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“Winning the hunting competition is more meaningful than you think.

And you are talented in many ways.

I’m not just talking about swordsmanship.”

She meant it.

Apart from swordsmanship, he was quicker at judging and dealing with situations than anyone she knew.

“Go to the territory together.

Learn everything that Caelion learns, and if possible, go beyond him.

You should also grow by his side.

So that you can return to me when the time comes.

So that your honor and ability can help me.”

Uriel remained silent for a long time again.

Soon, when his mouth opened, he asked one thing, “Is that what Your Highness wants”

“That’s right.”

“Really Does that make you happy”


It was a word that never crossed Apollonia’s mind.

All she knew was survival, victory or revenge.

But maybe it was just the same thing.


Upon hearing her answer, he nodded slowly.

“I’ll heed your order.

But…” He took a step closer to Apollonia.

His chin and her forehead almost touched.

Her heart beat slightly faster than before.

Apollonia tried to take a step back, but she was frozen by Uriel’s gaze.

“Please remember.

I only move for Your Highness.

If I judge that this method does not help Your Highness at all, I will return to you no matter what you say.” His dark sea-colored eyes looked into Apollonia, who was still motionless.

“The grand duke inside that room may have vowed to listen to Your Highness’ orders for the rest of his life, but I only said I would protect Your Highness.”

After answering, he left the hallway first, leaving Apollonia standing there alone.


“He didn’t burn…” Paris sat on a horse with a bow in one hand, muttering.

In order not to miss the prey hidden in the cold weather, his eyes only faced forward.

“It’s the first occurrence in hundreds of years, so the whole empire is buzzing.

Some even say that he may as well be the next emperor.”

“That’s a disgusting rumor.” Paris gritted his teeth listening to the message relayed by his servant.

His light brown eyes, which did not resemble the emperor or Princess Elenia, shone with a fierce light.

“How about Nia I heard she got burns on her arms and legs”

“That’s right.

It’ll fade over time, but it can’t be completely healed.

Dozens of people saw it.”

Paris laughed.

Aunt Petra was mistaken.

She didn’t know there was a tiger because she was worried about the fox.

It would not have been strange for a person to get burn scars, but that wasn’t the case for a royal family.

For a long time, the imperial successors were trying to hide their burn marks.

No one would think of the princess, who had burn scars all over her body, as a successor.

“To think I was bothered by such a useless child….”

“I heard the duchess will withdraw all the spies she planted near the princess.”

“That’s only natural.

And that bastard Evinhart… I can deal with him slowly.” He smiled coldly.

No matter what his lineage was or how well he performed in the hunting competition, he was nothing but a young boy without a single guardian.

There’d be a lot of opportunities to get rid of him.

Paris galloped into the forest.

Horseback riding and hunting were the best methods to get rid of complicated thoughts.

“Your Highness, it’s cold outside.

How about going back now I think it’s going to snow soon.”

“How noisy.” Paris galloped off aimlessly.

He wanted to ditch the servant who kept nagging him.


After galloping for a long time, he suddenly closed his mouth.

He saw someone collapsed on the forest road.

At first glance, she seemed to be a young woman.

“Your Highness! Are you okay”

“What the… Is that a corpse” Annoyed, he beckoned the servant to clean it up.

‘It’s cold.

You’ll die soon anyway.’

He didn’t have time to dispose of a body.

The servant nodded, got off the horse and slightly raised the woman’s body.

“…Hold on.” When the woman’s face was revealed, Paris tensed up at once.

“Turn her face this way.”

At that moment, he almost doubted his eyes.

The face of the collapsed woman was more beautiful than anyone he had ever seen in his life.

Her long, shiny hair complimented her perfectly harmonized features and flawless skin.

It was difficult for anyone to take their eyes off her.

“Is she dead”

He had ordered his servant to dispose of the body just a while ago.

But as if he had forgotten, Paris had a voice filled with worry.

“She just fainted.”

“Move aside.” He shoved the servant and embraced the woman instead.

“Looking at your complexion, you must have traveled so far.

I think you collapsed from exhaustion.”

Paris beckoned the servant to bring the water bottle that was hanging on his saddle and put it closer to the woman’s mouth.

After several attempts, the woman’s lips seemed to move slightly, and she coughed.

“Are you awake” He supported the woman affectionately as if seeing his old lover.

“Cough, cough… who are you…”

Her voice was hoarse, yet Paris felt that even her tone was captivating, and put a soft smile on his lips.

“Don’t be afraid.

I don’t know about your circumstances, but I want you to know that you’re in safe hands now.”


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