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The Hunters Lucky Little Lady Chapter 28

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Abandoning a Tiger Bone

When Sr. Li heard Ma Chuans words, he was also frightened.

He had never expected that Luo Cheng, who had seemed easy to talk to, would be able to send those people from the casino to the officials in the blink of an eye.

The men from the gambling house were sent to the officials not long after they left

Had he really underestimated Luo Cheng

At this moment, Sr. Li felt a little regretful, but he had no choice.

He really couldnt take out so much money!

Ma Chuan stared fiercely at the Li family and gave his final warning.

“Today, the gambling debt that Li Zhan owes must be repaid. You also have to pay for the losses that our buddies suffered! You cant take out the money, right If you cant take out the money, use the tiger bones to compensate! I heard that your family happens to have two tiger bones now! Its just right to use them to pay off the debt!”

“In your dreams! I wont give you the tiger bones!” Sr. Li was furious and retorted loudly.

“Yo, Sr. Li, you really dont feel sorry for your grandson! Li Zhan, didnt you say that your family loves you the most Look, your family loves you so much!” Ma Chuan smiled sinisterly and stepped on Li Zhans hand.

Li Zhan screamed like a pig being slaughtered.

“Grandpa, Grandpa, you have to save me! Im the Li familys lifeline! Grandpa, save me! As long as you save me, Ill definitely repent and study hard. Ill bring glory to the Li family in the future!” After experiencing the pain, Li Zhan begged Grandpa Li with tears in his eyes.

Aunt Lis heart ached when she saw her grandson being tortured.

“Why dont you take out the tiger bones!”

The expression on Sr. Lis face changed. For a moment, he was in a dilemma.

To be honest, he was really reluctant to hand over the tiger bones.

If he gave the tiger bones to these people, what would he do

He felt ill at the thought of having to endure pain every day and night.

But his grandson was also his biological grandson, who he had placed the highest hopes on.

However, he never expected that his grandson, whom he had high hopes for, would get involved in gambling.

“Looks like Sr. Li cant make up his mind! Come on, brothers! Li Zhan is young and hasnt learned his lesson. Lets teach him a lesson! Lets chop off one of his fingers!” Ma Chuan said maliciously.

“Wait!” After arriving, Li Qiang, who had been silent, walked out and stopped the people from the gambling den.

“Father, can you really bear to see Zhaners finger being chopped off If Zhaners finger is chopped off, he wont be able to participate in the examination in the future. This will ruin his life! Father, I know that this tiger bone is very useful to Father, but our family really cant take out so much money now! Father, why dont we give him one A tiger bone is already worth a thousand gold coins. Its enough to repay our debt!” Li Qiang said at this moment.

“Thats right! Father, one less tiger bone means one less. In the future, we can just ask my third brother to bring one back!” Li Wei also went forward to persuade him.

To be honest, Li Wei originally didnt want to interfere in such a matter.

However, these people from the casino werent to be trifled with. If they didnt quickly think of a way to send them away, the longer they delayed, the worse it would be for them.

At this moment, Li Wei was glad that her eldest daughter, Li Lan, was already married.

Otherwise, given the M.O. of these gambling dens in the past, she might be taken away to pay off their debts.

The person called Ma Chuan kept looking at Li Yan.

What shocked Li Wei even more was that when Ma Chuan looked at Li Yan, he kept looking at his wife too.

He knew that his wife was good-looking. It wouldnt be good if these people targeted her now.

“Thats right! Father, just give them a tiger bone first! As long as we resolve this matter, I can guarantee that my third brother will bring another tiger bone back!” Li Qiang was also anxious.

As Li Zhans father, he couldnt bear to see his sons future ruined no matter what.

After the brothers persuasion, Sr. Li heaved a sigh.

Eventually, Ma Chuan took a tiger bone. The debt between the Lee family and the casino was written off.

Li Zhan had finally escaped. Now, he lay on the ground, panting.

There was no telling what he was thinking at this moment.

Was it relief, regret, or something else entirely

For the next three days, the Li family was peaceful, as if nothing had happened.

Li Xiaoran and her family had also adapted to their new life. The worry on their faces dissipated and was replaced by a sense of peace.

The wound on Li Shuns forehead had also been treated by Luo Cheng with medicine. Three days later, only some scabs could be seen.

The injury on Li Xiaorans forehead had also healed a lot, but her injury was much more serious than Li Shuns, so she still needed to continue applying medicine.

In Luo Chengs words, it would take at least a month to recover.

In the three days that the Li family had been here, Luo Chengs place had also been changing drastically.

The house, which used to be deserted, became more lively.

After cleaning up the vegetable garden, they planted several kinds of vegetables and fruits.

In the orchard at the side of the house, Li Shun and Zhao Xiu went to cut some bamboo and circled a small piece of land. They inserted bamboo fences made of bamboo and used them to raise the chicks they had bought.

Big Yellow and its group of dog brothers were also very curious about these furry chicks.

When Zhao Xiu saw this, she simply brought Big Yellow and the others to the chicken coop and explained softly.

“Big Yellow! These chicks are being raised to lay eggs! There are also some roosters that will be eaten when they mature! You and your dog brothers cant come here to harm these chicks! You have to protect these chicks from being harmed by other things. Only then will you have meat to eat when the chickens grow up!”

Big Yellow understood what Zhao Xiu meant and howled twice, indicating that it understood.

Ever since then, Big Yellow and its dog brothers really didnt harm the chicks. They even secretly chased away the weasels that wanted to steal food.

The matters at home were handed over to Zhao Xiu, while Li Shun plowed the nearby land.

It was now the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. They could plant some crops and have some harvest in winter.


Li Xiaoqing wasnt idle either. Although there wasnt much work at home now, she would still help share the burden like before.

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Previously, when Little Huzi asked her to go up the mountain to fish for pine fur, she went with him with the basket on her back.

The entire family was busy. Li Xiaoran suddenly felt like she was useless.

With nothing to do, she began to ponder.

“What are you thinking” Luo Cheng asked curiously as he watched Li Xiaoran write on the ground in the courtyard with a tree branch.



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