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After a moment of surprise, Rowena bowed her head and greeted the man.

“Pleased to meet you.

By any chance, are you sir Felix”

“Oh, How did you know that”


Genok told me that you’re a close friend of his Excellency.

But what to do, I’m sorry, but his Excellency is away at the moment.”

“Ah, never mind, you don’t need to apologize.

It’s my fault for visiting without prior notice.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Felix sneakily glanced at the couch across from her.

“Do you mind if I sit for a while”

In the three years that she spent as Killian’s mistress, none of Killian’s friends had greeted or interacted with her in person other than his close aides, Genok and Benedict.

It was Bianca who opened the mansion door for the man, and while Rowena hesitated to what to do next, he went ahead and sat down with a casual look on his face.

“My feet hurt from all the walking around.”

“…… Yes.”

Rowena, hiding her panic, barely managed to put a smile on her face before she took a seat.

Felix got straight to the point after the maid came in and brought refreshments.

“Actually, I’ve come at a time when Killian isn’t here because I have a question I’d like to ask you something, Miss Philone.”

“Something to ask me”

It was a bizarre thing to say to someone you had never met before.

As she was nodding her head in curiosity, the words that followed suddenly struck her like a bolt of lightning.

“Are you acquainted with a woman named Carol Bertimer”


Acquainted was an understatement It was a name she’ll never forget.

The same friend who invited her to the capital, the same friend who played around in the capital leaving a huge debt in her name… It was the name of the person she gave up on finding because no matter how hard she looked, she could find no trace of her.

“How do you know that name!”

As soon as the name came out of the mouth of an unexpected person, Rowena jumped from her seat without realizing!

“As expected, you know.”

Felix, unlike the astonished Rowena, seemed to assume that she knew, now did the opposite, offering her a seat.

“Well, have a seat first.”


“May I ask what kind of relationship you two have”

“We used to be…friends back in my hometown.”

Rowena, who collapsed on the chair, mumbled with a semi-disgusted face.

“Although she cruelly betrayed me…”

As she recalled the face of the girls whom she buried at the back of her head, the darkness of those times flooded back to her.

Rowena’s face seemed to lose its colors, and then she opened her trembling lips.

“How do you know that name”

“You will find that out later.”

Felix, smirking, stood up from his seat.

“Now that my business here is done, I must take my leave.”

Before she could stop him, he abruptly barged in and abruptly walked away.

Melissa approached Rowena, who was looking at the closed door with flustered eyes and spoke to her.

“My Lady, a messenger just arrived.

I think his Excellency sent him..”


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