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The Hunters Lucky Little Lady Chapter 6

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Stealing Food

On this side, Little Huzi and Li Xiaoqing quickly packed the pine fur in the three-back basket. Then, they used the rope to cover the basket with a large pile of pine fur.

After that, the three of them carried their baskets and walked towards the stream not far away. Then, they started a fire and roast the eggs.

Soon, the eggs were ready.

The three of them took one each. They first used the stream water to cool the eggs before peeling them.

Of course, the eggshell cracked the moment the eggs touched the water, saving the three of them the trouble of peeling them. They quickly peeled the eggs and placed them in their mouths.

They took a bite and their mouths were filled with the delicious taste of eggs.

It had to be said that the roasted egg was really delicious!

Although she had eaten some mushy food previously, it wasnt enough to make her stomach full. Li Xiaoran felt that she was already hungry.

At this moment, after eating a small roasted wild egg, she finally gained some strength.

On the other side, Li Xiaoqing ate slowly with a satisfied expression.

“It smells so good! If only I could eat an egg every day!”

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she suddenly felt a little sad.

“Lets boil these eggs together! Well eat to our hearts content today.”

Li Xiaoqing didnt expect her sister to say that and immediately cheered happily.

“Alright, I can eat my fill today!”

When Little Huzi saw this, he smiled and immediately picked up the remaining wild eggs and continued roasting them.

After the eggs were roasted, Li Xiaoran and Li Xiaoqing ate a few. The remaining four wild eggs were wrapped in leaves and hidden in Little Huzis basket.

After extinguishing the fire with the stream, the three of them carried a basket of pine fur back home.

She didnt know if it was because she had eaten two wild eggs, but Li Xiaoran felt that her entire body was full of strength and her spirits had improved.

However, when they were about to reach home, Li Xiaoqing pulled two handfuls of Mimosa by the roadside and stuffed some into Li Xiaorans mouth.

“Sister, well definitely smell after eating the eggs. You dont know that those two annoying people have sharp noses. Lets eat some Mimosa to remove the smell!” Li Xiaoqing reminded.

When Li Xiaoran heard her sisters words, she quickly nodded and chewed the Mimosa in her mouth.

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It had to be said that Mimosa was really sour, but the acidity was just right. It was just enough to stomach.

Sure enough, the moment they returned home, Li Qin and Li Yuan, who were playing in the courtyard, stared at the sisters suspiciously.

When the sisters put down the pine fur, the two of them followed them like cats smelling blood.

“Did the two of you secretly eat outside I can smell the delicious smell!” Li Yuan glared at Li Xiaoran and Li Xiaoqing and questioned them.

“Where could we go to eat delicious food My sister was injured and could only eat porridge. She was so hungry that she went to pull out two handfuls of Mimosa to eat. Why is it that you think we stole food! If you want to talk about stealing food, its because you often steal food. Do you think we dont know that you often steal eggs!” Li Xiaoqing lost her temper and retorted.

Aunt Li happened to pass by. When she heard this, she rushed over and reached out to pinch Li Xiaoqings mouth.

“You little girl, how did I raise an ingrate like you What do you mean by stealing eggs You only know how to lie. Ill teach you a lesson today!”

Seeing that the pair of withered hands were about to pinch her sisters lips, Li Xiaoran made a move.

Li Xiaoran grabbed this hand in fury.

“Grandma, my cousin was the first to spout nonsense. She said that we went out to eat delicious food! Are you deaf Didnt you hear that”

Li Xiaoqing was originally prepared to be pinched, but she didnt expect her sister, who had always been a pushover, to stand up for her.

At this moment, Li Xiaoqing looked at her sisters back in surprise. Her eyes suddenly turned red.

She was really lucky to have such a sister!

“Why Are you trying to rebel Im your grandma yet you dare to attack me I cant live like this anymore! Third Son, Third Sons wife, come and see the good girl you raised. Shes so rude and disobedient to her grandma!” Aunt Li wanted to break free, but Li Xiaoran grabbed her tightly so that she couldnt break free.

At this moment, Aunt Li was thinking that this girl must have secretly eaten delicious food outside. Otherwise, she wouldnt be so strong.

Li Shun and Zhao Xiu rushed over after hearing the news and saw their youngest daughter hiding behind their eldest daughter, Li Xiaoran, with red eyes.

As for Li Xiaoran, his expression was dark as he stared at the crying Aunt Li in front of him.

Li Yuan and Li Qin seemed to be stunned by Li Xiaorans sudden resistance and didnt react for a moment.

“Enough! Grandma, why dont we go out together and let the people in the village judge Lets see if Im the unfilial one, or if Grandma, as an elder, is biased and abuses her granddaughter!”

Li Xiaoran was furious and pulled Aunt Li out of the courtyard.

Everything that the Host had experienced in the past was quickly playing in Li Xiaorans mind like a movie.

Those unfair things made Li Xiaorans anger reach its peak. Therefore, if she didnt vent today, such incidents would continue to happen in the future.

Since she was going to change, she might as well do it completely.

With this, Aunt Li was actually dragged out step by step by the thin Li Xiaoran.

“What are you guys doing!” Just as Li Xiaoran grabbed Aunt Li and walked to the door, Sr. Li, who had been pretending to be deaf and mute in the main room, finally couldnt sit still and ran out to shout.

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she stopped and turned to look at Sr. Li.

Even this old and injured man in front of her had been biased all these years.



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