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It would’ve been for the best if he left this woman.

He had to reflect on his inability to leave her and try to objectively think about his actions going forward.

Therefore, he left the castle without taking any break from his long journey to Rockford, and as he processed the countless things that had come his way, he came to a conclusion.


Rowena slowly raised her head, having not heard her name called in a long time.

Killian, who had put down his cigarette, sat leaning deeply against the back of the couch.

The way he rested his elbows on the armrests and crossed the fingers of his hands made him look relaxed and at ease.

“I decided to bury the past where it belongs,” he said.

“What …”

“You may meet the child during the day.

You may also take a walk with him around the castle if you wish.

Of course, the time will be fixed, and you will have an escort.”

The identity of the person who had killed Anna Eden had yet to be discovered; there was also the risk of Rowena escaping since he had forcibly dragged her along with him.

“What do you mean by that, ……”

Although he thought he had made a reasonably generous offer, Rowena’s complexion grew paler.

Killian asked quietly, knowing that he had read her thoughts as they were.

“Did you think I didn’t know that you go meet your son every night”

‘How far does he know! Does he know that Damian is his son, then’

In fact, it was only a matter of time before he would find out that Damian was his own son, if only he decided to go and see him.

If that happened… just the thought of it chilled her to the bone.

Rowena, who hid her trembling hands under the hem of her skirt, asked back to confirm.

“Really…, Would that be okay”

She remembered his eyes reacting sharply at the mere mention of the child’s name.

She wondered what kind of change of heart that was.

If he hadn’t really come to know the truth, she would rather be having him be angry and ragging or acting like he used to.

His original quiet and scary man who never changes his mind, and the man in front of her now who was calm and collected, the latter was far more scarier than the former.

“You hated him….”

“It’s okay as long as you don’t bring him in front of me.”

Killian, who leilresponded softly, tilted his stiff head, which had been aching for a while.

Yes, this woman was important to him.

As his confused emotions were sorted out, his throbbing headache slowly subsided.

Her actions from five years ago.

He will also tolerate the presence of her child.

It was the greatest act of generosity he had ever done in his life.

In the first place, Rowena Philone had always been an “exception” for him.

Of course, it wasn’t a childish feeling of love.

He had no intention of covering up this bizarre obsession and desire with such plausible words.

But what about lust He had never lusted after any woman in this way before.

“Tomorrow, I will create a trust fund in your name.

You just have to listen carefully to the lawyer’s explanation and sign the documents.

Also, from now on, if there is anything you want, you can tell me directly at night or through your maid.”

It was an unexpected word.

Contrary to her expectation that, in return for showing her mercy, he would force her to accept him in bed.

She could do nothing but widen her eyes in shock at his casual attitude.

The more he continued, the more she wondered if the man in front of her was the Killian Devonshire she knew.

“Why are you doing this to me I don’t need a trust fund or anything.

I’m fine with what I alre-…”

“Because I need you.”


Killian cut off her words and straightened his head.

Then he stood up quietly and turned to Rowena, who doubted both ears, and made a suggestion.

“I didn’t know you liked the lake.

When the weather gets better, we should go boating.

It seems to be difficult today, though.”

The moment she faced his cold icy eyes, Rowena averted her gaze.

This was the first time he had that smile on his lips since she first met him on the train… But she could no longer believe in this smile


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