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The Righteous Player s Chapter 12: Book Of Divine Transporter

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Chapter 12: Book Of Divine Transporter

For cautions sake, Annan first used up all the 76 Shared Experience points he had accumulated.

These experiences were enough for his swordsman profession to be upgraded to the next level and raise the wizard apprentice level to LV7.

After all, with Don Juans identity in addition to Annans age and size, it was difficult for him to carry the sword for a long time. Not to mention, Frost Sword was a life-saving trump card that must never be leaked.

Under this circumstance, no matter how high his swordsman level was, it would not increase his combat power as effectively.

It only made the damage number on the panel damage higher, but it was not useful in actual combat.

On the contrary, the wizard apprentice profession…

Annan decided not only to upgrade it as soon as possible but also to progress smoothly in a short time.

After all, Don Juan was not only Benjamins student but also a Bronze Rank wizard himself, despite being murdered at a young age.

Not many people knew about this.

But before Annan was suspected, he must reach the Bronze Rank.

At this moment, his attributes and profession panel became like this:

Annan. Human. Male.

Elite Rare (Gold), Challenge Rating 8

Title: None

Rank: None

Health: 100%

Erosion: 4%

Attributes: Strength 8, Agility 8, Constitution 7, Perception 18, Will 13

Shared Experience: 0

Unique Trait: Heart of Winter [Reverse Inscription]

Profession Overview-

Swordsman LV5: [Bodyguard Swordsmanship LV5], [Disarm LV1], [Frost Sword LV2]

Wizard apprentice LV7: [Instant Spells LV2 (Chilling Touch, none)], [Guide Spells LV1 (none)]

It was completely different from the “swordsman” profession.

The “wizard apprentice” profession was quite apparent with its naming. It was the profession prior to “wizard.”

Upgrading the profession did not give out any spells. Increasing the level from level 1 to level 7 only provided two skills.

Or rather, two spell slots.

He had empty slots and no spells. It was quite an embarrassing situation.

However, Annans attribute panel had changed considerably:

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His previous Perception had 11 points, Strength had 7 points, and Constitution had 6 points. This meant that the wizard apprentice profession had provided him with a minor raise in Perception.

Promoting two levels in the swordsman profession had minor attribute points raised in his Strength and Constitution.

The increase in Perception made Annans brain clearer, dissipating the jumbled thoughts while making his thought process sharper.

As if the trash bin in a computer had been cleaned up. He could feel that his thinking speed had accelerated.

Annan didnt have an intuitive feeling about the increase in Perception and Constitution. Only the rise in the Strength attribute allowed him to have an accurate measurement standard:

He attempted to swing Johns sword twice previously. At that time, he could still feel a clear sense of hindrance in his movements.

Excessive inertia gave him a feeling of throwing himself away. The sword moves were utterly out of shape. He could not utilize the sword moves correctly.

For now, he could barely use this broken sword. Although it was difficult, Annans form would still be in shape when he utilized Bodyguard Swordsmanship. At the very least, he was able to control the inertia due to his current strength.

However, Annan had not figured out why the two attributes, namely Perception and Will, could be so high when the bodys predecessor was only a level 3 swordsman.

Annan had no clue about this, so he could only attribute it to his own awesomeness.

Annan just calculated it roughly.

According to the Strength attribute improvement effect, it would take at least 10 points in strength to use this broken sword as smoothly and freely with Johns body. If it was the initial unbroken long sword, perhaps it should require 12 points in Strength to use it.

Unlike the wizard apprentice, the swordsman profession seemed to distribute their attribute points evenly. This meant that Anna would need to attain Swordsman LV10 for him to use this broken sword smoothly.

When he reached that level, his wizard apprentice profession might have advanced already.

In conclusion, this broken sword is entirely useless.

Annan reached a clear conclusion in his mind.

If he wanted to defend himself, he had a better choice:

“What should I do with this sword”

Annan murmured.

He still remembered that Young Master Don Juan had a delicate, sharp, and sturdy dagger.

When he used “Johns” body previously, the sword was as short as a longer dagger. But given Annans height, it was just right to use it as a one-handed sword.

“I wonder if the dagger is still there.”

Annan sighed regretfully.

He did not go directly off the deck but went to the captains room.

In his impression, if Benjamin and Don Juan would die, then they should die here.

As predicted.

Wizard Benjamin, who didnt take half a step back and killed the guard captain easily without using spells, had already lost his life and was lying on the table. His mouth was full of blood; his teeth and plates were stained red. His eyes were pitch black.

It was almost like a recurrence of the nightmare.

The only difference was that the silver ring in Benjamins right hand was gone. The robes and jewelry on his body were also looted. He appeared just like an ordinary old man.

Besides Benjamin lay Don Juan, whose mouth had blood dripping out. The old housekeeper, who had a long sword pierced from his back, lay near the duo.

The bronze ring in Don Juans hands disappeared in the same manner. However, there was a luxurious silver ring with sapphires. The ring had sharp feather-shaped nicks, which was the relic left by his mother.

But, Annan knew clearly that this was not Don Juans ring at all.

Unlike Benjamin, Don Juans clothes were untouched.

Why so

Annan frowned slightly and searched Don Juans body.

After searching, he discovered that there was something more on Don Juans body.

For example, the silver pocket watch that was broken in the nightmare was still operating normally. Three-eyed Crow was engraved on the pocket watchs case. Annan found the Gerant familys badge at first glance.

Don Juans long dagger still hung on the wall in the captains room, but Annan clearly remembered that there should be a nautical chart hanging here.

The most unusual thing was that some letters originally placed in Don Juans room were stuffed on Don Juans corpse. Annan searched it a little. These letters fell directly to the ground.

It was like waiting for Annan to find out.

Annan clearly understood that the day Don Juan died, the ship was about to hold a banquet. Don Juan didnt need to carry so many heavy and troublesome things with him.

Taking a step back, he could give them all to John.

Unless someone wants to have the person discover the body realizes that this boy is Don Juan·Geraint.

After all, the clothes werent for ordinary people. Once someone checks Don Juans body, he would get information on Don Juans identity.

After all, the letter had Don Juans name. The Gerant familys emblem was on the pocket watch and ring.

Is he trying to get people to recover Don Juans body

But, doesnt the third prince want to hide the news of Don Juans death If that is the case, the most convenient and thorough method should be to destroy the body. A fire burned the ship and the corpse altogether with all the evidence buried in the sea.


Annan was startled.

He suddenly recalled something:

In the first life, Don Juan mentioned a treasure sewn in the middle layer of his clothes.

Although Klaus appeared as someone the Third Prince hired, it seemed that someone else was instructing him at the back based on the last two-stages of body transformation.

At least from Benjamins reaction, he should have never expected Klaus to have this trick.

Also, the Third Prince wanted Don Juans stamp. On the other hand, Klaus searched for “paper-like things” in Don Juans room and “just so happen” looking for stamps.

In other words…

Klaus may not be an ordinary betrayer.

He may be a betrayer with double identities.

He not only betrayed Don Juan on the surface but also crossed the Third Prince in secret!

Klaus deliberately left some evidence to get the Gerant family to recover Don Juans body. His goal should be to get the “secret treasure” Dong Juan had hidden!

Since he didnt know how to get the secret treasure, he planned to spread the news of Don Juans death secretly. Then, he would have the people from the Gerant family come and retrieve the corpse. It would be at least a few months before Don Juans body was discovered and the news spread. After the Gerant familys people learned about it and confirmed it, their trip over there should take several months.

If Annan didnt guess wrong, Klaus was probably already in the capital at that time.

He would find an excuse. For example, he would ask for a leave of absence from the third prince with the reason of stirring trouble for the Gerant family or getting rid of the evidence. Then, he would follow behind quietly. The purpose was to see where the secret treasure lay.

Strange. Didnt he search Don Juans body

Annan frowned slightly but decided to take off Don Juans clothes first.

He was still thinking about where the item would be hidden.

As soon as Annan touched Don Juans inner clothes, a glimmering panel suddenly flashed in front of him:

[Discover the Truth Fragment]

[Condition 1: No conflicting torn Truth pages are currently held.]

[Condition 2: Hold the status template above or at Elite Rare (Purple).]

[The Truth appears-]

The next moment, a glaring white brilliance shone.

Dazzling white brilliance soared to the sky, and then it was completely blocked by the captains room. Only a little scattered white brilliance escaped from the windows and doors.

The white brilliance lasted for half a minute before it gradually dissipated.

What appeared in front of Annan was a soft white page that looked like paper and had a jade-like tactile sensation. Dark gold lifelike texts were flowing on it. It was similar to those released from Benjamins ring, but it was sacred.

Annan could feel a strong sense of intimacy just by looking at it.

Then, a glimmering panel appeared on it:

[Book of Divine Transporter. Title Page.]

[Type: Truth Fragment (1/6) (Locked)]

[Remaining fragment holders: 5]

[Appeared: 1]

[Description: A freshly-born Truth Fragment. Gather all the fragments to grasp new authority.]

[Book of Divine Transporter (1/6): Summon or dismiss a specified number of players from another world (0/100).]

[This function can be used after 40:33:23.]

[Current special effects (1/6): Players can be resurrected]



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