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Asking for Compensation

Li Yan looked at this man and her memories of her previous life surfaced in her mind.

Thinking of all the things she had encountered and the bitter days she had lived with Luo Cheng, like living in fear all day long, and finally being pushed out by Luo Cheng to block the sword, her heart was filled with fear.

“No, I wont marry him! Grandpa, Grandma, we agreed that I wont marry him. Let Li Xiaoran marry him!” Li Yan immediately screamed under Luo Chengs intimidation.

Li Xiaoran watched Li Yans situation and felt her intense emotions. She also sensed the fear, disgust, and hatred she had for Luo Cheng.

These emotions intertwined and made Li Yan lose her mind.

What had Li Yan experienced in her previous life to have such complicated emotions towards Luo Cheng

On the other hand, when Luo Cheng saw Li Yans flustered appearance, a mocking smile actually appeared on his cold face.

“Shut up!” Grandpa Li was humiliated by his granddaughter again and again today. He could no longer maintain his composure.

“It seems that Li Yan is very unwilling! Then, Old Master Li, which granddaughter do you plan to let marry me” Luo Chengs voice was surprisingly calm at this moment. He no longer seemed so intimidating, and he seemed very amiable.

When Old Master Li heard Luo Chengs words, he seemed to see some hope, so he probed.

“This marriage is the best for the two families! Luo Cheng, look, Li Yan isnt willing either. If you marry her, your life wont be good. Why dont you let Little Ran marry you! Its not that Im fooling you, but Little Ran is a good girl who knows her place and is diligent!”

Luo Cheng raised his eyebrows and smiled when he heard this.

“From what Old Master Li said, it seems like shes really not bad!”

“Thats right!” When Sr. Li heard that Luo Cheng seemed to have been convinced, he quickly struck while the iron was hot and said, “Thats right, Luo Cheng, why dont we change it! This way, we can have the best of both worlds!”

“Hmph, the one with the best of both worlds is the Li family! What benefits did I get I like Li Yan. You want to change it to someone else and then take the tiger bone from me. So all the good things will go to the Li family Does the Li family still have any sense of shame” Unexpectedly, Luo Chengs expression suddenly changed and he snorted coldly as he mocked.

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of Sr. Li, Aunt Li, and the others turned ugly.

Li Xiaorans face had an impassive expression, but Li Xiaoqing was happy.

At this moment, Li Xiaoqing really hoped that Luo Cheng would insist on taking Li Yan away. She wanted to see if the other members of the Li family would still pressure her sister.

“Luo Cheng, what do you mean” Sr. Li understood that he had been toyed with by Luo Cheng and was a little angry.

Seeing that Old Master Li was angry, Luo Cheng chuckled.

“Actually, its not impossible! But as the victim, Im the one who feels the most aggrieved! The one I want doesnt want to marry over, so shouldnt the Li family give me some compensation!” Luo Cheng lightly released a bait.

At this moment, Li Xiaoran looked at Luo Cheng, who wasnt far away and seemed to understand what he wanted to do.

At this moment, Li Xiaoran felt a little complicated.

As expected, Sr. Li fell for it.

At the thought of that tiger bone, Sr. Li suppressed his anger and asked, “Luo Cheng, what compensation do you want”

Luo Cheng knew that Sr. Li would take the bait, so he smiled and said, “What I gave you is a good tiger bone. Theres no need to say how valuable it is! Just this tiger bone alone is priceless. Previously, when I thought that Li Yan would marry me, I reluctantly agreed. Now that youre going to change the person, the conditions are different! All these years, Ive been a little lonely living alone. I dont want to do many things myself, so why dont I let the Li familys third branch marry over! I know that the Li familys third branch is diligent, which is what I want!”

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These words shocked everyone.

No one expected Luo Cheng to make such a condition, but on careful thought, it seemed reasonable.

One had to know that it was a tiger bone. It was difficult to buy even with money.

Speaking of which, in terms of value, the Li family had profited.

Li Xiaoqing looked at Luo Cheng in shock. The little girl was a little dumbfounded. She didnt expect things to turn out like this.

Li Xiaoran lowered her head and pondered about the feasibility of this.

After thinking about it, Li Xiaoran actually realized that Luo Chengs move was the best arrangement for them.

This was because only in this way could they break Old Lis control over their family. In the future, there would be no excuse to control their family.

However, doing so would have a bad effect. At least, if that was the case, their family would be mocked.

Thinking of this, Li Xiaoran looked at Luo Cheng.

Coincidentally, Luo Cheng also looked over and actually gave Li Xiaoran a calm look.

At this moment, the courtyard was silent. Everyone was waiting for Sr. Lis choice.

“Grandpa, promise him! Promise him!” Li Yan was the happiest person.

Initially, she only wanted Li Xiaoran to marry over and suffer. Now that the third branch of the Li family would marry over, the ones who would suffer would be the third branch of the Li family.

In her previous life, she was envious and jealous of them.

Now that she saw the third branch of the Li family fall into the hands of that evil person, she felt too gratified.

She should let the people of the third branch have a taste of the suffering she had suffered.

Sr. Li glared at Li Yan and wanted to discuss with his eldest son and second son. However, both his sons werent around.

The other two daughters-in-law stayed in the house and didnt come out, leaving him alone.

Aunt Li thought for a moment and came to her mans side.

“Old man, agree!”

Sr. Li thought about it and felt a little reluctant.

It wasnt that he couldnt bear to part with his third sons family, but Sr. Li knew very well that the reason the family lived so easily was because of his third sons family.

If his third sons family married out, they could forget about relying on them for family matters in the future.



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