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“My father will hate me more because of my cancelled engagement.

It is possible that he’s going to hurt you or your family instead of me.

I don’t want to sit still and watch it happen.”

Apollonia tried to emphasize the word ‘family’.

It was because she knew he wouldn’t understand unless she touched Sid’s sensitive spot.

“Your Highness, it is still too dangerous to let me go from your side,” Sid said with a grim look.

“Your Highness is always my top priority.

Amelie and Knox know that very well.”

He responded sincerely, but the moment his wife and his son’s name came out of his mouth, Apollonia was convinced that her choice was right.

“Knowing it doesn’t mean they’re happy with it.”

“I vowed to devote my life to Your Highness.

I want to protect my oath for a lifetime.

Whatever it takes.”

“I know.” She recalled the old story.

The evil spirit of the battlefield.

He was an exceptional hero.

It was indeed difficult to defeat her father, Gaius, in a one-on-one fight, but Sid’s irreplaceable value was demonstrated in the middle of the battlefield, especially when the previous emperor needed help.

When his master was in danger, he threw everything away at once and jumped to shield his master.

Whether it was breaking through a siege that seemed impossible to penetrate or cutting down countless enemies, he had protected the previous emperor.

When young Apollonia was in danger, he was willing to throw away so much more without hesitation.

He abandoned his title as the head of the Imperial Order and the achievements he had built up as a military officer to become the caretaker of the royal villa.

There was never a sign of regret from him.

That was Sid Bian.

But in the process, it was his family who suffered from Petra’s coercion and monitoring.

Apollonia felt the need to remind Sid of that.

“But Sid also made another oath,” she said, a sad smile rose on her face.

“What do you mean….”

“I’ve heard something about Sid’s wedding” Apollonia was able to stop Sid’s objection with those words.

He opened his eyes wide as if he was confused as to why she suddenly brought up his wedding.

“I heard my mother and my grandfather attended your wedding.

My mother remembered Sid’s oath to his wife at that time and told me about it.”

Sid grimaced, but he didn’t try to object to her words this time.

Partly because he also recalled his oath to his wife.

“I can’t only give you endless joy, but I want you to share all your pain and suffering with me,” Apollonia recited Sid’s oath that she heard from Princess Elenia.

“Even if we are apart from time to time, I will keep half of my soul by your side.”

He opened his lips as if he wanted to say something, but nothing came out of his mouth.

“Are you keeping that promise Did you share pain and suffering with Mrs.

Bian when she collapsed”

Sid lowered his head.

He recently left Apollonia to take care of his wife.

However, his wife had been ill for a long time, and Sid had to return to Apollonia’s side before she was healed, leaving his son to take care of his sick wife.

“Tell me, Sid.

Are you keeping all the promises you made at your wedding”

“…It is only natural for those who have enemies in the imperial palace to be separated from their families,” he answered vaguely.

“But you shouldn’t have to hurt your family because of your work.”

Apollonia respected Sid as a knight and as a teacher, but she didn’t call him to hear his opinion.

She called him to tell him about her decision.

“My family also belongs to Your Highness and His Majesty the Emperor.

This is our duty as your loyal subject.” Sid did not back down easily.

She needed to put more pressure on Sid.

“They have proven their loyalty by giving up their most precious person to me.

I don’t want to repay their loyalty by taking your life as well,” Apollonia said bitterly.

“…So you’ve been considering it since we were in Lishan.”

Sid always managed to accurately deduce Apollonia’s intentions.

“That’s right.

I thought Sid could’ve died if I brought Sid to Mt.Calt with me.

I always wanted to prevent that from happening, and my thoughts haven’t changed until now.”

Sid’s pine-colored eyes were wet because he knew that Apollonia was genuine.

Then Apollonia added coldly, “When we go back to the royal villa after this mission, there’s no seat for Sid.

Keep that in mind.”

“But then Your Highness…”

“If there are less people to worry about, wouldn’t I be freer”

Her unwavering scarlet eyes looked at Sid.

He knew that expression implied that she did not tolerate any disobedience.

If he still refused to listen, she might resort to punishing him.

The two went silent for a long time.


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