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Joanne retreated, and Genok came into the bedroom while holding a dark cloak.

“Nothing good will come from being seen,” he said, holding out a dark robe.

It was sad to see that a mother had to avoid the public eye in order to see her son.

“Has anyone seen Damian”

“No, I pressed the hat on his face, so except for the nanny, who will keep her mouth shut, everyone else didn’t see his face.”

So they put on their cloak, crossed the quiet hallway, down a few floors, and arrived at Damian’s room.

Gently opening the door, they entered; Rowena saw her son asleep on the bed.

The nanny, who had just pulled the covers up over him, reported.

“He’s just fallen asleep,” she said.

“Good job.

Get out of here.”

After Genok had sent the nanny on her way, Rowena patted Damian’s cheek with a trembling hand.

This was her son, whose face she had only been able to see briefly the entire time she was on her way here.

Looking at his face, she noticed the traces of dried tears on his cheeks.

With a sad demeanor, Rowena kissed her son’s forehead and brushed his face affectionately.

Genok, who had been watching them from afar, opened his mouth carefully.

“I don’t know the details of the circumstances in this mansion, as I’ve been in and out of the country myself, but as far as I know, the Duke doesn’t have any children from his previous marriage.”


“If he recognized the young master as his biological son… It is not unreasonable to expect him to be named the heir later.”

In other words, this sentence was spoken as a means to comfort her, and the underlying message was apparent.

If she could endure this a little longer, good days would come.

However, the response that came back from her was cold.

Rowena, who had been stroking her son’s head with sad eyes, suddenly asked.

“And what if he was recognized as the heir”


“Will he be expected to grow up like the duke”

Despite being a “quiet question,” its meaning was evident.

Rowena did not want her son to grow up to be a brutal man who trampled on and ignored the hearts of others.

She hoped that even if he grew up a little poor, in a lacking environment, he would at least grow up to be as earnest and cheerful as he is now.

“Miss Philone.”

Genok opened his mouth again, looking at the back of her head with a hesitant expression.

“Every child in this world has the right to know who their biological father is.

The same goes for the duke.

He has the right to know who his own son is.

Whether you think he deserves it or not.”


It was a blunt remark; Rowena made no response.

Sensing the silence, Genok concluded his words.

“Bring the story to the young master, little by little.

When the duke is no longer reluctant to the child, I will reveal it to him then.”

‘I have no intention of doing so.

I’m going to run away from here before it even happens.’ 

Rowena swallowed the words that had risen to the back of her throat, and instead of replying, she focused solely on her child’s face.



Slow releases due to health issues… prayers and good vibes are highly appreciated :))

I know, you know, we know, but they don’t  lol ~ loveyall

Stay safe!


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