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Earning Money and Becoming Rich

“Hack! Cough!”

Su Binglan felt that Luo Jinans cough was worsening.

Did I provoke him She was helpless. It was the first time shes ever done such a thing.

“Dont get agitated. I hope you dont overthink what happened just now. Besides, were husband and wife, so its normal for us to kiss, right”

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Even though Su Binglan tried to speak confidently, her voice became increasingly quiet toward the end of her sentence. She still felt guilty in the end.

Sometimes, Su Binglan was fierce, but other times she was awkward and shy. Alas, the more she explained, the more she confused herself.

Luo Jinan coughed a few times to calm himself down. Then he said lowly, “Thank you for your help.”

Su Binglan heaved a sigh of relief when she heard Luo Jinans thanks. It seemed that he knew Su Binglan was trying to feed him medicine.

“Since you are awake, you should down the medicine.” With that, Su Binglan handed the bowl to Luo Jinan.

Luo Jinan propped himself up and took the bowl from Su Binglan. He held the bowl with his slender fingers but did drink from it. He only stared at Su Binglan with a terrifying expression in his captivating eyes.

Su Binglan lowered her head and avoided eye contact, not saying a word. Then Luo Jinan asked, “Did you brew this medicine for me, Madam” His voice was delightful to the ears, low and mellow. Luo Jinans voice alone could quickly tug at ones heartstrings.

When Su Binglan heard the mans question, she nodded and replied, “Yes, I did.” Then she realized what she had said. Her predecessor didnt know a thing about pharmacology. Luo Jinan would grow suspicious of her if she admitted brewing the medicine.

Su Binglan lowered her head as her eyelashes fluttered. She thought about what to say and explained, “I-I knew a few things about pharmacology, but I hurt my head and got a slight case of amnesia. I remembered a lot of things when I fell into the river. Thats how I made the medicine.”

Su Binglan was herself, but at the same time, not. There was a deeper meaning behind her answer. She vaguely mentioned that she “woke up.”

Su Binglan had learned a lot of things in her past life and didnt intend to hide it. She knew that she couldnt become rich if she kept her knowledge a secret. She needed to earn money to buy precious herbs for Luo Jinan and cure his illness.

Even if Su Binglan tried to keep her knowledge a secret, she would fail. Luo Jinan would undoubtedly find out with his intelligence.

Su Binglan thought that she might as well make up an excuse and vaguely admit her knowledge. “Dont worry. I made this with the medicinal herbs you bought me earlier. There are small amounts of herbs there just to drive out the cold. Youll feel better after you drink it.”

Luo Jinan looked at Su Binglan, who had her head lowered. It was already late at night, and the moonlight shone into the room, illuminating Su Binglans face. The moonlight gave her a beguiling appearance.

Luo Jinans gaze deepened, but he still drank the medicine.

Su Binglan watched Luo Jinan drink the medicine and said with a sigh of relief, “Since youve drank the medicine, I suggest you get some rest.”

Luo Jinan lifted the quilt and said softly, “I owe the doctor some money for the medicine I bought three days ago. I will return to the mountain and hunt. Maybe then I can sell my prey and pay the doctor back tomorrow morning.”

Looking at Luo Jinan and hearing his words, Su Binglan looked at Luo Jinan and heard his words. Her heart ached when she thought of her predecessors horrible doings toward Luo Jinan.

Su Binglan held Luo Jinans hand and said, “Your body is in terrible condition. You need your rest. You dont have to worry about the money. I plan to go into town with my mother tomorrow morning and sell my makeup and powder. I should get a decent amount of money from them.”



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