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She heard a voice coming from some distance.

Startled, she turned around and saw a child running towards a woman, who appeared to be the childs mother.

The woman opened her arms to hug the child.

As Rowena observed the sweet scene, one possibility suddenly flashed through her mind like a bolt of lightning.

Her menstrual cycle…..

its over a month late…

Maybe, just maybe…

Instinctively, her hand went straight to her lower abdomen.

Perhaps it was a twist of fate, but based on her hunch, what if it was true.

Which it definitely was.

She was pregnant and must protect the unborn child.

If that man discovered that this child was his, he would take it away from her.

Rowena changed her name and moved to a remote town where no one could find her.

By the time she gave birth to her child, all newspapers were filled with the story of the newly married couple: Killian Devonshire and Chloe Everdeen, who were moving abroad.

She had a son who looked exactly like her beloved, despicable man.

* * *

Her ears were alerted by the creaking of the stairs and the sound of approaching footsteps.

Keeping her hope alive, Rowena hugged her son as she continued to believe it wouldnt be one of those “what ifs”.

“Rebecca!” she said.

After hearing the irritated voice, Rowena knew that she was facing her worst fear.

As soon as she arose from the bed, she placed her child on top of it, Damian began whining as he felt his mothers touch fading.


“You finally opened the door.”

“Im sorry.

My baby was sleeping.”

“Thats none of my business.”

When she opened the door, a middle-aged woman with a stern look was standing there.

It was Rose, the landlady.

Rose clucked her tongue as she looked at Rowena, who had just gotten up, and her dishevelled outfit.

“What are you going to do laying around like that when the suns up Dont you have to earn money”

Rowena lowered her eyes instead of replying to the sudden criticism that flew at her.

Even though the sun had risen, it was still dawn outside.

The only people working at this hour would be chimney cleaners or newspaper delivery men.

Also, she worked at an industrial sewing factory until late last night.

Her entire body felt as heavy as a wet cotton cloth.

Due to the fatigue, she struggled to keep her eyelids open.


Before she could reply, Rose called out fiercely to Rowena, who was standing as if she were about to fall asleep.

Rowena opened her eyes slightly wider.

“The rent is overdue.

How far do I have to go in order to look after you Do you want to be sitting on the street with a baby on this cold day”

The word “baby” brought her back to consciousness like someone had poured water on the top of her head.

Rowena, clasping her rough fingertips together, immediately bowed her head.

“Im sorry, Maam.

My salary hasnt been paid yet.

I only received some of it yesterday, but… wait a minute.”

Although she never intended to delay the payment, she wasnt expecting Rose to rush and find her at the crack of dawn.

Rowena turned around to search through her work outfit.

She rummaged around the ripped pockets with her rough hands, and shortly after, she found the flimsy white envelope and took it out.

“This is all I have.

Ill give you the rest as soon as I get it.

Im sorry for the trouble Ive caused you…….”

Bowing her head several times, Rowena handed over the money.

Clicking her tongue, Rose opened the envelope, quickly counted the amount and put it in her pocket.



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