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Chapter 1234: Life and Death Together

As soon as he finished speaking, Jin Zeyu channeled spiritual power and released a cluster of green mist.

Instantly, everything around became sticky and heavy.

Even the dust floating in the air was absorbed by the mist.

Everyones vision became blurred.

Jin Zeyu coughed in a low voice, suppressed the surging blood in his heart, pushed his 3 companions and said in a hoarse voice from the mist, “Go! Go to Zhang Chong and Xi Yue immediately! “


“Boss, what are you doing!”

The anxious call came from not far away, but Jin Zeyu seemed to have not heard it.

He formed gestures, making the mist even thicker as if it would suffocate peoples breathing.

This move [Green Mist Forest] was a very powerful killing move, and it could only be used if one had the dual sky spiritual root of water and wood or the mutated sky spiritual root of these 2 types.

In Miluo Continent, the sky spiritual root of the wood type almost couldnt be found, and the mutated sky spiritual root of the wood type was even more rare; Jin Zeyu was one of them.

However, no matter how powerful the ultimate move was, if it was used with the cultivation of the Meridians Stage, it wouldnt be able to exert 0.01% of its true power.

Wu Jinshuis disdainful and arrogant sneer came from the mist, “Jin Zeyu, do you think you are still the best president of the Academy Student Council Now your trick [Green Mist Forest] is just worse than the annoying juggling in my eyes.”

As soon as the voice came, a crimson flame suddenly ignited, and the surrounding temperature rose rapidly.

Soon, the sticky and moist green mist evaporated.

Wu Jinshui saw Jin Zeyu hiding behind a tree at a glance.

He had a pale face and bloodstains on his mouth.

He couldnt help laughing.

His body and the long sword in his hand merged into 1 and whistled toward Jin Zeyu.

He wanted to break Jin Zeyus tendons first, then he would crush his meridians and bones inch by inch, smash his dantian and feed his body to the magical beast.

“Bang——” A loud noise came, Wu Jinshui was forced to take 2 steps back and stopped attacking.

Jin Zeyus face changed greatly, and he exclaimed, “Da Zhuang, wha… what are you doing!”

Qian Dazhuangs huge body like a mountain stood firmly in front of Jin Zeyu.

His face looked suffering, then he spouted blood.

Accompanied by the sound of bones breaking.

The tower-like burly man almost fell down in front of Jin Zeyu as if his body was boneless.

However, all of a sudden, some kind of strength was supporting him.

The body that had fallen down suddenly stood up straight, and he once again stood in front of Jin Zeyu.

Jin Zeyus lips trembled violently.

After a while, he said angrily in a hoarse voice, “Qian Dazhuang, what are you doing Dont even you treat me as your boss now, you dont even listen to me Their target is me, not you.

Leave now! Do you hear me”

“No! I dont listen!” Qian Dazhuang used a greatsword to support his unstable body, and he said with a weak but decisive tone, “Boss, you saved my life.

I said that I, Dazhuang, will be with you no matter where you are! Even if its your order, boss, you cant make me break the oath I made!”

“Thats right, boss!”

Chen Xiaofeng and Hong Anxiu were not as burly as Qian Dazhuang, but they felt a deep regret for not helping when Jin Zeyu was in danger.

At this time, they finally returned to Jin Zeyus side.

They stood in 3 directions to protect Jin Zeyu tightly.

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