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“stop stealing my translations and credit me properly” 


However, her escape was cut short.

When the hard wall hit her back, she stopped as Killian slowly closed the distance as if he was hunting a rabbit.


He grabbed her chin with one hand and lifted her head.

She writhed at his approaching lips.

However, she had no choice but to open her mouth in pain as he bit down on her lower lip.


His lips parted hers after he thoroughly savored her taste.

It was as if the five-year gap was completely irrelevant to him.

The taste of bitter tobacco filled her mouth, and it felt like a cloud of acrid smoke had filled her throat to the brim. 

Rowena’s eyes ignited.

The next moment he slowly moved his head.

As soon as their eyes met, Rowena swallowed her breath in frustration.


Miss Philone.”

Crazy… Crazy person.

He smiled in satisfaction at the whiteness of her pale face, then tapped Rowena on the cheek with his forefinger.

“Will you be my mistress again, or will you die on the streets with your child”

Rowena squeezed her eyes shut at the despair that had descended upon her head.

It wasn’t a choice.

It was a firm declaration that he would make it so.

Become a mistress.  Die on the street with a child.

The series of shocks made her feel dizzy.

Barely catching her shaky breath, Rowena pushed off his shoulder.

“Why on earth are you doing this now”

If she could, she wanted to look inside this man’s head.

How could he have so brutally abandoned a woman and then come back to visit her How could he do such a thing Why would he do that

“Why on earth! You abandoned me once! Why now!”

Rowena clenched her fist and struck him in the chest.

Killian stood still against the tickling force and looked down at her.

“Just because.”

The anger slowly turned to sob.

Barely able to calm the rising rage in her throat, Rowena asked desperately.

“Could you please just go”

Killian shook his head, though he had a pitying look in his eyes.

“Then just tell me why.


“Do you need a reason”

Killian replied blankly, meeting the green eyes that wavered aimlessly.

Rowena nodded quietly.

The next moment, an answer came back, so simple and straightforward that it was depressing.

“Because I want to.”

It was a short, but definite reason.

The dry voice made Rowena lower her hand slowly.

As usual, this man only cared about himself.

He hadn’t changed at all. 

As soon as she realized this fact, the emotions that had arisen as if on fire disappeared, as if washed away.

She felt her whole body loosen up, and a familiar sense of surrender overcame her.

“I understand…for now, can you just go home for the day… I’ll organize my things…”


“Please give me time to pack my things.”

“For how long”

“One week…”



“I’ll be back tomorrow at noon.

The child will also be with you at that time.”

The hidden meaning behind his words was clear, he knew the details of what she does every day, and if needed, he would take him as a hostage.

Rowena nodded quietly.

She couldn’t imagine what his reaction would be when he sees the child’s face.

Would he be angry that she had given birth to, and raised his son without him even knowing it Or would he…

Thoughts had begun to grow branches and they filled her head.

Eventually, having given up on the thought, Rowena nodded.

At the satisfying answer, Killian held up a hand that brushed her cheek and then turned around to leave.

Rowena, who had been watching him turn around and leaving, collapsed on the bed. 


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