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The discussion, which had been growing fierce, ended as the sun was setting.

Benedict followed Killian, who had stood up to leave.

“Theres something I want to talk to you about.”

“What is it”

Killian narrowed his eyes at the man that followed him, while he took his coat from the servant that brought it to him.

“We established Gilitus Company in secret, but no matter how carefully we move, information can still leak out behind our backs.

The number of eyes are increasing at an alarming rate.”


“To avoid suspicion, you have to accept the Queens arrangement.”

“I thought that this matter was settled some time ago.

Didnt you come forward and oppose it”

“I did, yes.

For there is no woman who I think can serve you better than Miss Philone, however….”


“However, that is why we must accept the Queens arrangement for your marriage partner.”

Benedict said once and for all.

“The situation is even worse than I expected.

The surveillance is getting sharper and sharper.

If the queen realizes that we have spent a long time growing our power in the underworld, Miss Philone will not be safe.”

Killian, who had been turning away as if it was not worth thinking about, stopped.

“So you want me to spend the rest of my life as a puppet”

“No, you can use it to reverse the situation! You can use the woman the Queen will send to you as a blindfold and a shield, while you pretend to do as they wish.

Meanwhile, Miss Pilone will escape to safety.”

Instead of a reply, a cold glare appeared on his face.

Benedict had been in the Duke of Devonshires service for more than a decade, though he had once frozen in place under the harsh gaze.

After catching his breath, Benedict continued his explanation.

“You said you want to grow your power in the shadows.

Power that no one else has at their disposal.”

The House of the Duke of Devonshire was a family with a long history and dignity.

However, it had not been long since they had started to wield so much influence over Ethelwood.

The previous Duke of Devonshire was a quiet man, a timid brother.

He eventually met the partner that his sister, the Queen, decided on and had a political marriage.

This resulted in Killian being born the following year.

As soon as his son was born, he ran away from the mansion as if he had fulfilled his duty, and ten years later, he died in a mysterious fire with his mistress.

It was too much of a mystery to be an accident.

The investigation into the death of an important person was also very hazy…

Benedict stood in the middle of the whole process.

Because, he was the one who directly wrote the pre-marriage contract for the Devonshire couple.

A clause stated that if the duchess demanded a divorce due to the dukes obvious flaws, his family would return twice the dowry as alimony.

Rumors spread that the previous Duchess of Devonshire was preparing to return to her country even before the death of the Duke, and the rumors became more and more detailed.

It was rumored that the Dukes sister, the Queen, had faked her brothers death as an accident and killed him off before having to pay a huge alimony that was on a national level.

That claim was backed up by the last clause.

The contract stated, if the duke dies in an “unexpected accident,” the alimony received by the duchess will naturally come to nothing, and instead, she will just receive a monthly allowance until her death.

Secret negotiations were held at the national level, and as soon as the duchess received the agreed-upon “consolation money,” she immediately fled back to her country.

She gave up her monthly allowance, and her position, in order to go home and live with her parents instead of fearing that she would be killed at any time and in any way.

It was small-minded, but a wise decision.

That was probably why the queen had chosen her in the first place, Benedict thought.

The queen had thus given a lot of territory and islands to Killian when he was left on his own.

It was probably the result of her guilt toward her nephew, whom she had turned into an orphan despite the existence of his mother; as well as her arrogance, since she felt that he was in the palm of her hands.

Anyway, little did she know that the young and powerless child would grow up to point a gun at her.

Benedict clearly remembered the first time he saw the orphan boy who had become the richest heir in the country.

It was the day he was selected to be the little dukes political mentor and went to greet him for the first time.

After greeting him with a deep bow, he was about to raise his head when suddenly a question came to him.

—How can I become capable of doing whatever I want in this country


—How can I make sure that no one controls me or my surroundings

He was a child, after all, with a status as honorable as any in this land, and owned a tremendous fortune.

Despite the calmness of his voice, Benedict thought that his face would have been filled with anger or fear.

But it wasnt.

The moment he raised his head, a huge shock washed over him.

The boy looked calm and composed, not angry at all.

At the same time, a strong realization hit Benedict.

It was this man, Benedict thought.

This was the person he had been waiting for, after such a long time; the person who would stabilize this country; the person who would create the world he wanted.

After that, he spent many years living beside him as his mentor, advisor, and aide.

“Theres something else you want to tell me, I suppose.”

It wasnt a passing of mere years, after reading something in Benedicts expression, Killian waited for him to speak.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I did some research beforehand and found that Miss Chloe, the woman that the Queen proposed for you to marry, was a negotiable woman.

Unlike her appearance, she is quite ambitious.”


“According to my entourage, shes trying to get out from under her fathers shadow and run her own business.”

Benedict, with his hands folded, added with an age-worn look on his face.

‘”If you can help her with what she desires, the marriage will be mutually beneficial to both parties.

When the superficial marriage is over, without causing any unnecessary harm to Miss Philone, she would be able to sit in the position you wish for, and there will be no interference.”

“The seat I wish for her Dont you think that was a bit presumptuous”


“Anyway, I wont know this Chloe woman until I see her myself.”

Killian, having come to that conclusion, wore his coat.

His words were merciless, but his expression was more loose than before.

“And that guy”

“Ive questioned him.”

Benedict hesitated for a moment, then continued to speak heavily.



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