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“I was only going to take Lu, but I changed my mind.”

“W-Who said you can do that! Do you know how many of us are out there”

“It’s a big establishment.

So maybe around 30 people”

“Yeah! That’s right! Are you going to go against them with only three people in your group You guys aren’t that skilled either…hey! Somebody out there! Come here and- ugh!”

Latea, who began to yell as if she had nothing to lose, screamed in pain when Run put more strength on the hand that grabbed her shoulder.

“Hey you! We’re not only have a large number of people! We know high-ranking people in this area.

Do you know Baron Aaron We are supported by his right hand, Mr.

Sven! We already met Baron Aaron in person!”


Then this Sven guy must be held accountable.”

Apollonia nodded calmly at Ronald’s arbitrary rambling.

It made Latea and Ronald stunned by her unbothered response.

“Well, it’s about time he comes.”

“Huh Who”

Instead of answering Latea’s question, Apollonia turned her head to the broken door.

“You came early.”

As soon as Apollonia finished her greeting, Adrian walked in with a man.

Adrian looked more mature than usual due to her blonde hair and brown eyes.

“This fief is quite small.

Fortunately, the sensible Baron Aaron recognized our company’s token right away.”

Apollonia instructed Adrian to go to the Baron’s residence using the horse tied outside just before entering the room with Lu and her masters.

The man behind Adrian was quite robust, and he looked to be in his forties with a lot of grease on his hair.

However, contrary to his physique, he was shaking at the sight of Apollonia.

“Have you come, Baron Aaron Do you recognize me”

“L-Lady Idena….”

Baron Aaron, who saw her red hair and blue eyes, was unable to recognize her by her appearance alone.

He just remembered her cold voice.

Looking at their interaction, it was clear who was the boss between those two.

Baron Aaron was afraid of Apollonia.

“Huh Baron Aaron”

“Oh my god…are you the real Baron Aaron….”

Latea and Ronald muttered in dismay.

They also recognized Aaron.

“M-My lord.

These thugs came into our store and used weapons out of nowhere.

Hurry! Arrest and punish them-!”

Latea kicked up a fuss as if didn’t want to miss the chance.

She seemed to have thought that the bribe that worked on Sven would work on Aaron, too.

But Aaron massaged his temple in distress and bowed his head.

“Baron Aaron.

Do you know these people”

Apollonia ignored Latea and asked Aaron.

There was a cold, authoritative tone on her voice.

“Haa…I’ve seen their faces because there’s only a small amount of merchants in this district.

But you claimed to have run a normal bar….”

The Baron kept dropping his head as if he wanted to hide in a hole.

He was scared to look at Apollonia in the face.

“All the prostitution house have been closed at your order.

But I’ve been away for a little bit and I was unaware that some people still run a prostitution proudly…”

“It’s not just a prostitution.

These people asked me for 100 gold for ransom.”

“100 golds”

The Baron’s face turned pale.

Apollonia’s eyes gleamed fiercely at him.

“Does that mean….”


It’s human trafficking.

Didn’t I tell you that I hated it the most”

Apollonia turned her gaze at Lu, who was still standing in the corner as she watched the scene unfold.

Lu, who was listening to the conversation, noticed the meaning and hurriedly nodded.

“None of the women who work here walked in on their own.

They were either sold or kidnapped…”

Apollonia’s expression became colder.

The baron began to tremble.

He hurriedly fell on his knees and begged Apolonia.

“Please overlook this matter just this once! I swear this will never happen again!”

He was begging tearfully, but suddenly he glanced at Late and Ronald.

“I-I will arrest and execute them! I swear with everything on the line! So please be merciful to me…”

The couple’s expression turned bleak when they heard him.

Finally, they felt the reality of the situation.

“P-Please forgive us! We will give Lu for free!”


Apollonia couldn’t help but sigh.

Now they are even trying to sell people to settle.

“There are times when I want people, but kidnapping and selling are not the way.”

Apollonia couldn’t bear the thought that she had imprisoned Uriel back then.

“I won’t pay for Lu’s ransom.

She’s not your property in the first place.

And Baron.”

The baron flinched at her call and turned to face her.

“I will give you three days.

Close all prostitution business on this district.

Not just in this area, but in your entire jurisdiction.

You will be responsible for the women who were involved in this kind of business.

If they want to stay in the district, you have to give each of them an opportunity to make a living.”

She proposed a ridiculously short time, but the baron already bowed down in gratitude by that.

“Ah, I understand! I will do that right away!”

“If there’s even one place that irked me when I check it three days later, you’ll have to give up on your property, title and your name.

I’m going to take all the money I invested on you.

Of course, I can’t guarantee if your body will remain intact.”


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