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“It’s a success, Adrian.” After a long day, Apollonia returned to the royal palace.

“They said you’ve become the main lead of a tragic love, but you looked so happy.”

The rumors traveled fast.

Adrian said gave a playful congratulatory speech.

“It’s all thanks to you.

Maybe you know Eckart better than Bianca,” Apollonia said, taking off her thick outfit and uncomfortable shoes.

It was true.

Adrian had been running around bribing people to find out about Eckart’s taste in women and had been training Bianca to match his taste.

“That’s not all.

I even seduced the young marquess who was pursuing Bianca.

I guess I’m good at things like this.

If something similar happens next time, I’ll…”

Apollonia looked at Adrian, who kept joking because she had a lot of free time.

“If you get a little older.

Who knows But you can’t do that right now.”

It was already hard to get rid of one Gareth, so it didn’t make sense to add another one.

Apollonia flatly rejected that idea, but on the other hand, she also thought that another man would be necessary to get rid of him if he persisted.

“I don’t want to marry you off so easily, so let’s just get along well and work together.”

“Who says I want to get married…!” Adrian blushed and tried to protest, but someone carefully knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

It was Bianca.

After returning from the hunting grounds, she changed into simple clothing and fixed her messy hair.

She dawdled around the door for a moment.

“Adrian, get out of here for now.”

Adrian nodded briefly and left the room.

Apollonia beckoned Bianca to come closer.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Your Highness…” Bianca staggered and gradually approached Apollonia.

“Shall I listen to you first”

Bianca took a deep breath and opened her mouth.

“I didn’t mean to break your heart, Your Highness,” she said after much consideration.

She had been cursed at by people around her for what happened.

Bianca got her ideal husband, but even if she went to Bjern, she would be branded a traitor.

It was unfair, but on the other hand, it was true that she was feeling apologetic toward Apollonia.

She decided to apologize formally because it would be frustrating if the princess cried and people cursed at her more during the evening banquet.

No wonder, because besides the fact that she was being dumped, it had been announced publicly.

The princess who had suffered such humiliation might have wanted to die.

Bianca sighed internally.

After hearing Eckart’s public confession, people stared at her with contempt.

Even her father, Count Keaton, couldn’t erase his disbelief from his face.

She was not a saint, but she had always lived honestly and confidently, so the fact that she put a knife behind someone’s back made her extremely uncomfortable.

And at this moment, the person who was most shocked by this turn of events was right in front of her.

An immature and innocent young princess.

“Thank you for being honest.”

Bianca had thought she would burst into tears just like earlier, but she was surprisingly calm.

No, rather, there was a different weight around her.

“I didn’t feel like punishing you.

You know very well that I can’t possibly punish the future queen of Bjern, and it was too much to punish you as a traitor anyway.”

“Yo-Your Highness”

“But isn’t there something else you should apologize to me for Something that you haven’t told me honestly.” Apollonia looked as peaceful as ever.

Her unfamiliar tone and attitude made Bianca look at her blankly and forget what she needed to apologize for.

“What are you talking about…”

“The biggest virtue of a maid is loyalty.

I knew you didn’t consider me as your real master.”

Bianca was surprised that she was able to point out the truth so emotionlessly.

A quick-witted and wise person would notice that Duchess Leifer intentionally sent Bianca to be a maid.

However, she never expected such wisdom from the young and naive Apollonia.

It was even more strange that she was pointing out this fact now.

If she had known that Bianca was Petra Leifer’s spy from the beginning, shouldn’t she have been more careful of her actions and pretended to be clueless until the very end

“My aunt’s request may not be a big deal, but you must be feeling uncomfortable as it goes against your honest and upright personality.

Don’t worry too much.

I won’t get hurt even if you tell me the truth,” Apollonia continued to talk without hesitation.

There was no malice or disappointment in her voice.

Bianca was having difficulty figuring out what Apollonia wanted to hear from her.

So she decided to express her feelings as honestly as possible.

“…I’m sorry.”

“I can understand your position.

My aunt was able to give you everything, while I can’t because I’ll be married soon.”


Bianca wanted to deny it, but the words couldn’t come out of her mouth.


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