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“Why are you laughing”

“I just find it funny that people are interested in some nonsense like this story.”


“Yeah, I guess.

Let’s say what you’re saying is correct.

It’s been four months now since the Duke brought that woman back.

If an illegitimate child does exist, wouldn’t the Duke announce him as the successor to the Devonshire family”



The Countess, who had interrupted the Baroness’ attempt to refute her, concluded her argument.

“Above all, if I were the Duke, and I was thinking of making an illegitimate child my heir, I would kill Miss Philone before anyone knows it and then have the story sold to the public as the child being born from my ex-wife.

Even if it was cruel.

True, they got divorced after that, but the child was born within the marriage, so there are no issues in terms of religion, status, or legitimacy, and won’t cause any problems later on.”

They nodded their heads one by one at the logical explanation; while the Baroness’ face grew redder and redder with embarrassment, another lady stood to wrap up the situation.

“Now, let’s just stop talking about her.

It would be best not to try to understand her from the beginning.

How can people as cultured and educated as us understand the thoughts of such a stupid woman Our mouths would be soiled if we even spoke of her.”


That’s right.

Well said, dear.


That was when the women who were sitting close to share gossip started laughing at the comment.

One woman, who was sitting in a place where she could see the door, suddenly stopped laughing and lowered her gaze as if she was bewildered.

The other women, who were wondering about her appearance, realized the reason the next moment when that voice pierced their ears.

“Good morning.”


“Long time no see, everyone.

How have you been”

Rowena entered the spacious approached them with light steps, making them wonder when she walked into the crowded lounge.

The noblewomen, seemingly caught red-handed in the middle of talking behind her back, were coughing or trying to avoid eye contact with Rowena.

Countess Rachel opened her mouth nervously in the midst of the stiff atmosphere.

“I didn’t know you came in.

Miss Philone, Shouldn’t you knock or something”

“I’m sorry.

I was curious about what you were talking about so much, so I ended up entering without realizing.”

When Rowena smiled and replied politely, as if she hadn’t heard anything, everyone patted their chest in secret, as if they were relieved.

“I see.

Please have a seat in this vacant chair.”

Countess Rachel was the only one who acted friendly toward Rowena and pointed at the empty seat.

Rowena kept silent and was about to sit in an empty chair when Baroness Estelle, who was sitting next to her, spoke sharply, interrupting her.

“Isn’t this a space meant for noble and virtuous ladies”


“I am concerned that if a woman who isn’t either of them sat on it, her reputation would be damaged.”

The words that expressed blatant hostility caused the atmosphere, that had finally eased, to freeze again.

Countess Rachel was about to say something when the wives looked at each other in silence; she blinked in what seemed to be admiration for Rowena, who should have been mortified at the most offensive insult that came her way.

But the response was surprising. 

“Bold thing to say, isn’t it Baroness Estelle.”


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