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She didnt have an umbrella or a separate carriage, but one of the waiters at a café she often saw, did her a favor.

That was the start of it.

In the evening, the staff member walked with her to the mansion holding an umbrella…The night air was so bad that it felt like a prank.

The café closed a week later, followed by the news that its staff had left the island in a hurry.

―What do you mean by that duke

She struggled with guilt and was unable to forget the plain answer to her question when she summoned up the courage to ask.

―I dont like it when something happens around you that isnt my intention.

After all this time she was still terrified of him.

She had to prevent him from causing another loss to innocent people, regardless of whether he believed her or not.

Even if she didnt know how he knew the name William, he must not have all the answers since he was a man who would take action, rather than ask questions like this.

Seeing that he was asking her, he must not know for sure.

It was probably the name of a member belonging to the upper social circle.

Anyway, if she were to get money from selling her book, it would be revealed to everyone.

So lets keep it a secret for the time being.

Determined, Rowena slowly raised her head.

Then, finally, she lifted the edge of her mouth.

“I was thinking for a second.

Come to think of it… I dont know the name.

Its a common name, so I was wondering if I knew it.”


“What would I hide from you, Duke”

She tried her best to appear unconcerned, but her voice was trembling.

Perhaps he sensed her fears, for Killian stared at her in a blank expression.

Rowena swallowed her dry saliva as she looked into the ice cold eyes that held no anger or joy.

A strange silence followed, and the heavy air weighed down on her shoulders.

Someone approached their table while Rowena was holding back her shaky hands.

“Is there anything else you need My Lady”

It was the well-dressed manager, that was when the surrounding air became lighter, and she was able to breathe again at last.

Rowena smiled and turned her head to reply to the manager.

“No, sir.

Thank you.”

That was the last thing she said that evening.

The manager bowed and left, while the waiters prepared to serve the next course.

Killian remained quiet until the last course of the meal was served.

The awkward atmosphere seemed to make her body uncomfortable, but Rowena tried to concentrate on her meal as best she could.


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