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Ch15 - The day before the typhoon.

Editor: Waterlily- Overlord Shay

In October, both Xue Yingshuang and Xing Yun were busy. 

Xing Yun came home late more often these days.

When Xue Yingshuang asked, Xing Yun only replied: “There are many things to do.”

Xue Yingshuang is also too busy to spare time for anything extra.

When he finished doing his work every day, he was studying after.

The exam materials were reviewed for the third time, but he still didn’t have much confidence.



Because of this, he didn’t notice the mysterious smile that Xing Yun occasionally showed.

On the second weekend of October, Xing Yun was about to go on a business trip. 

He took the luggage that Xue Yingshuang had prepared for him, with fatigue on his face, but joy in his eyes: “I will be able to relax when I come back this time.”


Xue Yingshuang stood in front of him to tie his tie, also looking tired.

He added: “Then you…”

Xue Yingshuang: “”

Xing Yun shut his mouth: “It’s nothing.”


On the night he came back from a business trip, Xing Yun didn’t even have time to check his documents in his study room and worked directly in the living room.

He was talking on the phone in the living room, scolding and jumping, like a dog with an attack of rabies.

When he gets angry, he would pick up the cup and throw it.

But as soon as he raised his hand, he saw Xue Yingshuang standing next to him with a broom and dustpan.

The two looked at each other, and Xue Yingshuang hurriedly made a “please” gesture to Xing Yun.


Xing Yun: “……” 

Xue Yingshuang thought that Xing Yun didn’t understand, and then whispered softly: “Smash, smash it hard, I’ll sweep it later.”

Xing Yun silently put the cup back on the table again, his anger stifled with nowhere to go.

It was so annoying.

He thought he would be able to comfortably wait for the weekend to go on a trip with Xue Yingshuang after the business trip.

He didn’t expect that unexpected situations would follow one after another.

From the looks of it, he might not be able to go on a trip this weekend.

Xing Yun stole a glance at Xue Yingshuang, only to see Xue Yingshuang’s face absent-minded again.

He was sweeping the air with a broom in his hand and mumbling to himself as if he was possessed. 

Xing Yun took a deep breath and continued to work with patience.

No matter how busy or tired he is, he has to free up this weekend.

Otherwise, if the little stand-in doesn’t go out to relax, I’m afraid it will be useless.

On Friday, when Xing Yun came back from work, it was already half past one in the morning. 

He is a night owl, and Xue Yingshuang is also a night owl.

However, there is no light in Xue Yingshuang’s room today.

He should have fallen asleep.

It’s rare for Xue Yingshuang to go to bed so early.


Xing Yun originally wanted to go into the room to raid, but thinking about giving Xue Yingshuang a surprise tomorrow, he took back the hand that had been placed on the door handle.

Xing Yun stood in front of Xue Yingshuang’s door, simulating tomorrow’s course of events in his mind: 

He would get up early.

Wash his face and rinse his mouth.

Go to the second bedroom.

Storm Xue Yingshuang in his sleep. 

Tell Xue Yingshuang to go out to have fun.

Xue Yingshuang would be moved to tears.

With great compassion, he will help Xue Yingshuang wipe away his tears.

The more Xing Yun thought about it, the more happy he became, and after a while he became worried again… What if Xue Yingshuang loves me more and more 

It’s really a headache.

On Saturday morning, Xing Yun successfully overslept.

All night, he was as excited as the elementary school students who were going out for an outing and couldn’t sleep.

He finally fell asleep, and when he opened his eyes, it was past dawn.

He grabs the phone and takes a look.

It’s half past eight… It’s okay, it’s not too late. 

Xing Yun walked into the bathroom, quickly brushing with a toothbrush, while browsing the news on his phone.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

[Weather forecast: The typhoon is expected to make landfall tomorrow evening.]

Wlcu Tec: “”

Lf tjr yffc yers klat kbgx atfrf vjsr jcv cba lc atf wbbv ab qjs jaafcalbc ab atf cfkr.

Lbk mbeiv j asqtbbc revvfcis mbwf bea bo cbktfgf 

Pr la ralii jc jeaewc asqtbbc

Lf tegglfvis ibbxfv bea atf klcvbk.

Ktf kfjatfg kjr mifjg jcv atfgf kjr cb rluc bo j asqtbbc mbwlcu.


But it’s okay if the typhoon comes.

They’re leaving today and staying for one night.

They should be back tomorrow evening.

Who cares if there is a typhoon or not

Xing Yun quickly took care of himself, narrowed his expression, and left the bedroom indifferently. 

Through the corridor, he came to the living room.

The living room was empty.

There’s no one here, okay, Xue Yingshuang should be in the kitchen.

However, when he went to the kitchen, the kitchen was empty. 

Where did he go

Xing Yun went around the house and looked for every room, but found that Xue Yingshuang was gone.

Did he go shopping No, Xue Yingshuang likes to buy groceries with him on weekends, so it is impossible to go out by himself.

Xing Yun called Xue Yingshuang directly. 

The phone rang a few times, Xue Yingshuang picked it up, but then hung up.

Xing Yun was stunned.

He called again but Xue Yingshuang turned off his phone.

“Whose phone rang” The proctor said loudly, “Again, all phones should be turned off and put in your bag.

The bag is not allowed to be brought into the examination room.

If someone’s phone rings later, their points will be deducted directly.” 

“Sorry.” On the other side of A City, Xue Yingshuang hurriedly turned off the phone and stuffed it into his bag, intending to leave it in the hallway.

Today Xue Yingshuang is no longer wearing a white shirt and suit pants, he changed back to his washed white T-shirt and jeans.

He put his bag away and trotted to join the group again, standing at the end of the line.

After working at Xing Yun’s for a long time, Xue Yingshuang had long been accustomed to being expressionless. 

But today he couldn’t control his expression.

He frowned, his eyes kept blinking, holding the admission ticket tightly in one hand and the pencil case in the other, unconsciously trembling slightly.

There are people of all ages in the group, and everyone looks as nervous as Xue Yingshuang.


After a while, Xue Yingshuang, who was at the end of the line, stepped into the examination room and the proctor closed the door.

Today is the first day of the self-examination. 

The self-examination is divided into specialist self-examination and undergraduate self-examination.

Candidates with a specialist degree can directly participate in the undergraduate self-examination, while people like Xue Yingshuang who only have a junior high school degree need to obtain a specialist degree before they are eligible to take the self-examination for an undergraduate degree.

There are many ways to get an undergraduate degree as soon as possible, such as buying a fake high school certificate, and then studying books for a specialized program, that is, while using the adult college entrance examination, or online education, e-university majors, while taking the undergraduate exam.

But this is risky and improper.

Therefore, Xue Yingshuang chose the most practical path, first self-examination for a specialist degree, and then self-examination for an undergraduate degree. 

In the past two or three years, although he has been slow on taking the exam, he has also completed most of the specialties self-examination.

After finishing the exam this time, he can start the undergraduate exam.

There are four self-examinations a year, two days each time, and one subject is taken in the afternoon every day.

There are a total of 16 compulsory courses in each major.

If he applies for four courses in each exam, he can get an undergraduate degree within one year at the fastest.

The contract between Xue Yingshuang and Xing Yun is only one year, but Xing Yun will not necessarily renew it.

Xue Yingshuang can’t really rest assured that there is much time to study. 

Therefore, his requirement for himself is that he must pass all subjects at one go.

Because of this, this month he almost went crazy studying, studying during the day and attending the school at night.

He secretly memorized the exam content while working, for fear that he would not remember it well.

He didn’t know who was calling just now, but he had no intention of taking care of it anymore.

When the bell rang, Xue Yingshuang took a deep breath and started answering questions with his pencil. 

At half past eleven, the bell rang.

Checking his paper over one final time, Xue Yingshuang put down his pen and left the examination room following the instructions of the proctor.

The weather is no longer as bright as in the morning.

At this time, the sky is a little cloudy and the air is very sultry.

The examination room is in a senior high school.

There is no one on the campus on Sunday, making it even more empty after the exam candidates left. 

Xue Yingshuang casually found an empty corridor where there was no one.

He sat down, took out bread and textbooks from his bag, and reviewed the afternoon exam while gnawing on the bread.

Not knowing how long he has been studying, Xue Yingshuang frowned.

He stared at the book, reached into his bag and fumbled for his phone, trying to check an unclear point of knowledge.


He didn’t even look at the phone, he just pressed the power button.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated.

When he looked at it, he saw numerous missed calls and messages pouring in at the same time.

The phone kept vibrating and almost jamming the phone. 

It took less than ten seconds to turn on the phone, and the phone rang.

It was from Xing Yun.

Xue Yingshuang picked it up inexplicably: “Hello, what…”

“Where the hell are you!!!” 

Xing Yun’s voice came out of the phone like an explosion, and Xue Yingshuang hurriedly took the phone away.

What’s going on

“Where have you been Are you safe”

Xing Yun’s voice was manic, similar to his thunderous voice when he was working, but it was not so similar, and it was more a bit hoarse. 

His voice was so loud that even the people passing by at the end of the corridor looked back.

Xue Yingshuang hurriedly covered his phone and whispered, “I’m fine, calm down.”

“Calm down, how do you expect me to calm down! I couldn’t find you when I got up early in the morning!”

Xue Yingshuang was bewildered: “Isn’t today my vacation” 

Xing Yun roared: “Vacation What a fart of vacation! Today is your vacation day! Who said you could take a vacation”

Xue Yingshuang: “I mentioned it to you last time.”

Xing Yun paused, and then said, “When Did I give permission”

Xue Yingshuang said, “I told you a month ago.

At that time, you asked me what I would do if I got an undergraduate degree.

Later, I requested for leave of absence from you, and you said to do whatever I want.” 

Xing Yun remembered, but he just said quickly: “The vacation is canceled, you should return back now.”

Xue Yingshuang: “I still have something to do.

I can’t go back until tomorrow night.”


Xing Yun: “What else is there that you have to do”

Xue Yingshuang: “Self-examination exam.” 

Xing Yun went silent again, but then said, “I don’t care about your **ty exams, you will come back immediately!”

Xue Yingshuang said calmly: “I can’t go back until I finish the exam tomorrow.”

Xing Yun: “You dare If you don’t come back today, you will get out of this house, and never come back.”

Xue Yingshuang was silent for a moment, then replied: “I won’t take the initiative to get out.

If you want to fire me, remember to go through the formal process and don’t forget N 1.” 

Xing Yun: “Get lost.”

The phone hangs up.

The sky was extremely gloomy, and the clouds finally couldn’t hold the rain, big raindrops fell one after another.

Raindrops fell on Xue Yingshuang, wetting his thin face.

He looked up at the sky and saw that the sky was boundless gray. 

He wiped the rain from his face, picked up the book and walked to the other side.

He looked down at the book again, as if nothing had happened just now.

On the other side of the city, Xing Yun was lying on the steering wheel in his car.

Xing Yun has always worn a suit to go out but at this time, he was wearing his home clothes, his hair was messy, he even had a pair of slippers on his feet.

The car door was half open, and he was about to get out of the car, but he got through Xue Yingshuang’s phone a second before getting out of the car. 

The rain kept pouring into the car from the door, but he did not react, leaving the door open.

“Lad,” a policeman knocked on the window glass, “Don’t park in front of the police station, quickly drive away.”

Xing Yun looked up and whispered, “I’m sorry, I’ll drive away.”

Xing Yun was about to close the car door, but the police grabbed the car door and asked, “Why are your feet bleeding You came to report to the police” 

There is a one or two-centimeter-long scar on the calf of Xing Yun’s left foot.

The blood on the scar was not dry yet, and a large area of red and purple bruising made it look shocking to see.

Only then did Xing Yun notice that he was injured.


He was hung up in the morning, thinking that something had happened to Xue Yingshuang.

He searched all around his home, and even went to the supermarket to find him.

After looking around without seeing anyone, he rushed home to ask the property to transfer the CCTV to him. 

Watching the CCTV, he saw Xue Yingshuang go out at six o’clock in the morning.

The things in Xue Yingshuang’s room were not cleaned up, and the clothes were still there, unlike running away from home.

Xing Yun was puzzled, and finally thought of calling the police.

He was so anxious that his left foot was clipped by the car door before he got in the car, and he almost shouted out in pain. 

But he didn’t have time to take care of it, so he just got in and drove off.

Now he was reminded that there was such a situation.

Xing Yun tucked his left foot in and tried to hide it.

He raised his head and politely said to the police: “It was caught by the car door and I was about to go to the hospital.”


The police looked around the car and saw that the car was neat and tidy.

Apart from a paler face, there was nothing unusual about Xing Yun himself.

Re-examining Xing Yun’s wound, there were indeed scrapes. 

The policeman said, “Then go quickly, don’t delay.”

Xing Yun nodded and drove away.

Instead of going to the hospital, Xing Yun went straight home.

Halfway through, the phone rang. 

Xing Yun’s eyes lit up, but after picking up the phone, he heard Bai Qianyi’s voice, and his gaze dimmed again.

“Are you okay I called you just now and was hung up on.”

Bai Qianyi called before Xing Yun arrived at the police station, but in order to continue calling Xue Yingshuang, Xing Yun directly hung up on Bai Qianyi.

Xing Yun: “I was a little busy just now…” 

Bai Qianyi: “Is it really nothing I don’t hear much spirit in your voice.”

Xing Yun cheerfully said, “En, it’s nothing.”


Bai Qianyi smiled and said, “It scared me.

The first time you hung up the phone, I thought something had happened.”

Xing Yun laughed lightly, but did not answer. 

Bai Qianyi: “It’s good that it’s nothing, are you free Let’s have a chat.”

Xing Yun was silent for a moment, and then said, “Bai Qianyi, let’s not talk about it today, I’m a little tired.”

The call ended and the car was quiet, with only the sound of rain remaining.

The rain kept falling, the wipers swept on the glass, the road ahead was clear and then vague. 

The author has something to say:

About self-examination:

The rules for self-exams vary slightly from place to place, and there are new reforms in 2020.

The rules in this article have been adjusted and mixed up somewhat for the sake of the plot setting, which are not fully in line with reality.


Editor’s note:  Even when you can see the train wreck coming, the damage it does is still tragic..

Always know the other person’s schedule before making plans and always let someone know where you are going.



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