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“Thats only half the cost of the room! I really shouldve listened to the old man and not allowed strangers, but I felt sympathy for you.”

Rose recalled the day five years ago when she first saw this tenant in front of her.

The disheveled pregnant woman, with a swollen belly, appeared before her one night as the wind and rain were raging.

She tried to ignore her because it was evident that something annoying would happen.

Still, with the assurance of her neighbor, Harriet, she gave in and let the pregnant woman use the oldest room that was located on the highest floor.

There wasnt an ounce of guilt in her actions; it was the total opposite! She was proud of herself for giving an unidentified woman a place to sleep.

The woman said that she grew up as an orphan who had been on her own since her husband had passed.

He too, was also an orphan, but died in an accident.

However, Rose had experienced enough hardships in her life to see through such a transparent lie.

Even at a glance it was easy to tell that she was lying.

Despite this, Rose didnt care to know what her reason was for these lies.

Its already been five years.

Rose was now able to get her security deposit back in the form of unpaid room rent and interest.

She yelled at the woman, trying to humiliate her and get rid of her altogether.

“I dont even know where or how you manage to earn this money in the first place…..”

The sudden commotion caused the surrounding guests in the vicinity to open the door to their rooms one after another.

Interested glances were coming from those doorways directed towards Rowena.

She had been silently listening to the soft chatter that had suddenly poured out.

In the midst of all this, voices could be heard here and there protesting for Rowena.

“Stop it! Now, will you please leave the poor mother alone”

“‘I saw her come home from work late last night.

Arent you being too much on her!”

“Yes, me too.

Everyone here knows shes not that kind of person.”

Those who stood up for her were several neighbors, most of whom Rowena had become acquainted with for some time.

Roses eyes rolled back at the eclectic atmosphere of sympathy and spoke.

“Oh, shut up! Wont you! Do you want me to do a quick calculation on how much rent you guys are behind on, too”


“Or you could all just shut up and go to bed!”

All the tenants who had been silenced by the sharp threat closed their doors.

“They have a lot to say when they have nothing on them.


Shaking her head, Rose glared at Rowena again.

“Ill let you go this time, but as soon as the rent is overdue again, Im afraid Ill have to ask you to leave.

Do you understand”

“Yes, thank you for your understanding.”

Rowena smiled faintly.

Rose, snickering, turned around and moved away.



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