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Ch3 - Work Preparation

Editor: Waterlily- Overlord Shay

Xue Yingshuang’s guess was half correct, Xing Yun regretted it. 

Xing Yun laid on the large double bed in the master bedroom, unable to sleep for a long time.

He tossed and turned, and finally simply sat up, with his back to the warm yellow light from the bedside lamp, looking gloomily out the dark window.




On the day he first met Xue Yingshuang, he just happened to look at Xue Yingshuang as he was passing by, and then involuntarily stopped in his tracks. 

This is the person.


This person reminded him of Bai Qianyi.

Xing Yun seemed to be bewitched, and his mind was filled with desire to get this person by his side.

Let’s say he was muddle-headed for a moment, there are obviously countless opportunities to sober up.

But he had already asked someone to invite Xue Yingshuang over.

He had been waiting with great anticipation for two days for the phone call, yet he had rushed to sign the contract.


It wasn’t until all kinds of things happened tonight that he came to his senses and realized what a stupid decision he had made.

It’s really crazy.

Xing Yun picked up his phone irritably.

His subordinates had previously sent a few messages asking about work.

He patiently replied with two string messages, but he became more and more angry and wanted to send voice messages full of curses.


But when he opened the Moments and saw Bai Qianyi’s newly formed Moments, his belly full of fire was instantly swept away. 

“The boss finally let people go, I should take a holiday to go sightseeing.” Bai Qianyi posted this with nine photos of him sitting by the lake drinking coffee.

Xing Yun zoomed in on Bai Qianyi’s selfie again and again, savoring every corner.

Bai Qianyi, who was on vacation, was still wearing a straight white shirt and black suit pants.

His eyebrows were picturesque, and his demeanor was elegant, even the way he sipped his coffee was very gentle.

Thinking of Xue Yingshuang again, even though he is a little similar in appearance to Bai Qianyi, all of him was inferior.

He’s afraid that Xue Yingshuang has never even drunk coffee. 

Xing Yun took a look at the photo,  then looked at it again, and finally couldn’t help but open the dialog box to send a message to Bai Qianyi.

“Lawyer Bai, such a busy person, is willing to take a vacation”

Bai Qianyi replied after a while: “The boss is finally willing to let people go, it’s only natural to go on vacation.”

“Since you’re on vacation, when will you be back” After Xing Yun typed it, his finger paused above the send button, he hesitated to press it.

After a while, he deleted the text, threw the phone aside, and lay down irritably. 

Over the years, he has struggled to figure out whether he likes or dislikes Bai Qianyi.

If he does, why doesn’t he ever want to talk about it.


If he doesn’t like him, then why does he want to bring someone back as soon as he sees Xue Yingshuang.

If he doesn’t like Bai Qianyi, then why did he want to bring Xue Yingshuang back as soon as he saw him. 

He didn’t understand, he really didn’t understand.

The only thing he knew was that Xue Yingshuang had poor taste, and his habits were very different from Bai Qianyi.

In any case, he had to remove Xue Yingshuang.

He is used to living alone, it is best for him to be alone, no one can disturb his peace.

Xing Yun didn’t sleep well, but had to get up early the next morning to go to work.

His employees would get up from their bed also, but they hadn’t fully woken up yet. 

He opened his bedroom door to leave, and a strong smell of coffee filled his nostrils.

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Hearing the sound of footsteps, the man turned around with a gentle and calm expression: “Good morning.” 

It was Xue Yingshuang.

Xing Yun woke up in an instant, but the scene just now made him less annoying by half than last night.

“Have a drink.” Xue Yingshuang brought the freshly brewed coffee to the table, “I don’t know your tastes, do you want to add milk or sugar”

Xing Yun sat down, only then did he notice that the sugar jar and milk jug were already prepared on the table.

He poured a little milk into the coffee and took a sip. 

This coffee has a strong fragrance, with a smooth and gentle taste, and it is really well brewed.

At the same time, Xing Yun glanced at Xue Yingshuang on the side.

Xue Yingshuang’s expression was calm, and his posture of holding a coffee cup was naturally relaxed.

Just last night Xing Yun guessed that this guy might not even have drunk coffee, but he didn’t expect he could make coffee, it was really unexpected.

Xing Yun was quite satisfied with this. 

In fact, Xing Yun didn’t guess wrong.

Today is the first time Xue Yingshuang has drunk coffee in his life.

Last night, he realized that his career as a stand-in was approaching a crisis and immediately began to think of ideas.


How to be a competent stand-in He thinks that he doesn’t have to be 100% like the white moonlight, but he must follow the boss’s preferences.

He thought of the coffee machine he saw in the kitchen when he was packing away stuff last night. 

There is a coffee machine, either Xing Yun likes to drink coffee, or the white moonlight likes to drink it.

If Xing Yun likes to drink it, then it’s just right to make a cup of coffee.

If white moonlight likes to drink it, that’s good enough to make Xing Yun recall the scene of the white moonlight drinking coffee.

Anyway, it’s good to get some coffee.

He’d never even tasted coffee before in his life, let alone knew how to operate this machine that is full of English words, with one handle here and several nozzles there.

But he is not afraid, he’ll just learn if he doesn’t know how, there is nothing that a part-time worker can’t do. 

So Xue Yingshuang started by checking the words, and then searched the Internet for the operation method.

He tried step by step, and when he failed, he started again.

It wasn’t until dawn, before Xing Yun got up, that he finally stood idly with his coffee.

Seeing that the murderous aura on Xing Yun’s face has faded a lot compared to last night, Xue Yingshuang knows that his strategy is effective.

“Do you want to eat breakfast” Xue Yingshuang asked.

“No need.” Xing Yun said, “The assistant will prepare it.” 

Although he was rejected, Xing Yun was willing to respond to him, and Xue Yingshuang knew that Xing Yun was in a good mood.

But in order to make the ATM slave happier, Xue Yingshuang showed another result of his efforts from last night.

He said: “I don’t usually go out.

Help me prepare a computer so I can study at home.”

Xue Yingshuang, a person who has only been to an Internet cafe, just asked Xing Yun for a top-end Macbook pro.

Xue Yingshuang was used to frugality, and when he spoke, he felt sorry for Xing Yun’s wallet.

However, Xing Yun just nodded, not only did he not feel sorry about the money, he was quite satisfied with this extravagant request. 

Xing Yun changed his mood from yesterday and commuted Xue Yingshuang’s sentence, from someone who had been sentenced to death, to a suspended death sentence.

As soon as Xing Yun went out, Xue Yingshuang immediately collapsed.

He hadn’t slept all night, his body was very tired, but his mind was awake due to the caffeine, which was really uncomfortable.

He rested for a moment to catch his breath, then got up to work again.

He didn’t fall asleep until it was time to get off work at nine o’clock in the morning. 

At noon, Xue Yingshuang got up for a home cooked meal and started studying.

At 4:00 p.m., Xue Yingshuang closed his books and began to prepare for tonight’s work.


When Xue Yun came home from work, Xue Yingshuang was preparing to eat.

Xue Yingshuang got up to greet him, and at the same time said apologetically: “I’m sorry, I’m just eating now.

I’ll clean it up immediately.” 

Xing Yun untied his tie with one hand and walked over to see what Xue Yingshuang was eating.

He saw a small plate on the dining table, with a creamy smoked salmon pasta on the plate.The amount of pasta is not much, just a small ball, and the plating is beautiful.

The smoked salmon on the top is also arranged in the shape of a rose, which is quite unique.

There were no noodles and no Lao Ganma, Xing Yun was very satisfied.

Xing Yun said, “It’s okay, you eat.” 

Xue Yingshuang asked: “Would you like some”

Xing Yun shook his head, but after a moment he nodded and took a bite from Xue Yinshuang’s fork.

Although he doesn’t like to eat such things, it tastes good, as if Bai Qianyi usually likes to eat it.

“Once more How’s the taste” 

“You can eat it.” Xing Yun put down the fork and said after a while, “It’s okay.”

Of course the taste is okay.

When Xue Yingshuang tried it, he ate two large plates in one breath, leaving the last small bite for the boss to taste.

If Xing Yun doesn’t rob him, he would naturally be happy to eat it slowly.

It’s nice to have a paid meal. 

Xue Yingshuang’s change of sentence was taken into consideration in Xing Yun’s eyes, and Xue Yingshuang’s sentence was commuted from a suspended death sentence to a life sentence, and he even considered acquitting him.

Of course, he’s still observing.

After another two days, the environment will be tranquil again.

Xue Yingshuang’s rich part-time experience is reflected in the work of a stand-in.

At first, Xing Yun was not used to having more people at home, but within a few days, he became accustomed to the fragrant smell of coffee when he opened his eyes, and when he went home, the house was spotless for days. 

Xue Yingshuang himself is quiet and well-behaved, and he is very comfortable to get along with.

If he is dissatisfied, the other party will not make the same mistake the next day.

In short, although it is unsatisfactory, it is not unacceptable.


The computer ordered for Xue Yingshuang arrived.

When Xing Yun got home, he gave the computer to Xue Yingshuang, although Xue Yingshuang didn’t smile, his face obviously lit up and was very excited.

President Xing finally realized the joy of providing for a little lover. 

“Go and try it.”

“Thank you boss.”

Xue Yingshuang went back to his room with the computer in his arms, and tore the plastic film outside the box two or three times.

The silver-gray metal shell of the computer was smooth and easy to touch.

He touched it again and again, and the corners of his mouth curled up secretly.

A computer that he couldn’t even think about in his life…… He actually has a computer! 

Xue Yingshuang turned on the computer and began to figure out how to do the initial set up.

He rarely even goes to Internet cafes and is not familiar with operating a computer, so he does it step by step very slowly.

After waiting for a while, Xing Yun didn’t see Xue Yingshuang coming out, so he simply went to his side.

Xing Yun rarely comes to this room, and never entered it after Xue Yingshuang moved in.

But this room is not much different from what he saw that day.

The only things added are the books on the desk and the person at the table. 

Xing Yun came up behind Xue Yingshuang and saw the corners of Xue Yingshuang’s mouth were hooked.

He thought to himself that it was rare today, so he allowed the little stand-in to smile.

Xue Yingshuang was very focused, so he didn’t say anything, and just casually picked up Xue Yingshuang’s book.

This person actually likes to read books, there are books on the table, and also takes notes on the books.

Xing Yun unconsciously raised the corner of his mouth, and looked at the book to read it.

It’s just that when he took a closer look at the contents of the book, he faintly realized that something was wrong. 

He frowned, and immediately opened the next book, and finally turned back to the cover.……

“You don’t have an undergraduate degree”

Xue Yingshuang, who was concentrating on the computer, looked back and saw Xing Yun’s ashen complexion, nodding slightly in astonishment.


Xing Yun is going crazy.

It was hard for him to have a favorable impression towards this person, but he never thought that this person had no undergraduate degree.

You know, Bai Qianyi graduated from a prestigious school in the United States, but he found a stand-in who didn’t even have an undergraduate degree.

He really didn’t know who he was insulting.


“Why didn’t you go to college”

Xing Yun’s tone was tough, almost demanding an explanation.

Xue Yingshuang’s expression was not very natural, and he said softly like a child who had made a mistake: “I didn’t participate in the college entrance examination…” 

“Why don’t you go and take the exam”

Xue Yingshuang didn’t answer this time, he simply looked away.

Xing Yun thought of a more frightening possibility and asked again, “Did you graduate from high school”

Shook his head. 

“You only graduated from junior high school”

He nodded.

In the room, the two were silent and didn’t speak.

Xue Yingshuang’s fingers pressed hard, and finally raised his head and said seriously: “So I’m taking the self-examination, I’ll take the…”

However, Xing Yun didn’t listen anymore, and directly turned away. 

You can learn what you don’t know, but there are some things that you can’t change by learning.

Xue Yingshuang actually understands both.

Xing Yun decided to end this contract.

He didn’t hesitate anymore, and decided to take Xue Yingshuang to a farewell dinner the next day, and then revoke the contract on the spot. 

In the evening of the next day, Xing Yun went home early.

He said to Xue Yingshuang: “Take your stuff with you, let’s go eat outside.”

Xue Yingshuang didn’t say a word, just carried the backpack he had brought with him.

Xing Yun noticed that the computer was still on the table, and added, “Bring the computer too.”

He said so, and Xue Yingshuang was also not polite, even the computer case was taken away directly. 

Xue Yingshuang knew exactly what he wanted to do, and he knew that he couldn’t forcibly redeem himself.

He thought to himself that he could make as much as he could.

This computer costs 30,000 yuan, and it will not be sold for cheap.


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