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3492 I Like You Too

Ren Linna and the others—the three all revealed the warm smile of an aunt.

Ren Linna then asked, “What do you feel when you think of him Does your heart race wildly Do you blush Smile uncontrollably”

“I… just get into a really good mood.” The image of Han Zhuofeng at her door earlier popped into Xi Jilings mind.

He looked silly as he stood there scratching his head.

…Especially when he realized that the excuse he gave was kind of lousy.

His embarrassed appearance was indeed rather amusing.

At the thought of this, Xie Jiling couldnt resist smiling.

However, she immediately froze right after.

She was behaving just like Ren Linna, and the others said—smiling uncontrollably when she thought of Han Zhuofeng.

Xie Jiling covered her face with her hands.

She felt like she was doomed.

Meanwhile, new notifications kept appearing for the WeChat group chat.

Xie Jiling patted her scorching cheeks before playing the voice messages from her roommates.

Kuang Xiaorou: “So what do you think What do you think”

Xie Jiling held her phone and said quietly, “I dont know.”

Feng Yaqing: “Do you know what it is now”

“I have all the signs Linna said earlier,” Xie Jiling said.

“I know whats going on now.

Thank you all.”

“Then what are you going to do Confess” Ren Linna asked hastily.

Xie Jiling felt too embarrassed to say that Han Zhuofeng had already confessed to her.

“Im going to sleep.

You should all sleep early too.

Goodnight.” Xie Jiling put down her phone and then buried her face in her hands.

Ren Linna raised her head and looked at Kuang Xiaorou and Feng Yaqing in disbelief.

“Jiling knows how to change the topic of conversation smoothly now.

She must have been hanging around Han Zhuofeng for too long.

Those who work with ink are stained black—the environment makes the person, I guess.”

Xie Jiling tried to sleep, but she couldnt fall asleep.

Now, she would think about Han Zhuofeng even without shutting her eyes.

Then, whenever she closed her eyes, the image of him in her mind would be enlarged, throwing her feelings into further disarray.

In that case, she might as well not shut her eyes at all.

Xie Jiling picked up her phone and saw that there was nothing new in her chat with Han Zhuofeng on WeChat.

As such, she couldnt tell if he were still awake.

Could it be that he was truly planning on holding himself back until 8 a.m.

tomorrow morning before he would ask her again

Xie Jilings mind was in a mess, and so were her feelings.

She couldnt fall asleep at all.

So she thought that she might as well just watch a variety show.

The variety show was very lively and funny, so it was able to help her take her mind off Han Zhuofeng somewhat.

Without realizing it, she kept watching until 2 am.

She had no choice but to sleep now, even though she wasnt actually tired.

Xie JIling looked at the time and felt that Han Zhuofeng should be sound asleep by this time, so he wouldnt be looking at his WeChat for a little while.

Having made up her mind, Xie Jiling decided not to drag things out any longer.

She wasnt the person who would leave someone waiting in suspense when she had already made a decision.

Consequently, Xie Jiling typed out: “You dont need to wait till 8 am.

Im giving you a positive response now.”

She didnt press the send button, though.

Then, she read her message over and over again.

She wondered inwardly if Han Zhuofeng would understand what she meant.

Wouldnt he find it confusing what she meant by a positive response/

As such, Xie Jiling deleted the message she had just finished typing.

She thought about it and typed out a new message: “I like you, too.”

This way, Han Zhuofeng wouldnt misunderstand anything.

Xie Jiling couldnt bring herself to say anything else.

She reached her limits just by typing out these four words.

Looking over the message again, she felt that the words were clear enough.

Xie Jilings heart was racing wildly at this moment.

She had ascertained her intention, but she felt too embarrassed to send the message.

She put her phone down and closed her eyes.

After a while, she picked her phone back up.

Then, she thought about it and put the phone back down again.

She did this repeatedly quite a few times.

After that, she told herself that what was fated to happen would happen eventually.

She would have to declare how she felt sooner or later.

Since she liked him, she couldnt keep hiding it.

Han Zhuofeng had already asked her, so she would have to give him an answer at some point.

She might as well get it done without all this hesitation.

Consequently, Xie Jiling gritted her teeth and picked up the phone again.

With the mindset of wanting to just get this over with, she resolutely pressed the send button while feeling like a valiant martyr.

The internet speed at the family home was truly impressive.

There was no delay at all; the message was sent out immediately.

Xie Jiling waited for quite a while in suspense, but she didnt receive a response from Han Zhuofeng.

She let out a sigh of relief.

Now, she finally confirmed that Han Zhuofeng was truly asleep.

Otherwise, she would feel quite embarrassed to chat with him right now.

She was still mentally unprepared for what was to come.

Han Zhuofeng would be leaving early tomorrow morning, so he definitely wouldnt wake her up.

Additionally, he would be filming the whole day.

Fortunately, this gave Xie Jiling some time to adjust to the situation.

She had no experience with being in love.

After all, she was a young woman who did not even know what it felt like to like someone.

As such, she needed some time to adjust.

Otherwise, she wouldnt know how to face Han Zhuofeng.

But now that she was free of this load that was on her mind, Xie Jiling stopped thinking about the matter and finally felt relaxed.

She shut her eyes and fell asleep after a few moments.


Han Zhuofengs phone alarm rang on schedule at 4 am.

Han Zhuofeng turned off the alarm and relied on his willpower to force himself to sit up.

After that, he leaned against the beds headboard in a daze with his eyes squinted for ten or so seconds.

He was so tired that he wanted to go back to sleep, but he didnt dare to.

He was afraid that he would oversleep the moment he closed his eyes.

Ultimately, he closed his eyes but got off the bed and felt his way to the bathroom.

He washed his face with cool water and finally felt better.

After having a shower, Han Zhuofeng tidied up and prepared to leave.

He picked up his phone and looked at the time.

It was then that he realized there was a WeChat notification.

He had set his phone to block most of the notifications from the app.

There was only a small number of people he allowed notifications for.

This was so he could see those notifications immediately.

So, Han Zhuofeng opened the notification as he prepared to head out.

In the end, he discovered that it was actually a message from Xie Jiling!

At this moment, Han Zhuofeng had just stepped out, so he was standing in the corridor right outside Xie Jilings room.

He stopped walking.

He lowered his head and opened his chat with Xie Jiling.

Then, he saw the message she sent him a message at 2 am.

“I like you, too.”

Han Zhuofeng opened his mouth wide and took in a deep breath.

He almost shouted out of excitement.

That was two in the morning!

The message was sent just two hours ago!

If he had known that this would happen, he wouldnt have slept!

After all, he had to wake up early today.

Waking up early felt really awful, so he might as well have just stayed up all night.

Then, he would have been able to immediately see Xie Jilings message.

Han Zhuofeng regretted it a lot.

Nevertheless, he was also extremely happy.

He couldnt stop laughing.

“Ha… hahaha.”

He wanted to see Xie Jiling right now.

However, Xie Jiling was still asleep.

He couldnt bear to disturb her sleep.

Han Zhuofeng rubbed his phone excitedly between his hands.

He couldnt bear to wake Xie Jiling up, but he felt that his grandparents would definitely want to know this good news.

His grandparents had a habit of sleeping and waking early.

They wouldnt mind being woken up an hour earlier if it was for this good news.

So, Han Zhuofeng ran downstairs excitedly to his grandparents room.

“Knock, knock, knock!”

Han Zhuofeng knocked on the door of their room.

There was no response, so he knocked again.

“Who is that” His grandfathers irritable voice rang out from inside the room.

“Grandfather, its me.

Are you still asleep” Han Zhuofeng asked, even though he already knew the answer.

His grandmother was still sleeping, and she immediately kicked his grandfather.

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