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Its Related to You

Luo Cheng thought about Li Xiaorans words.

“What did you find”

Li Xiaoran nodded and said, “Did something happen to you because of the smell of that wooden box”

Luo Chengs expression didnt change when he heard Li Xiaorans words. He shook his head and said, “No! Its because of the jade artifacts in the wooden box. Havent you heard that jade is beneficial to peoples health, but also instigates some evil things Im born with a special constitution, so its easy to instigate those things.”

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she nodded skeptically. “No wonder. No wonder we were fine even after smelling the fragrance. It turns out that the source is the jade artifact! Then if you go and take a look now, wont it happen again”

Luo Cheng raised his eyebrows when he saw how concerned Li Xiaoran was.

“Dont worry! I brought the amulet! I fainted before because my possession talisman was wet with sweat!”

Li Xiaoran was relieved to hear Luo Cheng say that.

“Its good that you returned it. Ill show you the good stuff in this box!” said Luo Cheng, reaching out to open the wooden box.

“No need! These things are all yours. I dont need to know! Take your time to look at them. Ill leave first!” Li Xiaoran thought of something and rejected him directly. She turned around and planned to leave.

Watching Li Xiaoran turn around and leave, Luo Cheng seemed hesitant. No one knew what he was thinking.

“Wait, actually, this box of things has something to do with you too!” Luo Cheng suddenly said.

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she stopped and turned around with a puzzled expression.

“Are you sure I have something to do with the contents of this box”

Why didnt she believe it herself

“Its true!” said Luo Cheng, opening the wooden box.

As soon as the lid was removed, a pile of jewelry appeared in front of them.

“This wooden box was found by Big Yellow in an overgrown slope. Big Yellow used to play on that slope too, but didnt find this thing. After you married over, this slope collapsed, revealing an iron ring. When Big Yellow found it, he brought me over to find this wooden box!”

After saying this, Luo Cheng looked at Li Xiaoran. “Do you think this has anything to do with you”

When Li Xiaoran heard Luo Chengs words, she felt that he was trying to trick her.

This was completely unrelated. How could it be related to her

Seeing that Li Xiaoran didnt believe him at all, Luo Cheng only smiled and didnt say anything else.

If it werent for the fact that someone said that he had met a benefactor three days ago and had been lucky ever since, he wouldnt have believed this.

But he had to believe some of what had happened today.

After all, this box of treasures was worth a lot of money.

With that in mind, Luo Cheng poured out the wooden box.

It had to be said that this was the first time Li Xiaoran had seen so much gold and silver in both of her lives. It simply blinded her.

When Luo Cheng poured out these treasures, he focused his attention on Li Xiaoran.

Although she was also shocked, there was no greed in her eyes. She heaved a sigh of relief.

To be honest, he didnt want the wife hed traded the tiger bones for to be greedy and shortsighted.

If Li Xiaoran was really such a person, he would definitely stay away from her.

“You can take whatever you like! I told you, thanks to you, I got so much gold and silver!” Luo Cheng said generously.

Li Xiaoran didnt believe in any pie in the sky.

For a moment, Li Xiaoran was also very tempted.

To be honest, she liked a few pieces of jewelry in there.

That style and the color were obviously high-grade.

Any woman would love these things.

With a lot of effort, Li Xiaoran calmed down and quickly placed her hands behind her back.

“No need. These are all yours. Keep them for yourself! Ill go to the kitchen. My mother was stewing a chicken. It should be ready now!”

With that, Li Xiaoran rushed out of the room and ran towards the kitchen.

When she reached the kitchen, Li Xiaoran took a few deep breaths to calm down.

Oh God! Shed almost lost it.

That jewelry was gorgeous! Especially that sapphire necklace. It was neither too big nor too small. She loved it.

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“Li Xiaoran, dont be greedy! While wealth is covetable for a gentleman as well, he takes it in its natural course. If its not something you should take, you cant take it! Do you understand” Li Xiaoran lectured herself.

These were the words her mother often said to Li Xiaoran when she lived on Earth.

Her mother had said that as long as people were diligent and relied on their own hands to create wealth, that kind of money was the most comfortable to use.

After repeating it to herself several times, Li Xiaoran came back to her senses.

She opened the lid of the pot in her hand and the fragrance of chicken soup wafted out.

When she smelled this fragrance, Li Xiaorans eyes lit up.

“Indeed, chickens that grow up eating grains are much more delicious! Just by smelling this chicken soup, I can tell that its good!”

With that, Li Xiaoran scooped out the chicken soup from the pot and planned to keep it warm on the small stove.

After all, it was already noon. It was time to make lunch.

Because there was a pot of chicken soup, Li Xiaoran cooked a pot of rice and stir-fried a vegetable before calling her family over for dinner.

When Luo Cheng heard Li Xiaoran shouting that it was time to eat, he responded and immediately put away the gold and silver treasures before changing to another lock.


He hadnt decided what to do with these things, so he locked them away first.

While Luo Cheng, Li Xiaoran, and the others were about to eat, the atmosphere at the Li familys house wasnt very good.

The men from the casino waited, but none of their men returned. The leader, Ma Chuan, had a bad feeling.

He wanted to call his buddies to take another look, but when he saw that there were only three buddies around him, he gave up on the idea.

Just as Ma Chuan was about to vent his anger on the Li family, someone suddenly rushed in.

It was unknown what the other party said in Ma Chuans ear. When Ma Chuan heard this, his expression changed drastically. Then, he looked fiercely at the Li family.

“Well, well! My buddies who went to Luo Chengs house have already been sent to the cops!”

As he spoke, Ma Chuan couldnt suppress his anger anymore. He kicked Li Zhan, who was tied up.

Li Zhan didnt expect Ma Chuan to suddenly kick him and fell to the ground. A wave of pain came, and blood flowed from his nose.



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