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“It’s really hard to believe, but Miss Philone was having a secret meeting with him.”

The serious declaration made the air freeze.

Benedict bit his lower lip as he felt a pressure that prevented him from breathing properly.

It was only when he managed to lower his head down that he heard something.


Killian, who had been pressuring him coldly, laughed.

He narrowed his eyes at Benedict, who was frozen in place.

“If you’re going to make something up, you should have at least used a straight man for it.

I can’t believe you are trying to use a homosexual as an opponent.

Didn’t Gertrude give you a heads up She knows.”

“We have a witness.”

Benedict opened the door with a sad expression on his face, as if he had been waiting for her.

A girl nodded, scared.

“My name is Melissa.


Benedict gulped as he watched the trembling girl.

Three years ago, Gertrude’s greatest mistake was suggesting to the duke, who had never let any woman near him, that he should take Rowena Philone as his mistress!

Benedict was extremely dismayed to hear that Killian had appointed a mistress while he was abroad! He was a man capable of doing so much! If he had a mistress, she would just drag him down.

So, before anyone knew it, he assigned this country girl, Melissa, to stay next to Rowena Philone and act friendly towards her.

If Killian had kicked the mistress out himself over time, Benedict wouldn’t have needed to use this method.

But, Rowena Philone was far beyond his expectations in every way.

As time went on, the Duke took an interest in her that she was unaware of, and that interest grew deeper by the day.

Without him even being aware of it.

For the past three years, Benedict had been watching the duke closely and suppressing his impatience and anxiety.

Killian Maximilian Devonshire, his wise lord, should not be swayed by anyone.

The boy who he followed and was so fascinated by was someone that would rule everyone—with no one else above him.

Especially a woman like that, who was not his equal.

That’s why Miss Philone was the one who had to stay away from his master.

Since realizing that fact, it had been a long time since he had steadily built up his foundation and carefully prepared this trap.

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“Melissa Brown.”

Benedict, who called out to his servant on behalf of the expressionless Killian, opened his mouth with a serious look.

“You have been with your master every step of the way, except for the times she was asleep, correct”


“You have something to report about Miss Philone, don’t you”

Benedict waited patiently for an answer.

Since the safety of her own family was at stake, Melissa only had one thing to say.

“Yes, Lady—No, Miss Philone…”

Fighting back tears, Melissa nodded.

“She had an affair with Mr.


She even dressed as a man to avoid the attention of others.”


Killian Devonshire didn’t keep anyone who betrayed him alive, since he had come of age.


There were many cases.

A nanny, who had sold all of his information to the Queen the year he turned fourteen; a servant, who had attempted to assassinate him when he was studying abroad; a professor, who acted clean and pure, but behind the scenes tried to gain the backing of the duke.


All of them went missing, disappeared without a trace.

No one noticed.

This was because once a body decomposed and rose to the surface, it was difficult to tell its identity.


There were no exceptions there.

Of course this had to be the case, even for Rowena Philone.


I have to smash that hateful face, cut out the tongue that spoke of love, gouge out the eyes that looked at another man, another man who was not me.

And I will throw her cold body into the sea with no regrets.


So death was actually not a distant thought for Rowena Philone.


Ever since Killian Devonshire had welcomed Rowena Philone as his mistress, many had died because of her, more than she could count.


Poisoned to death, stabbed to death by an unidentified person, sometimes killed in a carriage accident, or crushed to death by a pillar in a fire accident.


For this reason, throughout the past three years, Killian kept his surroundings in check like a hound’s eyes observing in the dark.


He knew that the moment he let his guard down, even a little, fangs as sharp as a viper would tear through his mistress.


Once he chose to let go of her hand, there would be nothing to stop the approaching danger.

Because the Queen would never miss an opportunity.




As Killian leaned his head against the bed, he stared silently at the woman lying next to him.

Her thin frame stood out in the dimming daylight.

Her blond hair, loose like golden threads, covered the top of the bed; her cheeks, red as summer peaches; her slender and soft shoulders and arms.


The more he looked at her, the more he found that there was no sign of a sex worker.


It was the face of a pure angel who knew nothing.

It was the face of the girl he had met for the first time; the girl whose face had turned red as she smiled shyly at him.


A large hand ran down her smooth cheek and swept over her neck.


Rowena Philone was different from all the people he had killed so far.


This woman belonged to him from head to toe.

She was entirely his possession.


He would rather kill her directly by strangling her now, than see her as a corpse when she is killed by someone else’s hands.


With a casual look on his face, Killian thought of Rowena, who was clinging to him.


At first he held her hand, baffled by the situation.

Of course, even if he asked, there would be no reply from her.

If he were to climb over her, he could hold her neck and use more pressure with both of his hands.


He wondered if this woman would still look beautiful even when she desperately gasped for air.




The moment he lightly grabbed her neck with one hand, Killian was met with a pair of lively, greenish eyes.

She yawned lazily, making his hands pause. 


Rowena called out to him.


“Am I dreaming…”


The long straight fingers, a firm bone structure, the back of his hand; Rowena slowly brought his hand to her cheek, savouring the familiar touch.

A pleasantly cool sensation spread through her skin.


“You have never watched me while sleeping… So, this is a dream, isn’t it”


The next morning, after they had spent the night together, he was always the one to leave before she would wake up.

Only to find that his side of the bed had gone cold.


He was the man who would ask her to stay with him, but would say nothing.


He would stay with her for a night, then neglect her for the next four days.

For four days.




Killian answered in a low voice, and bit his lip.


It’s a dream indeed.


Rowena opened her mouth slowly at the strangely tender eyes.


“Then, I will have you spoil me…”


It was the kindest face she had seen from him in a long time.

It was getting difficult to breathe.

The tip of her nose was cold, and heat rose to her eyes.


Killian, who had been watching Rowena’s face attentively, asked:


“What should I do”


“Stroke my head, until I fall asleep.”


Blinking for a moment, Killian stroked her long hair as she wished.

Rowena savoured his touch, She felt as if she were floating at his gentle, loving touch.


“It’s a dream…it’s a dream… “


Her drowsiness was filling up her head.

She didn’t want to fall asleep, but her eyelids kept drooping.

When she closed her eyes and opened them again, she felt as though she could see the wrinkled sheets of the empty spot next to her, as usual.


“Come on.”


The hand that was touching her head, covered her eyes and Rowena fell asleep.

Killian kept staring at her…he stared at her for a long time.


When she woke up again, she was all alone.


Rowena got up and sat down in front of the dressing table.

It had been five days since Killian had given her the cold shoulder, for no apparent reason, and now she was alone in the large bedroom.


The publisher, who she was trying to get her book published with, had gone out of business.

The building janitor had told her that he didn’t know a man named William Jenon.


She was depressed and tired.

The future in front of her was like a tangled thread.


“Where do I begin to solve this… And how….”


Someone knocked outside the door while Rowena looked at her distorted and restless face.

As soon as she said ‘come in’, the door swung open.


“You came at the perfect time.

Can you bring some water to wash my face, and help me put my hair up”


Naturally, she assumed it would be Melissa.

She didn’t look at the person who came in, but when she tried to tie her hair up, a firm palm landed on the back of Rowena’s hand.


Startled, Rowena raised her head.

At the same time, she met the ice cold pupils in the mirror.




“Miss Philone.”


Killian said softly as he approached without making a single sound.


“Don’t put your hair up.”




“It suits you better if you leave it down.”




His expression was strange, but his touch was familiar.


Her eyes were wide open, as she opened her mouth to speak.


“Wasn’t it a dream last night…..”


She recalled the warm face, and the gentle hand that patted her head.

Killian, who was brushing her long blond hair gently, squeezed her slender shoulder.


 “Do you want this to be a dream”


“…… No.”


Rowena shook her head slowly.

Smiling, Killian kissed her lightly on the top of her head.


“I acted carelessly that night.”




“Is your body all right”


The smooth voice made Rowena doubt her ears instead of replying.


‘No way.

Am I still dreaming Have I not woken up from my dream yet’


It was a sight she dared to hope for, only in her dreams.


Killian would wake up in the morning and gently call her name.


Killian, who would look at her as if she were the most precious thing in his life.


Killian smiling and talking kindly to her.




Tears welled up in her emerald eyes and trickled down her cheeks.

Killian sighed lightly and wiped away her tears with his index finger.


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