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The Baroness, panicked by Rowena’s unwavering approach, turned around, begging for help with her eyes, but everyone just avoided her gaze, and no one stepped forward.

“Let’s go together.



She grabbed her by the arm and tried to pull her, but in the end, with tears welling up in her eyes, the Baroness threw herself down and bowed her head.

“I…I wasn’t thinking clearly… Miss Philone…..

I apologize.”


“I’ll never say things like this again.

I swear.

so… please…”

The power of the Duke of Devonshire had spread throughout Ethelwood, both in the political and business world.

Rumor had it that they had extended their reach into the underworld as well.

Killian Devonshire was a man who was famous for being devoid of blood and tears, to the point where one would wonder if he was really human.

The Baroness couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be disliked by such a man.

“Miss Philone.”

In the silence that returned, the Baroness was about to burst into tears when the countess Rachel, chuckling at the sight in front of her, pulled back her chair.

Everyone turned to her at the sudden action, and then the Countess stood up and politely apologized to Rowena.

“I apologize too if I offended you, Miss Philone, I was the one who invited you and the baroness and caused you to go through this experience.”

“Countess …”

“His Royal Highness, as Miss Philone said, is one of the few members of the royal family.

The Baroness has committed a grand sin by disrespecting and spreading rumors against such a person.

It seems that the Baroness was drunk and was speaking nonsense, but now since she has admitted her mistake and apologized herself, please find it in your heart to forgive her”

With a face that looked like it grasped a lifeline, the Baroness was overcome with emotion and called for the Countess.

When her eyes met the Countess’s, the Countess turned her gaze to Rowena again.

“However, it doesn’t make sense not to be punished, so Baroness Estelle, I will not invite you to any of my gatherings from now on.”

Everyone let out a gasp of surprise at the firm words.

At the same time, the Baroness’ face went beyond pale and turned completely white.

The Countess had a significant influence within the social circles in the capital.

Her statement was not merely a cutoff of social interaction but an explicit ban from all social gatherings.


Soon after, the tearful Baroness Estelle approached the Countess in a panic.

The Countess, who wrinkled her brow as if she was looking at a beggar, hissed at one of the Baroness’ maids who was leaning against the wall.

“What are you doing! Your lady is drunk and speaking nonsense! And you are not serving her properly! Help her get to the carriage.”

“Ah! Yes!”

The maid returned to her senses and was unable to stand still; she walked toward the Baroness to escort her out, who didn’t stop resisting until the last moment.

Once the commotion had died down, the Countess took her seat again and calmly spoke up.

“I see there are now two empty seats.”


“As a rule, we always leave one seat empty just in case an unexpected guest arrives, but we’ve never left the other seat empty.”

The Countess pointed to the chair in which the Baroness had just been seating.

While the astonished people exchanged glances with each other, the Countess ordered one of her maids to remove the chair which the Baroness was sitting on, then, she suggested 

“If you don’t mind, would you please sit here”

The invitation tone was soft but firm, and the Countess smiled at Rowena, who was still glaring at her.



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