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“Do you really mean it”

Seta asked, her eyes were shining seductively.

But Apollonia, who had no experience with men, hadn’t fully grasped what Seta was capable of.

She was good at lovemaking, especially how to please a man in bed.

And it was fun to soothe and manipulate a powerful man through sex.

“Can you be happy even if you don’t do anything with me”

The Emperor’s eyes grew bigger as he looked at Seta.

Not long, his eyes were burning with lust.

“Come here.”

The two kissed passionately and jumped on the bed.

Spending a night with the most powerful man in the empire.

It was the most magical night in her entire life.

Chapter 2 .

Eastern witch.

“Any news about my aunt” Apollonia asked.

Adrian, who was combing her hair, smiled and handed her a note.

“The spy that we planted in the duchy came with the news this morning.”

[Petra Leifer is not leaving her chamber because she isn’t feeling well.]

Apollonia read the contents of the note and raised the corner of her mouth.

No wonder Adrian looked happy this morning.

A few days ago, Petra Leifer visited the Emperor to hand over the legislation draft, but she was rejected by Seta.

“My Aunt must have been shocked.”

“Of course.

His Majesty has rarely refused the Duchess’ request.”

Apollonia nodded.

In fact, it wasn’t just a matter of getting rejected once.

Until recently, the Emperor unconditionally sided with Luwan company in the dispute between Luwan and Idena company.

Because the interest of Leifer Duchy is also the Emperor’s interest.

After all, Gaius Leifer was the previous Duke of Leifer and Petra Leifer’s brother.

However, according to Seta, the Emperor rejected the legislation because the Idena company had contributed a lot for the country.

And he declared to remain neutral about Luwan company.

Of course, he didn’t mention any specific reason, but it was probably because Seta was a gift from the Idena company.

After more than a decade sitting on the throne, he finally began to separate his own interest from the Leifer, which shocked Petra the most.

“Tell Seta to be careful.

Don’t eat food or drinks before she feeds it to her servants first.”

“Do you think they’ll poison her”

Even Apollonia didn’t think Petra would harm Seta right away.

If she does that, her relationship with the Emperor will be totally ruined.

However, Petra tends to rely on her shadows during difficult times.

There was no telling whether it’d be murder, kidnapping, poisoning.

“We have to be prepared for every possibility.”


I’ll tell her.”

Adrian replied with a smile.

She hummed a tone as she decorated Apollonia’s hair, imagining Petra Leifer lying sick on her bed.

“Ah, right! His Highness sent you a letter.

Before you woke up, a carrier pigeon came by.”


Adrian gave a letter to Apollonia.

It was definitely Caelion’s handwriting that was written in thin paper.

It was a long-awaited letter for Apollonia.

She quickly opened the letter and found the anticipated news right away.

We won the war, and I tried to minimize the damage in Razan….As for ‘Milon’s eyes’….I’ll come and tell you.

She took her eyes off the letter as if disappointed.

Perhaps it was difficult to convey the information through letters.

It wasn’t shocking at all.

‘Milon’s eyes’ was the continent’s top intelligence guild that was formed a few years ago.

Apollonia had been digging about them for a long time.

The organization, which seemed to be centered around one important figure, had a tight security system and the quality and speed of the information they secured was beyond imagination.

‘Milon’s eyes’ quickly secured information that was hard to obtain, such as who did the queen bring into her chamber, what clothes did the prince wore and who he conversed with that day.

Then they sold it to the right person.

And just before the war broke out, she found out that the core of the information network was the Razan royal family.

So this time she gave Caelion and Uriel an additional task, which was investigating Milon’s eyes.

It was best to bring out the person who created the information network, and if that doesn’t work out, find out who they were.

Of course, the possibility was very low.

Apollonia didn’t expect much either.

“But he should’ve given more details.”

“Should I send a reply”

“No, just wait a few days and the news will be delivered directly.”

Apollonia said, dropped her body into the soft cushion.

Adrian understood exactly what she meant and smiled.

“Sir Uriel must be back after a long time.”

Apollonia smiled instead of answering.

Adrian was right.

Uriel is probably running with a horse right now.


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