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3491 How Does It Feel


I guess the grandparents heard about it as well.

When we all traveled to Ta Town, Shi Xiaoya and Yan Zhiqing were there as well, right One of them is Han Zhuofengs eldest sister-in-law, and the other is Han Zhuofengs friend.

The grandparents must have heard about it from them.” Feng Yaqing nodded in agreement.

“When we were in Ta Town, Han Zhuofeng specially arranged for Jiling to stay in the same homestay as him, separating her from us.

Jiling was probably the only one who couldnt discern his actual motive.” Kuang Xiaorou said with a smile.

Therefore, his grandparents used the excuse of checking if there were anything strange in their house just so that they could see Jiling.

They had to have been really satisfied with Jiling.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have asked Jiling to stay, right” Ren Linna said.


Jiling is very good.” Feng Yaqing was like a mother who was worried sick as she said, “Anyone who has spent time with Jiling knows that.”


Jiling is innocent and beautiful.

She is cute.

Most importantly, she has exceptional professional skills.” Kuang Xiaorou pouted and said, “The boys in our school have no courage to court her.

They are cowards who dont deserve such a blessing.”

“Yes.” Ren Linna couldnt agree more.

“Anyway, we dont know if Han Zhuofeng rushed back home because he heard about Jilings visit and was worried that the grandparents might scare Jiling away, or maybe because his grandparents told him about it, and he was worried that it might be too scary for Jiling to meet his family.”

At this moment, Ren Linna had imagined an entire soap opera story.

“Anyway, Han Zhuofeng drove a long way and rushed back,” Kuang Xiaorou said, “Since Han Zhuofeng went back, his grandparents had definitely tried to convince Jiling to stay for dinner.”

The three had basically guessed the entire story in this manner.

Although some details didnt match up, the entire story was pretty much right.

“Based on how things are going, the grandparents of the Han Family have to really like Jiling.

Otherwise, when Han Zhuofeng wanted Jiling to stay, they would have shown disapproval,” Feng Yaqing said.

Kuang Xiaorou reminded, “Lets solve Jilings dilemma first.”

“Yes.” Ren Linna remembered and said to Xie Jiling, “Jiling, is that person of the other gender someone younger Or is he a friend of yours who is around the same age as you”

“Just… friends.” Xie Jiling said.

“In that case, if you are thinking about a person of the other gender and you cant think of even one negative trait.

Everything you thought about was positive.

This means that he is either a friend with very high social intelligence and you really like him.

He doesnt have any flaws.”

“Of course, I dont think that is possible.

After all, no one is perfect,” Ren Linna said.

“Therefore, the second possibility is that you like him.” Ren Linna said.

You like him.

When Xie Jiling heard Ren Linna say these three words, she felt dizzy.


what did you say” Xie Jiling said in shock.

When Old Mrs.

Han, Lu Man, and the others…

When they all asked her if she had anyone she liked…

The first person she thought about was Han Zhuofeng.

However, Xie Jiling thought that she just had some good feelings toward Han Zhuofeng.

But… she actually liked him

“After all, no one is perfect.

It is impossible for someone to have no flaws at all,” Ren Linna said.

“But if its a couple in the honeymoon phase, that would be different.

This doesnt just apply to couples in the honeymoon phase.

When people have feelings for a person and absolutely adore that person but have yet to date that person, they usually feel this way.”

“Everything about him looks good.

No matter how you look, he is charming.

Even when he acts like a fool, you think he is funny.

You would wonder why he does things and says things in such a funny way.”

“No matter what he says and what he does, you would think of it as good.

Even if they are flaws to other people, you wouldnt think of them as flaws.

You wouldnt think that he said or did anything bad.”

“Instead, you would think that hes honest and cute,” Ren Linna said.

The more Xie Jiling listened to Ren Linnas words, the more scared she felt.

Wasnt… Wasnt that basically how she was feeling right now

For her, Han Zhuofeng was perfect.

For her, Han Zhuofeng wasnt pretentious.

He didnt act like a young master, and he had never shown her an attitude.

She didnt think there was anything wrong with him being a coward.

She even thought that he was honest!

Xie Jiling felt like explosions were happening in her mind.

The reality had struck her, and the impact was great.

“Is that how you see Han Zhuofeng” Ren Linna suddenly asked.

Xie Jiling hadnt even come back to her senses.

She was still mindblown by this reality.

She subconsciously nodded and said, “Yes.

How did you kno—”

Xie Jiling suddenly stopped talking and said, “What Han Zhuofeng I dont know what youre talking about.”

Kuang Xiaorou couldnt help but say, “Jiling, our cute baby.

Do you know that you are really bad at lying”

Feng Yaqing said, “We all know that person is Han Zhuofeng.

Stop hiding it.”

Xie Jiling was dumbfounded.

“Do you really think that Han Zhuofeng is good no matter what You wanted to think of his good traits and flaws, but no matter how you brainstormed, all you could think about were his good traits.

You didnt even think that his positive traits could be considered flaws”


how did you guys know” Xie Jiling gave up on struggling and confessed honestly.

Kuang Xiaorou said with a smile, “Thats so easy to guess.

Aside from the people who commissioned you, the boys you have interacted the most with are the boys in our class and Han Zhuofeng.”

“The boys in our class are out of the question.

Theyre cowards.

Although they are daring enough to follow you around to do exorcism, they wont dare to court you, so Han Zhuofeng is the only one left.”

“Han Zhuofeng is not like the boys in our class.” Feng Yaqing said, “He might say that hes scared, but he still didnt hesitate to accompany you.”

“We could all tell that he likes you,” Kuang Xiaorou said, “Otherwise, why would the third young master of the Han Family specially go back to the family home today Aside from this, when you asked him to help us book plane tickets to Ta Town, he did it immediately.”

“You might argue that he did it out of convenience.

But why would he do it for us Its because of you, right If someone else asked him to do that out of convenience, do you really think that he will do it as well”

“Theyre traveling to film scenes.

They arent traveling to do other things.

He was working and traveling with so many celebrities.

It had definitely been inconvenient to bring us along.

But he still didnt mind doing it.

Why do you think”

Xie Jiling was speechless.

“The fact that you thought about his good traits and flaws meant that you have fallen in love with him and you wanted to confirm your feelings.

But the result was that you couldnt recognize any of his flaws.

If this doesnt indicate that you like him, what does it mean” Feng Yaqing said.

Kuang Xiaorou said, “Jiling, think about it.

When you think about Han Zhuofeng, how do you feel”

Xie Jiling had given up on resisting.

Her roommates had already determined that the guy was Han Zhuofeng, so they didnt even bother to confirm the guys identity.

“I just… thought about a lot of the things that happened when I was with him.

I thought about how he looked when he was joking around and when he was talking.

I even thought about how he looked when he was scared.”

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