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Rowena couldnt sleep until dawn as she tossed and turned in her wide bed, but in the morning she was woken by Melissa.

“Miss, wake up.”


“You have an appointment today.”

“An appointment”

“You have an appointment with the publisher in the park.

Its almost noon.”


Opening her eyes wide, Rowena suddenly jumped out of bed and tossed the covers.

Wondering if she got ready and left now, will she be able to make the appointment in time She rushed to wash up and change her clothes, but then a question popped into her head.



“Have I told you about the appointment”

“You did, Miss”

“Oh, okay.”

“I prepared mens attire for you to change into while you were taking a bath.

Ill go call the carriage.”

“Thank you.”

Rowena nodded after she was handed the luggage, she heard the door close and the sound of footsteps moving away.

Suddenly Killians gaze from last night came to her mind.

“Ive lost my mind.”

Shaking her head, Rowena descended the stairs in a hurry, instead of changing her clothes, and caught Melissa as she was about to open the front door.



“On second thought… Ha……”


“I dont think I should go…”

Rowena whispered while gasping for breath .

“The Duke isnt in the best of moods, and I dont want him to get the wrong idea if he misunderstands the situation.”

The book was important, of course.

But “Killian” was more important than that.

Since the moment she met him, her priorities in life were always the same.



“Actually, I took a sneak peek at your manuscript yesterday.

There were other manuscripts in the bag beside the one you took to the publisher.”

“Oh… thats right.”


Taking a deep breath, Melissa suddenly grabbed Rowenas hand, Rowena flinched from her sudden movement, Melissas eyes sparkled as she began to speak passionately.

“Even though I dont know anything about writing, I can tell you that you are very talented Miss.”


“I hope you dont miss the chance you finally got.

Theres a chance that you might be able to sign a contract today, you know.”

Never had anyone spoken so passionately and positively about her writing, which made warmth spread deep in Rowenas chest.

A warmth spread deep in Rowenas chest.

Melissa continued while Rowena stayed silent.

“This may be your first and last chance.

If you return to Rockford, youll have to stay there for another six months.”

First and last chance. Melissas words rang in Rowenas head.

Simultaneously, the passion she had forgotten for a while kicked in.


Nodding, Rowena clenched her fist tightly.

“Youre right.”

She was going out dressed as a man anyway, so there was no chance that someone who knew her would recognize her even if she passed by.

“Youre going with me, arent you”

“Its an important matter, isnt it its better if I dont tag along this time.”

“Well then, ……”

“Dont worry.

Just tell me where youre going so that I can meet you there when you finish your meeting and we will return together.

Then there wont be any people around, and Mrs.

Gertrude wont have anything to complain about”

Melissa smiled and replied reassuringly.

Rowenas face brightened and gave her a light hug.

“Thank you very much.”


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