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Killian Maximilian Devonshire, this man and her were never meant to be in a loving relationship.

It was more like a business partnership that aligned in a mutually beneficial direction.


“As a woman, I understand.

She must have been heartbroken.”


Yeah, a business union.

A political marriage.


That’s what she thought when she exchanged tasteless letters with him through her aides… But when she met him in person, she changed her mind.


Originally she had never missed out on anything.

She always had to get whatever she wanted.


Her father’s business, this man.


“By the way, I’d like to take a tour of the island before going to the villa, could you show me around”


Chloé, who smiled coquettishly, gently placed her hand on his firm arm.


She recalled the face of the woman who turned pale with every word he said. 


‘I can’t believe she’s showing her feelings in front of her rival….

How innocent and foolish, as rumored.’


Chloe was worried that she might face a tough rival but as she saw from Rowena today, her  mind was relieved, there was no need to feel nervous over such a woman.


‘How could she be so brutally discarded I felt so much pity for her.’


The awkwardness that remained in the corner of her chest vanished cleanly, and her heart was so light that it seemed to fly away.




It was late in the evening when Killian returned to the villa after giving his fiancée a tour around the island.


Rowena was lying in bed like a person whose soul had slipped away, when she was awakened by the sound of the door opening.

A light shone through the open door and illuminated the dimly lit room.

The door opened without a sound and the Duke approached the bed.

The moment the shadow stepped closer to the bed, her parted lips quivered.


“Please don’t come.”




Rowena clutched the sheet tightly, as she took a deep breath.


A fire ignited within her as she recalled the memories of being helped out of the room, just like a sinner who committed a shameful crime.

She wanted to scream.

She wanted to grab his head or grab him by the collar.

She wanted to hang onto him, question him, and most of all she wanted to slap him in the face….


But in face of all the facts that she had learned today, and the pressure she felt, it seemed to be useless.

The repeated sense of powerlessness with every word spoken, pressed down all over her and suffocated her comepletely.


What annoyed her the most was his relaxed attitude.

She was right on the verge of drowning in water, reaching up to her nose.

Yet, this man had just thrown her into the deep sea and was utterly indifferent.


“Don’t come”


Killian removed his tie.


“Wasn’t your attitude during the daytime cocky enough, Ms.





“You’re lying in my bedroom wearing the clothes I gave you and eating food I provided for you.”


“I don’t need any of that!”


Rowena, simmering in anger, threw a cushion at him.

The cushion flew away and unfortunately hit him in the chest instead of the face.


Killian’s eyebrows furrowed as he glanced at the fallen cushion.


Rowena, got out of bed with her bloodshot eyes and headed somewhere else.

Killian sat up on the bed, crossing his arms as if to watch her perform a silly play.

Without hesitation, Rowena entered the dressing room and pulled out her own bag.


‘I’m leaving.”


“You’re leaving”


The bag, which she held in both hands, was so light that it felt empty.

It was the luggage she had packed as soon as she had recovered from the shock.


When she took out everything he had given her, all she had left was two pieces of casual clothing and a little money.

Even that was barely enough to get her off this island.


“You’re more like a demon now, and you tricked me…”


The more she spoke, the more her throat choked.

Rowena stammered, but tried to finish her sentence.


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