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Venerable Joshua knew it was too good to be true.

It would have been great if he could rely on the meat suits spatial abilities to consume his opponents to death from a safe distance.

However, the expert pilot of the Point Break was not a fish on the chopping block.

Any soldier that had grown to this extent was a powerful demigod that possessed the power to bend or break the rules of nature by relying on their extraordinary willpower.

Though Venerable Ulrik Valke most definitely expended his willpower at a rapid rate, all of it was worth it as long as he was able to land the killing blow!

Expert lancer mechs were one of the most horrifying opponents that other expert pilots could face.

As long as mechs such as the Point Break could go fast enough and accumulate enough momentum, they could break through nearly any form of defense!

What was even more frightening was that expert lancer mechs also solved or mitigated many of the obvious shortcomings of their mech type.

The most important ones was that they could endure much stronger impacts without falling apart and they could change their course a lot easier.

As an expert pilot who dedicated himself to piloting this dangerous and extreme mech type, Venerable Valke had developed a powerful will that aspired to break and pierce through anything!

It was this extraordinary conviction that boosted the Point Break in many different ways.

Many different performance parameters shot upwards as Venerable Valke literally rewrite reality in order to make his expert mech faster, stronger, tougher and more unstoppable than before!

Venerable Joshua could clearly sense the surging power from his main opponent.

Neither he nor the Phase King could stop the Point Break when it was in its supercharged state.


What was worse was that Venerable George Baldassare had copied his colleague and burst out with his own willpower as well!

The meat suits attempt to inhibit the Rekkars warp travel capabilities failed, allowing the expert space knight to speed itself up again!

Despite facing two powerful expert mechs that had entered into a state of absolute peak performance, Venerable Joshua still didnt panic.

He tried to match and exceed the speed of his opponents as best as possible in order to buy more time to harass his opponents at range.

The meat suit kept fighting like a phasewater wizard and continually launched space blades, spatial tears, spatial walls and other miscellaneous attacks in the way of the Point Break.

The expert lancer mech may have lost its resonance shield, but it could still rely on its transphasic kite shield to resist at least some of the spatial attacks.

As for the ones that were fast and agile enough to circle around and hit the vulnerable rear of the Point Break, Venerable Valke could do little about that aside from making split-second evasive maneuvers.

Even though the Titan-5 Project focused as many attacks on the flight system of the Point Break as possible, how could such a crucial element be so easy to destroy

Every expert mechs flight system was strengthened and reinforced to the utmost in order to resist as many attacks from enemy expert mechs as possible!

“You will not break me so easily, Larkinson!” Venerable Valke sneered.

The overstimulated true resonance strengthened the frame of the Point Break to such a degree that it was able to prevent its flight system from falling apart too quickly.

All of the damage dealt to it so far were merely inconsequential.

It took repeated attacks on the same parts in order to lower the speed of the charging expert lancer mech.

It became increasingly clear to Venerable Joshua that his Titan-5 Project could not immobilize the Point Break fast enough.

In order to ensure that his lancer mech could get close enough to the meat suit to impale its lance into his target, Venerable Valke did not even fire his shoulder-mounted gauss cannons anymore.

He gathered all of his willpower and other thoughts in order to form an overwhelming need to charge forward!

“Just charge forward!”

The glowing expert lancer mech even began to glow brighter, which promptly caused it to look like a bright comet that was soaring through space!

As the distance between the two mechs closed more rapidly than Venerable Joshua wished, his mind as well as the minds of the other entities connected to the enhanced Everchanger worked hard to form the best possible response to this situation.

The Titan-5 Project did not possess any other ranged capabilities that were powerful enough to stop the Point Break in its current state.

Though Joshua had developed a lot of messy prime abilities with the Everchanger by deepening his cooperation with numerous design spirits, their strength left much to be desired.

Besides, most of them only worked when the Everchanger was in its base form.

The meat suit was so bulky and added so much external interference that it was difficult to pull off tricks such as forming a clone with the help of Arnolds intrinsic power.

Other tricks might work against average opponents, but when his enemy was in such a focused and concentrated state, it was difficult to shake this kind of momentum!

Joshuas eyes hardened.

“If I cant avoid a collision, then Ill have to minimize the damage!”

The meat suit had already begun to take action.

One of the flaws of the Titan-5 Project was that it was not covered by an external exoskeleton.

There was a reason for this design choice.

While the absence of organic armor plating meant that its exterior was not that hard, the advantage was that the meat suit could easily alter and modify its own shape!

A lot of flesh slowly began to pull away from the legs and the rear in order to reinforce the torso of the meat suit.

Just like how the Maiden of Adversity was able to reposition its modular armor plating to protect what was important, the Titan-5 Project was able to rearrange a part of its biomatter to achieve a similar result!

The shape of the humanoid meat suit became a lot more deformed.

Its balance had been broken as its legs and other parts of its biological frame looked as if they had become atrophied.

All of this took place so that the meat suit was able to add a lot more buffer to its front torso!

Naturally, Venerable Valke saw what had happened, but what could he do Even if his lancer mech was a bit more agile than ordinary lancer mechs, it was unrealistic for it to rapidly circle around and drive its lance through the meat suits underprotected rear.

The Fridayman expert pilot chose to believe in his own strength and his Point Breaks ability to pierce and shatter every obstacle.

The distance between the two machines shrunk quickly.

As the two machines were just seconds away, the meat suit crossed its arms in front of its torso while the Point Break shone dazzlingly bright!


Though Venerable Joshua tried his best to move his meat suit aside in order to prevent the enemy from hitting anything critical, the enemy expert pilot was too skilled to allow this to happen.

The lance of the Point Break deftly slipped past the crossed arms and sunk almost straight into the center of the meat suits chest!

A humongous explosion of energy erupted when the Point Break successfully unleashed all of the energy that it had built up throughout its charge!

The blast of energy was so blindingly violent that not even the Rekkar was able to proceed forward for a time!

Soon enough, the energy blast dispersed, allowing observers to detect exactly what had happened.

“The Point Break… succeeded!”

The Fridaymen paying attention to this battle erupted in cheers when they saw that their side attained at least one small win!

The state of the Point Break was not that good, to be honest.

Venerable Valke exceeded a lot of safety parameters in order to ensure that his blow would be able to take down the large monstrosity in a single hit.

Due to losing its resonance shield, the Point Break suffered a fair amount of structural damage.

Its armor plating was cracked, especially on the side closest to the arm that held the lance.

The weapon itself was not in the Point Breaks grasp anymore.

In order to relieve its weaponless condition, the Point Break reached out from behind and retrieved another lance that quickly extended itself to reach its full length.

The Point Break could still perform another charge, though not at the same level of power as before.

Its frame was no longer in an optimal state and Venerable Valke had depleted a lot of willpower to enable his previous attack.

“Is it gone”

When people looked at what had happened to the meat suit, they wondered whether it was truly down for the count.

The damage inflicted by the Point Break was absolutely devastating.

The lance designed by Master Contaro Aaken was not as simple as an implement that was meant to poke a giant hole into a mech.

It was designed to function as a penetrating explosive shell that erupted with incredible power shortly after punching through as many defensive layers as possible!

This way, the Point Break was not only able to expand any faults created by the initial piercing thrust, but also generate a lot of follow-up damage that was usually enough to destroy the internals of a target mech!

Initially, it looked as if the meat suit was not able to escape this fate.

Its spatial barrier and resilient astrobeast-derived flesh were not strong enough to prevent the Point Breaks lance from punching through.

The charge attack did more than that, though.

The lance still had so much energy left that it even impacted and drained a huge portion of the Everchangers resonance shield.

What was even more devastating was that the lances transphasic nature meant that it was partially able to bypass the Everchangers resonance shield and drive its tip through the chest armor of the base mech underneath the meat suit!

After that, the lance instantly self-destructed, inflicting damage that was comparable in power to a transphasic grenade but much more concentrated in where it directed its explosive power!

The aftermath was an ugly sight to the Larkinsons.

The entire front upper chest of the meat suit looked like a bomb had set off, causing thousands of chunks of shredded alien flesh to launch off into space.

The Everchanger itself also suffered a lot of damage.

The Unending alloy armor plating had done its best to limit the damage as much as possible, but the Point Breaks overwhelming strike was so powerful that entire fragments of Unending alloy had broken loose as well!

So much of the Everchangers internals had become broken that it was practically certain that its performance had become crippled.

The only consolation was that the Everchangers cockpit and other essential components such as the power reactor still remained functional even if they were a bit banged up from the strike.

“Its dead! At least the biomech stuff should be dead! The only thing we need to do is to land the finishing blow on the base mech underneath all of that biomatter.”

Though Venerable Valke and the Point Break needed a lot of time to recuperate from the greatest charge that they had ever performed, Venerable Baldassere and the Rekkar were already advancing towards the half-broken Larkinson expert mech in order to finish the job.

Yet before the expert space knight could deliver the coup de grace, a bright and powerful green glow erupted from the center of the Everchanger!

The powerful resonance not only reached out from the base mech and encompassed the heavily-damaged meat suit itself!

Both Venerable Valke and Venerable Baldasserre became astonished as the Everchanger and its mounted wargear were quickly fixing themselves up.

Broken components became whole again while missing materials went back into their place.

What was even more ridiculous was that the loose chunks of shredded flesh actually seemed to come alive at this time.

As long as they still possessed enough living cells, they gained enough control to travel back to their origin and merge themselves back into the meat suit.

It only took a dozen or so seconds for the Everchanger and the Titan-5 Project to regenerate their damage!

Though the repairs hadnt fixed everything, the meat suit looked so pristine that it gave the impression that it completely invalidated the Point Breaks strongest blow!

The hopeful Fridaymen quickly despaired at the sight!

“How can this be possible!”


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