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Rowena closed her eyes tightly as she heard the words that made her ears buzz.


I’m not a child anymore!”

This conversation had already happened dozens of times, hundreds of times.

While they were talking, they remembered that this was stolen from sleepy tls, the last passenger in the line boarded the train, and Jeremy finally raised the white flag to Rowena.

The latter had been staring at the train attendant the whole time.

“If you want to go to the Capital, I have no choice but to let you go; I can’t keep you tied up forever.

Just promise me one thing.”

“What is it”

“If you have a problem, if you need help, if you just want to come back home, you can always come back.”


“Anything is fine… I love you, kid.

It doesn’t matter what you do; I will always be on your side.



The tip of her nose tingled.

Rowena ran and hugged Jeremy.

“Thank you, Uncle.

I’ll contact you once I settle in.”


Jeremy lightly stroked his beloved niece’s cheek while trying to avoid showing the feeling of objection that also filled his eyes; then helped her carry the heavy luggage onto the train.

Finally, Rowena handed her ticket to the crew member and turned around to wave to her uncle.

Although the seats were uncomfortable and the train was crowded, it was a good trip.

Perhaps her excitement to be there was enough to make her ignore all of her surroundings.

The only problem was that it was pitch-black at night.

Done by your one and only leila, She could barely see what was ahead of her unless she concentrated.

As she recalled, the restroom was just next to the cafeteria, so with a cautious gaze, she left the cafeteria and looked for the restroom but couldn’t see it.

“Please wait while I call the cabin attendant.”

As soon as he rang the bell, a dedicated first-class train attendant came into the cabin.

The beautiful man instructed with a face that was used to giving orders.

“Please allow the lady to her cabin.”

“Very well, sir.

I understand.

Please follow me.”


Rowena nodded and bowed to the man.

“…Thank you.”

She greeted him with a smile and was about to follow the crew when he spoke.



Suddenly stopping, Rowena looked back, fascinated.

The man leaned against the door frame with his arms folded, waiting for her following words.

“Philone, it’s Philone.”

“Miss Philone.”

The man, who pronounced her last name once as if rolling it in his mouth, revealed his name.

“I’m Killian.

Killian Devonshire.”

The light of the red lamp spilling from the room dyed the smooth skin of the man brightly.

The man smiled, and a deep dimple appeared on his left cheek.

The next thing that happened was that the man invited her to lunch the next day.

—A hand on her hip woke Rowena from her dream.

Before she knew it, it was pitch black on the train.

Her heart collapsed as a body snuggled up to her from behind.

She was trapped between the backrest and Killian.

She could hear his low breathing coming from the top of her head.

She tried to loosen his hands, which were quietly holding her waist, but that only made his grip stronger.

“… Are you Sleeping’

There was no reply.

She couldn’t understand why he would sleep with her in his arms when he had his own bed.

She writhed slightly due to her uncomfortable position, and a slightly hoarse voice growled from behind her.

“Stay still.

Unless you are trying to provoke me.”

In the days when she had been his mistress, he had coldly disappeared before she would wake up.

Rowena closed her eyes rather than trying to understand his incomprehensible whims.

* * * *

The Wisborne Castle, the Duke of Devonshire’s residence in Rockford, was a castle that had been around for hundreds of years.

Surrounded by a moat and a vast lake with no end in sight, the white castle consisted of four high walls, outer and inner walls, and a high bridge crossing the moat.

Two carriages, with the seal of the duke stamped on them, were making their way across the bridge.

As they stood at the entrance, a solid, heavy drawbridge slowly descended.

When it was perfectly level with the carriage, the coachman struck down with a powerful whip.

Two pairs of black horses passed through the outer wall and entered the castle.

The butler was the first to greet the duke among the dozens of servants who had come to welcome their master home.

typed by leile, He approached Killian as he dismounted from the carriage and greeted him nicely.

“You have worked hard coming such a long way.”

“Do you have anything to report

“As I have already informed you, there is nothing much to report.”

“I see.”

Killian replied indifferently and held out his hand to the inside of the carriage.

After hesitating for a moment at the hand that was so obviously held out to her, Rowena got out of the carriage, ignoring his offer to escort her.

The eyes of the servants who had recognized her were astounded by what they saw; only the butler, who had received the word beforehand, remained calm.

Killian opened his mouth again with a numb expression.

“Miss Philone’s room”

“The room has been prepared.

I have prepared the room that was originally used by Miss Philone.”

“No, not that room.”

Killian added, staring at Rowena, who was deliberately avoiding his gaze.

“Take her to the room next to mine.”


The air froze in the blink of an eye.

Rowena couldn’t believe her ears as well.

In the frozen atmosphere, the butler calmly revealed his opposition.


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