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Special Identity

Su Binglan was aware that she possessed a lot of makeup and fancy clothes due to her predecessors memories. She planned to sell them for some money.

Conflicted emotions filled Luo Jinans eyes. He looked at Su Binglan profoundly and felt a little surprised since he knew her very well.

Luo Jinan said in a low voice, “B-But you like those things very much.”

Su Binglan said, “I almost died when I fell into the water. I suddenly dont like makeup anymore. These are just things that arent as important as a humans life. Your health is of utmost importance.”

Luo Jinans expression changed when she heard this. “You would never say such things in the past.”

Im just a slave in her eyes. She would never look at me with such a stern and clear gaze.

Su Binglan raised her head to look at Luo Jinan and said, “You said so yourself. I wasnt a sensible person in the past. Never mind that. I just want us to live a better life in the future. I want to heal your body too.”

Luo Jinans scars and physical condition made Su Binglans heart soften.

He got those wounds from the battlefield, Im guessing.

Luo Jinans body trembled as he glanced at Su Binglan. Then he lowered his head, hiding the emotions in his eyes.

Su Binglan knew that her predecessor had done many outrageous things, and it was unlikely that Luo Jinan would believe her in such a short time. It was useless for her to say such nice things.

Su Binglan said, “You should be tired. Please get some rest. Ill sleep on the side.”

The two slept on separate beds before. However, Su Binglan was worried about Luo Jinan. She kept waking up in the middle of the night to check on his condition. She only went back to rest when she ensured that his condition hadnt worsened.

But unbeknownst to Su Binglan, the man was a light sleeper, and he would wake up at the slightest bit of noise.

Luo Jinan woke up when Su Binglan approached him, but he didnt open his eyes. He wanted to know what Su Binglan would do.

In the past, Su Binglan would use a whip to torture Luo Jinan when he woke up in the dead of night. He never expected her to reach out and check his pulse.

At that moment, Luo Jinan realized that Su Binglan might really possess medical skills.

Su Binglan woke up early the following day, but it was still dark outside. Since she had reincarnated into an unfamiliar environment, she couldnt fall asleep. Instead, she decided to cook.

However, there wasnt much for Su Binglan to cook except for some wild vegetables, two eggs, and dry noodles.

Su Binglan pondered and decided to use these ingredients to make mixed-grained pancakes. She used the dry noodles to make pancakes, beat the eggs on them, and mixed in the wild vegetables.

Su Binglan and Luo Jinans living conditions were crude, so this was all she could make. Still, a fragrant smell filled the room.

Su Binglan was aware that the food culture in this era was poor from her predecessors memories. It was already good enough if everyone could end the day with full stomachs, so they never changed how they cooked.

Su Binglan did this to help Luo Jinan recuperate. Her predecessor was evil toward Luo Jinan and treated him like an enslaved person. Luo Jinan would do all the cooking, but he only ate scraps.

The food Luo Jinan had eaten had no nutritional value whatsoever. Su Binglans heart ached for Luo Jinan when she recalled these memories.

Since Luo Jinan took medicine, he could sleep soundly toward the nights end. After falling asleep, Luo Jinan dreamt of something. He heard all kinds of terrifying screams in his dreams.

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“Go, General!”

“Theyve betrayed you, General! They ambushed us!”

“Theyre going to kill you!”

“You have to survive, Luo Jinan. Youre our clans only hope. You have to continue living no matter how difficult it gets.”



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