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“What do you know about me”

“You’re someone who survives under Petra Leifer’s nose.” He raised his head.

“Since when have you doubted me”

“When I arrived here, I had my suspicions when I saw that Bianca Keaton and Prince Eckart were always together.

At first, I thought that the lady was quite an ambitious woman, but they had a lot of chances to be together as if the heavens were helping them.”

“And you’re doubting me just because of that”


Everyone who knows you said you’re someone who doesn’t know anything.

If I hadn’t heard the conversation earlier, I wouldn’t be able to confirm my doubts.” He spoke with modesty and frankness.

His plan was to reveal everything to Apollonia and leave his fate to her.

“You ruined the engagement, their business and even stole the duchess’ plan.

My sister is the only one who can do that.

Only you can help me.”


He decided to put his life on line using the conversation she had with Uriel.

In a matter of seconds.

He shamelessly called her his ‘sister’ when he was only a distant relative.

He was no ordinary child.

And if Petra found out about this, he would die right away.

“Help me, sister.

Please tell me how to live like you.

Except for my mother and father, you are the only one I consider my family.”

He could be truly frightened.

On the other hand, however, he was well aware that his fragile and scared appearance would gain Apollonia’s sympathy.

That trembling gaze and voice were premeditated.

His hand held his clothes slightly as well.

Nevertheless, his heart seened sincere.

Suddenly, Apollonia came to understand Petra’s position.

He was the one with the blood of the royal family, even though he was just from a distant family.

He was someone with the power to influence people and excellent abilities.

He was Paris’ rival, and in the long run, Apollonia’s.

She couldn’t help but keep him in check.

It was dangerous to have him as her enemy in the future.

‘One of the most important tasks of the monarch is to eliminate future dangers.

If you’re careless, you’re dead.’

For a moment, her maternal grandfather’s teachings rang in her head.

“…All right.”

But in the end, Apollonia decided to listen to him.

His round, tearful eyes filled with hope as he looked up at her.

“I’ll tell you about my father and aunt…”

“Yes, Sister!”

“Listen carefully.”

Those who put up a façade in front of the emperor were on the same side.


On the day of the competition, the palace was more luxurious than ever.

Pillars and walls were painted gold, every single flower in the garden was lively.

Servants were allowed to dress up lavishly to greet the distinguished guests from various countries.

The emperor was giving a brief oration before the hunt began.

Apollonia was so close to him that she could see the queens smiling at each word he spoke.

“I look forward to seeing a winner who can surpass me this year.”

He won the competition when he was still the prince consort.

At that time, he set a legendary record by wiping out dozens of notoriously large monsters in one stroke.

No one could beat his achievement so far.

Occasionally, those who wanted to keep him in check raised suspicions about his victory, but Apollonia knew that it was purely the emperor’s ability.

From swordsmanship, horse-back riding, to military strategy, no one in this empire could stand against him during his youth.

The closest one would be Sid Baian.

“Has there been anyone in this empire who could exceed even half of His Majesty’s accomplishments Everyone’s expectations are high because His Highness Paris will be attending.”

Some people nodded when Count Amon, one of the emperor’s closest aides, spoke up.

Although the emperor was once a genius warrior, it was inappropriate and dangerous to mention anything about the emperor’s bloodline.

It was an insult not only to the entire royal family, but also to the previous emperor.

“Paris will definitely exceed me.” The emperor did not censure Count Amon, and somewhat looked pleased.

Paris, who stood among the other participants, smiled slightly at his encouragement.

He also had exceptional martial arts skills because he took after his father.

‘Though he will win no matter what,’ Apollonia thought.

Hunting competitions could be very unfair depending on certain variables.

High ranking nobles often brought their escorts to participate.

One escort will protect the master, and the other will try to score points.

Paris had several escorts attached to him.

Most of them were carefully selected by Petra, and other close aristocratic allies like Gareth also participated.

“What do you think of it, Grand Duke The little grand duke is the youngest participant, right I thought he was here to watch, but I was surprised that he wanted to participate as well.” The emperor smiled benevolently as he looked at the Grand Duke of Evinhart.

With a thin body and a pale face, he replied, holding his sickly-looking wife, “I just want my little son to learn about how scary monsters are.

It’s dangerous to join the hunt without knowing one’s place.”

“Hmm.” Even when the Grand Duke’s answer no longer contained any humility, the emperor just smirked.

“A hero’s true worth will be revealed in the face of crisis.”


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