

Just as Li Xiaoqing was about to say something, there was a sudden bang, as if something had fallen to the ground.

“Sister, its Brother-in-law. Brother-in-law went to that room just now!” Li Xiaoqing thought of something and her expression changed as she reminded her.

Seeing that the situation wasnt right, Li Xiaoran quickly ran over.

At this moment, Luo Cheng was lying on the ground with his eyes closed.

Beside him was a wooden crate stained with mud.

“Luo Cheng, Luo Cheng, whats wrong” Li Xiaoran ran over, squatted down, and shouted.

As she didnt know what was going on with Luo Cheng, Li Xiaoran didnt dare to push him rashly.

Li Xiaoqing, who was running over, thought of something and turned around to run towards the vegetable garden at the back.

“Father, Mother, come quickly. Brother-in-law has fainted!”

When Li Shun and Zhao Xiu heard this, they were shocked and quickly ran over with their youngest daughter.

On the other side, Li Xiaoran used his hand to feel the temperature of Luo Chengs body, only to feel a chill.

Looking out at the red sun, Li Xiaoran was a little puzzled.

The weather was good, so he shouldnt be so cold!

Could it be that Luo Cheng had been poisoned

Thinking of this, Li Xiaoran noticed the wooden box beside Luo Cheng.

The chest contained a lot of gold and silver jewelry, but on top of them was a purple-black wooden box.

Li Xiaoran didnt take action rashly but leaned closer to take a look.

As soon as she leaned over, she smelled a faint fragrance.

Could Luo Cheng have been poisoned by this fragrance


If there was something wrong with this scent, why was she completely fine

She was very confused. Before Li Xiaoran could figure anything out, Li Shun and Zhao Xius footsteps sounded.

In order not to let her parents smell this fragrance, Li Xiaoran quickly covered the wooden box and pulled Luo Chengs upper body up from the ground.

No matter how hard Li Xiaoran tried, Luo Cheng showed no signs of waking up.

“Daughter, dont be anxious. I will carry Luo Cheng to his room first!” When Li Shun saw this, he immediately wanted to carry him.

“Dad, be careful. Luo Cheng is very cold!” Li Xiaoran reminded him.

Li Shun nodded and then, with the help of the others, carried Luo Cheng.

“Dad, come with me. I know where Luo Cheng lives!” Li Xiaoran thought of something and quickly walked to the front.

Soon, a group of people sent Luo Cheng to his room.

Zhao Xiu also found several quilts in Luo Chengs room, so she quickly brought them over and wrapped them around Luo Cheng.

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“From the looks of it, we have to get a doctor!” Li Shun said worriedly.


“Our villages doctors medical skills arent good, right” Zhao Xiu said worriedly, “If its just a minor illness or pain, we can treat it. However, Im afraid we wont be able to treat his condition. We have to send him to town quickly!”

At that moment, Big Yellow ran in from somewhere and rushed to a cabinet. It reached out with its claws and opened a drawer. Then it jumped up with a porcelain bottle in its mouth and squatted beside Luo Cheng.

After placing the porcelain bottle on the blanket, Big Yellow looked at Li Xiaoran and called out anxiously.

Li Xiaoran sensed Big Yellows emotions and immediately understood.

“Mother, quickly pour some warm water and bring it over!”



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