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Rowena knew very well how the man in front of her would look down on Damian, whom he thought she had given birth to with another man.

All the way to Rockford, she could see right through him; every now and then, he looked as if he wanted to pull her by the hair and make her sit down when she went to see Damian.

“You must be tired, but I made you worry.”

She said while she looked down at her fingertips.

Even just the fact that they were sitting alone in the room made her feel as if someone was choking her.

She felt like she was going to freeze just by his cold eyes staring at her.

It was early in the morning when the employees were not even awake yet.

The dawn rays of light streaming through the chiffon curtains cast warmth over her blonde hair; however, The woman’s face was pale and lifeless, almost as if she was a ghost.

Killian stared at the woman who was wary of even the sound of her breathing.

All the way to Rockford, he had fallen asleep breathing in the woman’s scent that he had forgotten every night.

At first, Rowena was uncomfortable with his sleeping patterns, but she quickly adapted and slept like a baby.

He stared at her sleeping face for hours.

A tired face, dark eyes and rough skin, calloused fingers, and a body so thin that he could feel her ribs when he held her from behind.

Her appearance changed so much that he could no longer recognize her from before.

Ironically, None of the women he has been with before were poor.

Typed be leilaThey all broke up smoothly and were handed out sufficient alimony and parting gifts under the supervision of a lawyer.

There were given enough money to buy an entire building in the capital if they wished for.

He only later found out that Rowena had not taken the money with her.

Even then, he had simply instructed Baron Sussex to find her a give it to her, not bothering to trouble himself with tracking her himself.

Because again, at the time, he really felt like he might choke her to death if he ever saw her like that.

He wondered, what would it have been like if he knew she was living well If this was the case, he probably wouldn’t have felt anything.

He made assumptions, but there were no real answers.

But the more he continued to look for the woman, the more an unfamiliar feeling began to rise in the back of his mind.

It felt like a hole that had been empty for the past five years was being filled.

Whenever he fell asleep hugging her thin body, he remembered her sight under him with tears filling her eyes as she confessed her feelings.

― I’ve always been sincere toward you.


― I…loved you

The moment he thought of her eyes, green like a summer forest, he felt like he woke up from a deep sleep.

And he realized one undeniable fact.

He had never truly abandoned Rowena Philone .

He thought he had thrown her away, but he hadn’t, he simply tried to forget about her as if she was never there, but that wasn’t the case.

Chloe Everdeen’s words were only just random thoughts.

Her words were the fuel to his feeling as if throwing dry wood into a brazier that still had a spark left in it.

Rowena… He was never going to abandon Rowena Philone again; he was not going to get married again.

So he decided to put the past behind him and concentrate on the future.

The only thing standing in his way, however, was the child he had taken as a hostage.

In the past five years, Rowena Philone has given birth to a child.

He had always used contraception, so there was no chance that the child was his.

Whether it was William Jenon’s child or some other man, He doesn’t know.

But every time he thought of the fact that the woman in front of him had given birth to a child of another man, his insides boiled with anger and fury.

It would’ve been for the best if he could leave this woman.

But after returning to the castle, he had to reflect on his inability to leave her and try to objectively think about his actions going forward.

Therefore, he left the castle without taking any break from his long journey, and as he processed the countless things that had come his way, he came to a conclusion.


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