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“…Baron Sussex.”

Rowena’s eyes met the Baron’s over Melissa’s shoulder, and she greeted him with an awkward look.

“Did you sleep well last night”

“I did, thanks to you.

I spoke with the lawyer earlier, and there is something I would like to discuss with you regarding the trust fund.”

Smiling, Benedict answered gently.

A slow tone indicated his years of experience and his impeccable courtesy towards his master’s woman.

However, Melissa quickly read the faint disdain that was contained within.

―You’ve done well so far.


All you have to do is to say one line.

―What should that be


Philone has an affair with a man named William Jenon.

―I can’t do that…

―A father with a bad leg, a sickly mother.

Your brothers will have a bright future for sure.

The cold, commanding gaze that looked down at her, as if she were only a trivial matter, was still vivid before her eyes.

She had tried several times to inform the Duke about the truth, but the safety of her family, who had been taken hostage, had dragged her down. 

No matter how brave she was to confess the truth, the person she was accusing was an aide who had spent more time with the duke than anyone else.

The duke wasn’t going to believe the words of a mere servant.

―It is just one word.

The trap was set anyway, and the evidence is prepared; even if you don’t testify, the outcome will be the same.



Please, I can’t do this.

―You’re backing out now You’ve been standing by her side all this time, pretending to be a loyal maid who knows nothing.

You even encouraged her to meet this William guy.

―Huh, but…

―It seems that your family is not so important to you after all.

She was reminded of herself from five years ago when she had turned a blind eye to the injustice that was happening before her eyes.

Unable to cope with the chill that had fallen over her, Melissa wrapped her arms around her shoulders.


“I’m sorry, Miss.

I’m just a little tired…”

The courage she had mustered up with the final ounce of her strength was weakened by the fear that had struck down on her like lightning.

Rowena looked sadly at the trembling Melissa and patted her lightly on the shoulder.

“I’m sure you’re tired from your journey, coming from so far away.

Get some rest today, and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Yes, thank you…”

After bowing her head, Melissa bolted from where she stood as if trying to escape that horrid situation; she walked up the servants’ stairs.

While she held onto the railing, her legs shaking, someone called her.




With a blank look on his face, Jenok gave instructions to the startled Melissa.

“Follow me.

The Duke is calling for you.”



Stay safe!


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