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“If you surrendered to take responsibility for the war, shut up.”

“Your Empire started the war.

I don’t know what you expect when you asked for tributes that we can’t afford.”

The emperor’s face cooled, making Evangeline a bit nervous.

It appeared like he wouldn’t tolerate her behavior anymore.

“Bring me the leather bag.” The emperor ordered.

He took a few steps closer to Evangeline with the bag his servant had brought.

“You see this”


I see it.”

“Can you imagine King Rajan looking into his daughter’s half-rotten head in this bag”

Evangeline turned silent at his cold threat.

“I will give you this leather bag so you can get used to looking at it before you speak.” The emperor said coldly, staring at Evangeline with fierce golden eyes.

Paris, who was quiet earlier, stepped forward and said.

“Father, I have a request.”

“What is it” The emperor asked without removing his gaze from Evangeline.

“Give me the prisoner.

I’ll make sure she will acquire the habit you speak of.” He smiled a cruel smile.

“That woman will never dare talk back to you again, Your Majesty,”

Evangelin said nothing, but Apollonia saw the fear in her eyes.

She wasn’t that fearless, was she

Pent-up Anger for Paris and the Emperor made her do it.

“The more I see you, the more daring you become.”

Apollonia felt more and more interested in Evangeline.

She had a different spirit than anyone she had ever met before.

“That’s a good idea.”

The Emperor, who could grasp other people’s feelings with just subtlety whether or not he read it in Evangeline’s eyes, remarked.

“As of today, Princess Evangeline Riette will become the crown prince’s slave.

I’ll leave it to you whether you plan to kill her, make her a spy, or give her to your subordinates as a reward.

You can do as you please.”

“Thank you, Father.”

The eyes of the two powerful men shone brutally when they witnessed Evangeline being dragged out of the throne room.

Caelion and Uriel looked at the figure quietly.

Having been trained for many years, they knew well how not to show their inner feelings to the Emperor or Petra.

* * *

“It’s too bad you’re just calling me now, sister.

Didn’t you miss me”

“You’ve only improved your slyness in the meantime.

They said you were a dignified general, but the rumor seemed wrong.”

In the Star Palace’s study, Caelion teased Apollonia with a smile.

 “Can’t a general desire to see you”

He sat slightly on the desk and glanced down to meet her gaze.

As a result, several black hair strands flowed close to Apollonia’s eyes.

“Were you hurt”

“There was no part of my body that wasn’t.

But I’m all better now.”

“I didn’t hear that you were injured.”

When Apollonia frowned, he purposely lowered the corners of his eyes to look tearful.

She was reminded of Caelion’s innocence when he used to cling to her as a child.

“What hurt me the most was when I heard you had another fiance.

My heart can’t take it.”

“Adrian handled it.”

“Now, I feel better.” He smiled deftly and pulled something out of his back.

“I brought this from the Kingdom of Panath.

The moment I saw it, I couldn’t think of anything else.”

“Are you looting now”


The King gave this to me in return for stopping Paris, who insisted on asking for more tribute.”

What came into Caelion’s hands was a brilliant opal necklace.

The Kingdom of Panath had no great specialties, but the only opal found there was more beautiful than anywhere else on the continent.

He moved behind Apollonia and put the necklace on her.

“It’s too fancy so won’t look good on me right now.”

“You look good in everything you wear.

If you think it’s awkward, I’ll gift you a fancier dress.”

As he examined Apollonia a while ago, he didn’t notice any fear in her eyes when she stood near the Emperor.

She acted like a child who wanted her father’s praise and kept it consistent.

“It would have been nice if you give this gift  to your lover.”

“That’s why I’m hanging out with my fiance now.”

“I told you we aren’t lovers, to begin with.

You can date someone else without deceiving them.

I’ll divorce you as early as possible, so you’ll be free of me.”

It was only for a moment, but something like sadness crossed Caelion’s eyes.

“No woman will like a man who already had a fiance.” He quickly joked at Apollonia with a brighter smile.

“Do you think the maids who married three out of six of my fiancés are men and not women It’s a miracle that Adrian isn’t going anywhere.”

Caelion laughed and shook her head.

“Six fiances You and Adrian are amazing.”


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