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It has been three years !!! Three years!

Although it was a twisted relationship that began because of debt, so much had happened thus far.

Sad times, frustrating times, happy times….The way his eyes gradually changed, she secretly held out hope for a better future.

That is exactly why she couldnt take it anymore.

The feeling of betrayal shook the ground beneath her.

Who was the man that gently kissed her head and placed the ring on her finger

Her head was crying out for her to leave quietly, but her heart was still struggling to accept the reality of the situation and to stay with him.

The fierce conflict was making her head spin.

She felt nauseous and her legs trembled.

While Rowena held her breath against the wall, a large hand quickly grabbed her arm as she was on the edge of collapsing.

“Leaving Where to”


Let go of me!”

As soon as their bodies touched, Rowena screamed at Killian and pushed him away.

As the tears pooled on her lifeless cheeks, Killian wiped them away with his index finger and furrowed his brow.

“Dont cry.

It makes my ears ring.”

“Let me go!”

Rowena screamed in pain as his grip tightened, leaving marks on her hands.

Killian grabbed her arms and dragged her to the bed.

Rowena, who had lost all sense of reason, resisted in disgust.

“No! You demon! You monster!”

“Call me what you want.”

While her eyes trembled, she felt the soft bedding behind her back.

Killian raised his voice and trapped her body under him as she struggled to escape.

No matter how much she screamed or cried for help, no one would come.

Because he warned all staff not to let anyone approach.

He only focused on the women underneath him.

A woman who whispered endless love to him on the surface, but climbed into another mans bed behind his back.

He knew everything about the mistress.

A venomous woman with an angelic face.

This was why he couldnt understand Rowenas reaction now, and in turn, it made him angry.

Even the fact that her face, back in the harbor, trembling with shock and betrayal, was now engraved in his mind and wouldnt disappear no matter how he tried.

A woman who tried to escape and a man who just wouldnt let her go.

It wasnt long before the suffocating confrontation was over.

After a long time of struggling, Rowena was exhausted and worn out, she could feel the cold tears streaming down the corners of her eyes and she asked in a clear voice

“Why…why did you give me the ring half a month ago Why did you act like you were going to marry me Just to throw me away like this.”

“I never promised you anything.

I just gave you a present, like I always do.”

“What….do you mean”

“Why are you so shocked”

Killian reached out and brushed a strand of blonde hair from her cheek.

“You didnt expect me to say that it was all a prank and that I love you”

As soon as he spat out those words, a fire broke out in her cheeks.

Killian twisted his mouth into a stern face.

He pulled away and grabbed something that was tossed aside


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