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Ch1 - Crossing over

Editor: Decembery


Qiu Yu felt as though he had fallen into a sea of fire.

Their defensive battle against unceasing waves of crazed mutant beasts had been exceedingly cruel and fierce—they had exhausted their bullets, shot all their arrows, and when even the edges of their blades were nicked and blunted, they still struggled and fought back with their fleshly bodies and teeth.

Innumerous soldiers had died, ruthlessly ripped to shreds, chewed, and devoured in the jaws of murderous beasts, losing their lives without seeing even a glimmer of victory…



…And yet, where was the fire coming from

It burned across every inch of his skin, setting fire to his organs and lungs such that every breath was accompanied by a scorching heat… 

A faint idea rose to the surface of his thoughts—it really was difficult enduring his heat without inhibitors.




…What’s that


His mind was in chaos; countless fragmentary, blurred thoughts and sentiments circled in his mind, entangling inextricably with his own memories.

Sometimes he recalled the brutal battles against tides of mutant beasts, other times dreaming of himself sketching on a light screen.

Sometimes, he thought of all his comrades that had lost their lives to the beasts’ teeth, and sometimes he remembered the icy cold funerals and the pain of losing a beloved one… 

Qiu Yu gritted his teeth, enduring the painful yet somewhat itchy torture plaguing him.

Unable to muster the strength to escape, he could only go with the flow, desperately hanging onto his last traces of resolve in the turbulent heat tide—he must survive. 

As a soldier, he could choose to sacrifice himself for victory, but he would never allow his death to be for nothing, and he must never lose his will to live because he couldn’t endure the pain. 


He must… survive!  




“So you just forcibly endured your heat, without taking inhibitors or calling the doctor” 

The girl sitting by the window widened her eyes, “If it weren’t for me sensing something was wrong, were you planning on just toughing it out for the three-day heat period, risking your life by not eating or drinking” 

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The girl named Xu Qingqing was Qiu Yu’s, no, the original body’s neighbour, having just moved into the affordably priced single Omegas’ apartment last summer and coincidently settling in next door to Qiu Yu.

Both of them, being kind and innocent, gradually became good friends, occasionally coming together to play games.

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Xu Qingqing didn’t shy away either, “The home visit plus medicine totaled 2875 star coins.

The doctor scanned your healthcare code, so you can check the digital receipt for specifics.”

Upon receiving the transfer, she paused.

“What did you give me 3000 for”


Qiu Yu smiled, “Thank you for taking care of me last night.”

After confirming that he wasn’t in any mortal danger, the doctor had prescribed him the medicine and promptly left.

Therefore, it was Xu Qingqing who had stayed and watched over him all night until he woke up. 

However, Xu Qingqing returned the extra money to Qiu Yu.

“Forget it, you can’t even bear to spend money to buy inhibitors, what’s the point of being so generous to me”

She smiled, saying, “If you really want to thank me, how about waiting until you’re better to carry me to rank up on ‘Century’s Finale’ The Early Spring Invitationals just released their limited championship skins, so this season I’m going to rush to raise my rank and get the same skin as god Mu!”

Qiu Yu caught a few key words from her speech, springing to mind pieces of fragmented memories—true-to-life ruins, familiar yet foreign battlefields, streamlined guns and weapons, ‘Century’s Finale’, god Mu, Mu Feibai, Alpha, the Star Alliance’s officially recognised no.1 god of war…

Suppressing the killing intent awakened by images of battle, Qiu Yu kept his tone similar to that of the original body, “No problem.” 

The original body also played ‘Century’s Finale’, and was already at the rank of “Colonel”.

Before the end of this competition season, all players of “Major” rank or above could choose a skin from the five championship skins for free.

Xu Qingqing probably meant to rank up with him.

According to the fragments of memory about the game, Qiu Yu was confident he could do it.

Chatting a little more about the game, Xu Qingqing suddenly changed the topic, “By the way, what are you planning to do from now on”

A little confused, Qiu Yu questioned, “…my plan” 

“Yeah,” said Xu Qingqing, “aren’t you already 25 You can’t apply to get inhibitors for free anymore, and you’re still not willing to register for a matching at the Civil Affairs Bureau, right If that childhood friend you’ve been waiting for doesn’t come, are you planning to spend a couple of thousand star coins every month to buy inhibitors, and endure a lifetime of heats alone”

Upon hearing her mention the “childhood friend”, Qiu Yu was slightly stunned by the numerous memory fragments floating to the surface of his thoughts.

Sorting through them, Qiu Yu gave a bitter smile as the original body would, “He… got married a couple days ago.”

And even sent the original body an invitation. 

No wonder the original body’s memories had been muddle-headed and despondent in the past few days, even forgetting to buy inhibitors.

Xu Qingqing fell silent for a moment, before asking, “then when are you planning to register for a match”

Qiu Yu: …

Speaking of this question, it was hard to avoid thinking of his current condition—this world was drastically different from the one he lived in before; other than the male-female division, this world also had Alphas, Betas, and Omegas.

And the body he now inexplicably possessed is a male Omega—not only squeamish and fragile, his current body could also get pregnant and have children. 

God knows how much willpower it took for him to hold together his collapsing worldview and not have a mental breakdown on the spot, right in front of Xu Qingqing.

Seeing Qiu Yu staying silent, Xu Qingqing lightly sighed, “Don’t be so resistant to the Civil Affairs Bureau’s matching process, they make judgments according to the advice of sociologists and psychologists.

So far, there hasn’t been a single case of divorce between those with a matching of A or above, while many Alphas and Omegas who got together voluntarily eventually are divorced.

If I can’t get a matching rating of A in two years, I would even give those of B ratings a chance.”


Qiu Yu forcibly kept a straight face, “…I don’t want to look for a partner.”

After being a straight man for more than thirty years in the Apocalypse, he really was not mentally prepared to be bedded by a man. 

As for finding a female Alpha As if—compared to being done by a woman, he would rather find a man.

At least he had seen men bedding men, thus his worldviews wouldn’t collapse beyond recognition.

Moreover, according to his experience last night and the memories of the original body, as long as he used inhibitors in time, it wasn’t too hard to tide through heats.

He could endure it.

Seeing that she couldn’t convince him, Xu Qingqing didn’t urge him further, returning to her room after telling him to take medicine on time.

Hearing the door open and close, Qiu Yu waited for a while to confirm Xu Qingqing wouldn’t suddenly come back before lifting the quilt and rolling out of bed, stumbling to the dressing mirror behind the door. 

The person in the mirror was exactly the same as he saw in the memory fragments, with a petite, slender waist, fragile and weak-looking limbs, and delicate porcelain skin.

Ebony hair hung down to the eyebrows, revealing lustrous and exquisite apricot eyes with irises the colour of ink, paired with a dainty nose and rosy lips.

The person in the mirror didn’t look at all like a 25-year-old, but rather a youthful teenager.

Qiu Yu stared into the mirror for a while, before raising his hand to his face.

Oh well, even though his past body could probably snap his current body like a twig with one hand, it was still a precious gift from heaven that he could have another life after dying in battle, and in a peaceful world, at that.

This life, this body, was a gift, so he couldn’t be too picky. 

Just… where did the soul of the original body go

As soon as the thought arose, bits and pieces of memories appeared in Qiu Yu’s mind.

Shocked, he quickly turned on his bracelet, logging into the original body’s serial manga account and finding the prepared chapter to be released tonight, immediately clicking into the “Author’s notes” column.

In the column lay a couple of hundred words, expressing the original body’s despair and emotional breakdown, and revealing his plan to end it all and give up on himself, before a final farewell to all the readers that had supported him. 

After reading silently for a long time, Qiu Yu deleted this confession and wrote a couple typical ending phrases instead.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Qiu Yu declared, “Since your intention to give up your life coincided with my arrival, from now on, how this body will continue to live will be up to me—no objections allowed.

Someone who gives up on life so easily isn’t qualified to negotiate with me.”

In the mirror, the youth’s spirit gradually became steady and resolute, his eyes revealing a cold and ruthless killing intent.


The sound of a stomach rumbling echoed in the room.

The coldness and killing intent on Qiu Yu’s face instantly crumbled.


He tidied his hair, following his memories to the fridge, taking out and heating up a bag of compound nutrients, before slurping it all clean, finally calming down his rumbling stomach.

The food here tasted so much better than that in the Apocalypse, it’s really amazing… 

Yet, when fragmentary images of delicacies flashed through his mind, Qiu Yu suddenly felt as though the nutrients didn’t taste as good as it did.

However, the original body’s financial situation was a little bleak, and since he himself wasn’t entirely clear about what he could do for a living in the future, Qiu Yu didn’t dare to order food from the internet, instead trying to convince himself the nutrients were pretty sweet—at least, when compared to the brutality of the apocalypse.

After eating, Qiu Yu spent a couple of hours carefully combing through the original body’s memories.

Later, he opened the sketching software and tried to draw the next chapter according to the outline the original body had prepared. 

However, ten minutes later, Qiu Yu looked at the distorted lines and highly abstract colour blocks on the light screen, and determined one thing—sketching was probably a skill tied to the soul.

Even if he had inherited all of the original’s memories, it was still incredibly difficult to take over the original’s mantle and continue making money through painting.

The issue of money was getting more serious by the minute.

As an older Omega, his pheromones aren’t very stable and his heat cycles are also chaotic.

In addition to his weak physique, jobs that require leaving the house were highly risky.

Moreover, his current skill set… except for fighting, he was basically incompetent. 

From now on, how he could work to feed himself was literally a question of life and death.

Could it be that he really had to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and find a man to support himself!

As Qiu Yu sank into contemplation, his bracelet suddenly buzzed.

It was a message from Xu Qingqing: I’m awake! Come come come, log on, let’s go play!


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