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The Young Masters Bride Chapter 28

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Li Beichen Has A Son

Ye Qingge never thought that Li Beichen would throw down his chopsticks and storm off.

She stared into space, holding her bowl. Why was this man so fond of throwing tantrums He was like a child.

“Youre dead. Youve angered my little uncle,” Li Nancheng said cooly.

Looks like Im going to have to school this irritable wife of mine.

“Ignore him and eat your food. Thats just how he is — bad-tempered,” Li Xingming spoke up as well.

Ye Qingge stared at Li Beichens untouched bowl of rice and blinked.

Then, she continued eating her meal.

After finishing dinner and cleaning up the kitchen, Ye Qingge was summoned to Li Nanchengs room.

Li Nancheng lay on his bed like a prince while Ye Qingge cut an apple for him.

“Im telling you, my little uncle has a bad temper. Dont annoy him again.”

If he married Ye Qingge, he would have a huge headache if she consistently caused trouble for him.

“Also, he really hates it whenever women approach him. Ill have the chauffeur pick you up from now on. Dont take his car anymore. One more thing, sit next to me at the dinner table.”

His grandfather insisted on having Ye Qingge sit next to his little uncle during dinner time. This made him very uncomfortable.

Ye Qingge did not answer. Instead, she slowly put the apple slices on the fruit platter.

She had never approached Li Beichen on her own. It was he who had been approaching her.

“Youre going to marry me anyway. Since youre going to find out sooner or later, Ill give you a heads-up. My little uncle has a son. His name is Mumu. Hes been going through special training with my little uncles friend. Hell be back in a few days, so try to avoid that little brat if you see him, understand Do not offend him.”

Li Nancheng could not help feeling a shiver down his spine when he mentioned Mumu.

That little demon was the creator of all human tragedies.

Ye Qingges hold on the knife stiffened.Li Beichen has a son Then why would he tell me that hed consider marrying me

“I thought your little uncle was single” She did not know why she asked this question. She swore that it did not come from a place of concern for Li Beichen.

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“Hes not married! My little uncle came back from a foreign country a few years ago with a son! Oh… How should I explain this Yunyi and I have a theory — my little uncle likes men. He wont let any woman near him, but hes fine with men.”

Ye Qingges question over his little uncles marital status sent alarm bells ringing in Li Nanchengs head.

Any woman would be attracted to his little uncle, so it was best for him to get rid of all her intentions as soon as possible.

“He likes men”

Ye Qingge was surprised.Li Beichen is homosexual

“Mm-hmm, and it looks like hes slept with one before. Actually, that man was quite compatible with him. But I think he was involved with the mafia. All of my grandpas hair turned white overnight right after that day.”

For some reason, Ye Qingge felt her stomach churn.

Li Beichen is gay. But…he kissed me… and touched me…

Ye Qingge ran into the bathroom with her hand over her mouth and gagged.

Its no wonder he said that I was different after kissing me and telling me that he didnt like having women near him… Am I an experiment to him Is that why hes doing this to me Because he isnt repulsed by my presence

“Ye Qingge, are you alright” Li Nancheng asked worriedly after limping to the bathroom and seeing Ye Qingge retching over the sink.

“Youre not disgusted by my little uncles preference for guys, are you”

“Does your little uncle really like men” Ye Qingge asked, her face pale from all the heaving.

Li Nancheng stared at Ye Qingge, pondering his answer. Though he was making assumptions, her concern over his little uncles affairs felt threatening to him. Thus, left with no choice, he nodded.

Aw man, Im sorry, Little Uncle!



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