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His mind was completely blank.

He had never been so desperate in his life.

He called out again to the woman who was stepping back as if she had seen a demon.


As he approached her, Rowena backed away two steps further.

It’s the same face from his memory, albeit a little more exhausted.

She had beautiful blonde hair that flowed down to her waist and white skin.

And a pair of large green eyes that seemed as if they contained all of the innocent things in the world, a small nose, and red lips.

“No way…This can’t be happening….”

For a moment, he was engrossed in craving the woman’s face, but then he heard her murmur, and his heart, which had been beating rapidly as if it were about to burst, sank.

He had forgotten his initial thought of using Harriet Dickinson to make her stay in a safer place first and approach her slowly.

He ran like a madman as he couldn’t even imagine this woman being in danger.

Still, he was just a demon and a grim reaper to this woman, which made him feel betrayed once again.

His rage now turned into a calm voice and came out of his lips.

“The money I gave you back then was not little, but you lived such a miserable life.”

The uninvited guest came in shortly after she returned from Harriet’s house.

As soon as she opened the door at the sound of knocking, the face of the man who appeared made Rowena’s heart stop.

Her mind went blank.

She felt as if her blood was escaping her body as the nightmare she had been anxious about for so long appeared before her eyes.

Unlike the house owner, who looked like she was about to collapse, the uninvited guest stepped straight into her and her son’s house.

Her heart was ripped out of her chest as he started to look around the small house as if he were looking at a trash can.

Her lower lip curled as she held a blade towards him.

“Careful what you say.

I don’t know what brought you all the way out here.”

Killian who barged the house and sat on the couch without the courtesy of changing into indoor slippers.

He rummaged through his pockets, pulled out a cigarette, and said quickly.

“Start over.”


Her mind went blank as she blinked at what was said and opened her trembling lips.



“Don’t you remember how you threw money at me and abandoned me”


“…I beg your pardon”

“You said I threw it away, so I have to pick it back up.”

Killian answered simply and sat down, leaning back with his legs crossed.

When she froze at the sudden arrival of the uninvited guest, he lit his cigarette boldly.

She was disgusted by the smoke.

It made her feel suffocated.

“Right now!”

It was the moment when Rowena, who belatedly came to her senses, took away the cigarette roughly.


The old door opened from the inside.



“Close the door!”

Rowena shouted at the child.

She glimpsed and glared at the intruder sternly as she moved towards the door as if trying to protect her son.

“Get out!”

Rowena swallowed hard.

Her heart was beating wildly, and her hands were shaking.

‘Did he see his face Did you notice how much he resembles you’

A short, sullen laugh rang in her ears as her face paled like a prisoner about to be sentenced to death.



“I didn’t expect you to be so quick about it, but in the meantime, it must’ve been nice.”

His mouth was smiling, but his gaze was stern as he looked at Rowena.

He sat up, feeling the need to immediately break down the door and take the child out of the room.

“Looks like you’ve been meeting some men, huh”

The duke, who was as quick to forget about her as if he were only changing a mask, was still graceful, still perfect.

Rowena backed away from Killian as he approached her.


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